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AURAology, Ltd AURAology, Ltd 1-832-884-1477
Location: Oaklyn, New Jersey, U.S.A.
AURAology is not only a theory or a philosophy, it is a methodologies to rediscover and apply life's forces and the essence that lie within all individuals and the Universe. Our founder & teacher, Patricia "Pattie" Pellicciotti, international shaman healer, researcher & author.

Patrica is also a contributing columnist for The Body Soul & Spirit Energy & Spiritual Healing Section (more articles on learning about Auras coming soon).

A consulation with Patricia can be a life changing experience in her session she shares her knowledge about Auras, Subtle Energy and how to develope your perception of auras.

Patrica also offers the following...

  1. Shaman Healings. In Person & Distant)
  2. Readings & Consultations: Aura Reading, Aura Healing, Karmic Regressions, In Person & Remote Viewing) Indigo Wisdom for child and grown ups, Dolphin-Human Interaction Therapy
  3. Webinars. Spiritual,
  4. Metaphysical Study Programs &Distant Learning "E-Learning"
  5. Webcasts (Holistic)
  6. Metaphysical Products: Jewelry, Aura Visioning Novelty Eyewear, Incense Holders. Original and Handcrafted  

Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 13 May, 2006
Category: Shamanic Healing


Manyhorses Manyhorses 250-877-1747
Location: Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
Manyhorses was born of Witsuwiten ancestry in the Bulkley Skeena region of North Western British Columbia, Canada, and raised by his grandparents, both Traditional Medicine people, until he was 15. Shamanic practices and traditional healing were, and continue to be, his way of life. He travels extensively as a traditional native healer and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader. Frank walks his talk and shares the Wisdom of the Elders with those who need help. Manyhorses uses traditional healing psychology. He teaches the Path of Absolute Truth. He teaches us to live in the Sacred Circle of Unity. The wisdom of Absolute Truth gives us the ability to be in unity with the Creator and Mother Earth. As we find our own truth, and learn to love and respect ourselves and become aware of our surroundings, we learn to love others unconditionally and without judgment. Absolute truth gives us the ability to think mathematically. When we realize that words have mathematical energy, we understand that words create specific energies. The Absolute Truth takes us to the centre of our hearts where all answers dwell. This wisdom brings together men and women of all races and creates beautiful footprints for our grandchildren to follow, as we follow the footprints of our ancestors.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 07 August, 2008
Category: Shamanic Healing

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Shamanik Healing Shamanik Healing 403-627-4777
Location: Twin Butte, Alberta, Canada

In over 25 years of learning and teaching, Riesah Prock has created an integrated approach that combines indigenous wisdom ways from around the globe, with science, archetypal psychology, shadow work and mystery traditions, along with meditation, Tantra and non-dualistic perspectives. Clients report remarkable results, leading to great outcomes in their lives even when working with her over the phone.

Riesah coaches people to assist them in identifying and achieving their professional and personal visions – not goals, visions! In her talk at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo she will inspire and enlighten, and give you tangible tools for first creating, and then working with the power of your vision. You are requested to bring along a short written list of “wants.” One of her own visions will manifest this June when a 24 foot yurt, her new studio and workshop space, will be situated on her land near Waterton Park. There she will offer her teachings as well as hosting others sharing their knowledge.

Riesah will be offering sessions in Calgary following the Expo, for those unable to see her during the weekend. She will also be giving the Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation. Information:

To learn more about Riesah, her vision, Shamanik Healing, or to book an appointment, go to or call 403-627-4777.

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 29 March, 2010
Category: Shamanic Healing


Wolfindark Wolfindark (1)604 209 6980
Location: Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Life is a journey towards a chosen destiny; it is an experience to enrich ourselves. At times that journey gets caught up in externals around us; work, family, relationships, the world, events that we have no control over. We get caught up in, what we believe we have to do and who we believe we have to be; we lose control of choices in our lives; we forget our destiny, our dreams and our experience; we become afraid, lonely, confused, frustrated, angry & sad.

We lose sight of our journey and forget ourselves. And when we forget; We get lost in the ‘have to’s’ of life & life controls us; We forget to love ourselves no longer having sight of soul in the world around us; We are unheard and unseen, not seeing or hearing truth. The destination of our life eludes us and we miss the experiences of the journey and of true joy. We get trapped in the trauma of the past.

John-Luke has been a practising psychotherapist for the past 30 years. He has worked in supporting those caught in the drama of abuse and abusing, working with victims, survivors and perpetrators of sexual abuse, with Spiritual dis-identification and First Nations & other ethnic spiritualities. Trained and qualified in Psychosynthesis, Psychospiritual Psychology, Art and Drama therapies, Jungian Psychology, Parapsychology, Supervision & Mentoring, Bodywork Therapies, Spiritual Direction, Soul Retrieval and as a Shamanic Practitioner, Healer & Teacher.

Private Therapy or Workshops are available as tools towards personal, professional & Soul Development. Which is experiential, meditative and enlightening on all levels of Mind, Body, Feelings and Spirit.

THE THREE SOULS SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER APPRENTICESHIP Shamans see in the dark places - into the dark they usher the light. It is through their flames of passion that they illuminate the path for others. To be a bright and fierce fire, Shamans set their souls and hearts aflame; this is their willing sacrifice. The three souls training is a journey to discover the fuel of sacrifice, experience the flame of that fire and surrender to that fire in the service of others and the waiting Universal Divine. Training addresses three levels of work and each conducted over one year. Each year explores in greater depth and awareness, the spiritual connection to the earthly incarnation and the processes, and rituals that create the dance of healing.Each Year is made up of 12 weekends.

Year One - The Wounded Soul focuses on STRIKING THE SPARK exploring Affliction,Suffering & Separation

Year Two - The Warrior Soul focuses on LIGHTING THE FIRE exploring Stillness, Passion & Identity

Year Three - The Mystic Soul focuses on TENDING THE FIRE exploring Containment, Direction & Application And COOKING THE MEAL exploring Completion, Cycle & Service of others

More information is available on my website See the Web Link Below

Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 12 July, 2006
Category: Shamanic Healing


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