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Angelic Readings and Guidance: Cara Lee Angelic Readings and Guidance: Cara Lee 403-390-2437
Location: Carstairs, Alberta, Canada
 My purpose is to be of service for the betterment of humanity and our planet. With sincerity, I offer insights via energy work and Angel/Oracle-Soul readings with the intent to multiply the good in your life. During a session, additional beneficial practices always become apparent. 
Soul work heals. And, as individual spirits alight, our world becomes a better place. My vision of a new paradigm, in which Love and Harmony reign, is shared by many, and with our collective will and unification, a much more peaceful co-existence is achievable. This is the heart of my Lightwork, which is a labor of love - for you and for all life on this precious Earth. 
Angel-Oracle Card Readings  
The soul readings and spiritual guidance I provide is deeply intuitive and Divinely guided to give insight and inspiration on one's evolutionary path. I offer ways to improve and enhance life for your highest good and those around you. 
 A spiritual practice in which Universal Life Force Energy is directed to promote healing for every aspect of your being. Reiki transends space and time, so the Life Force Energy will reach you, no matter where you live in the world.

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 06 March, 2015
Category: Channels & Channeled Material


Avion Rising Inc. Avion Rising Inc. 647-439-5076
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for over 25 years, helping many people from all walks of life. He is fascinating!" ~ The Colorado Seth Conference ( Kris, a multi-dimensional personality matrix as he recently described himself has been working with Serge for over 25 years now. With clients from as far away as Autralia, New Zealand, all over Europe and North America, Serge and Kris are fast becoming the most sought after channeling team around. Kris expresses a deep understanding of the human condition and whenever he speaks he reaches those levels of compassion and nurturing within his audience that naturally leads his listeners to tap into their own Inner Being in a creative and healing manner. His most recent discussions over the 2003-2004 period have reached new depths of explorations into Consciousness that are revolutionizing our understanding about what it is to BE! Of particular interest is his recent groundbreaking "Practice of Perspectives", surely to transform how we as human beings view and transform our challenges and launches a whole new chapter in the era of "You Create Your Reality" application of Timeless knowledge.
Member Type:
Member Since: 21 November, 2004
Category: Channels & Channeled Material

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Bart Smit Deep Trance Channeler & Meditation Teacher Bart Smit Deep Trance Channeler & Meditation Teacher 416-690-2345
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
About Bart

For over twenty-five years deep trance channeler and spiritual teacher Bart Smit has touched the lives of over 30,000 people worldwide. He works with individuals in private session or by telephone. He teaches classes, workshops, lectures, and offers his annual retreat in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Bart reaches an international audience and has been featured in major media in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

Bart and Dr. Williams enrich people’s lives, irrespective of the stage of their journey. Parents, housewives, couples, students attaining their doctorates, individuals running their own companies, therapists, Fortune 500 executives, monks, nuns, Sufis, swamis, movie stars and all kinds of individuals who have made a deep commitment to their own development sit with Bart and Dr. Williams. Because he spends so much time in trance, he experiences different states of consciousness and has gained a wealth of knowledge about these very subtle states. This knowledge has led him to a deep understanding of the dance of inner liberation.

Bart has a remarkable ability to articulate the play of Consciousness to seekers and students of spiritual growth. His love for meditation and the inner realms is surpassed only by his great compassion and reverence for all of life. His sense of humour, lightness, and generous use of his own personal anecdotes allow his students’ hearts to open and grow. Bart is a lover of the Truth who is able to invoke the deepest states, helping students to recognize and awaken their own inner journey. Bart can explain, describe, and validate subtleties of consciousness that may be dismissed by the Western mind. His infectious nature inspires confidence. His loving support provides a comfortable setting that encourages students to dive deeply into exploration. He has the capacity to bring a whole room into a state of oneness. When you meditate with Bart, meditation becomes natural and alive.

As one seeker described it beautifully: “To travel this journey with an intellectual knowing of one’s connectedness to God is comforting. To meet and spend time with Dr. Williams is to transform that knowing into absolute certainty. It is to experience unconditional love, to free oneself from blame and to know that a joyous life is God’s wish for each of us. It is to be reminded of the sacredness of one’s life and to be restored to awareness of one’s own power of choice. If you can imagine all this delivered with a delightful sense of humour, then you have a small idea of what is in store (when you have a session with Dr. Williams.) A blessing on Bart and Dr. Williams.” Paul M.

On our website, under the Audio/Video tab, there are video and audio clips, and downloadable radio shows that Bart has done. Under the Clients' Moments of Gratitude tab, you will find letters from clients that show you how Bart and Dr. Williams have helped others like yourself. All up coming events, classes and retreats are listed under the Events tab, and are open to all, including our popular series "Pathway to Consciousness"

Bart Smit Welcomes You To The 2011 Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat The Awakened Spiritual Heart - March 18 - 25, 2011

2011 Puerto Vallarta annaul meditation retreat brochure can now be downloaded on our website

Pathway of Consciousness lectures series are Sunday November 14th, Jan 23rd, Feb, 27th & April 17th

Pathway to Consciousness Lecture Series The Pathway to Consciousness lecture series provides an opportunity for spiritual seekers to come together with like-minded individuals to explore topics of common interest. The format allows individuals to interact with Dr. Williams and ask personal questions pertaining to the afternoon’s topic of discussion. These sessions are open to everyone.

Following concerts: Saturday January 29, 2011 and Saturday May 14, 2011

The Heart of Chanting Bart, Bridget, and Laurie are inspired to be of service to the community through evenings of chanting. Their musical collaboration naturally leads the audience from the mind into the heart. Join us for an extraordinarily uplifting and deeply profound evening of chant where you will experience the silence, the greatness, and the peace of your own heart.

Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 14 December, 2004
Category: Channels & Channeled Material

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The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie 780-920-4845
Location: Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada
The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie works with The Present Ones, a non physical group of angels and guides. The offering for 2012 is The Way of the Rainbow, a seven step daily practise that will keep you connected to your own Divine Guidance while creating the life you choose to have. Each step holds a vibrational color band that has an energy of its own.... see the website for details.
Member Type: Free Member
Member Since: 18 February, 2012
Category: Channels & Channeled Material


Veiled Moon Creativity Veiled Moon Creativity 780 457-6801
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Michel works mainly with Archangel Michael but has also been honoured to channel numerous others, including Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel and Metatron. In all her time as a Channel, no Angel who has been asked to be present has ever declined. She offers both group and individual channelling sessions. Annually in December Michel is joined by three different Archangels for a group channelling series called "The Gifts of the Archangels." Archangel Michael, of course, is involved as he is the originator of the series concept; Archangel Gabriel and one other finish off the series. Video tapes of the 2004 sessions are available. In 2004, Michael inspired the inception of a 5-part series of talks called "Angelic Alchemy" and Michel is now publishing channeled books using this material. "Angelic Alchemy 2005" begins in April with new talks featuring the Archangels Uriel, Ariel and Michael.

Michel is also available for phone channelling. In a session with Michel, the Seeker is asked to bring questions as those in Spirit who work with Michel prefer to focus the reading according to the needs and concerns of the client at that point in time. She is a Light Trance Channel which means she is aware of what is occurring during a channelling. This allows her on occasion to share additional insights and information that come to her attention during the session.

Because the information given to the client does not belong to her, Michel loses memory of what has transpired within minutes after the session ends. A request from a client for a written message from the Angels for a friend was the method used to let Michel know how to connect with those who are not able to meet with her personally.

The Angels through Michel send their love -in a caring and encouraging Letter to a loved one or oneself. Beautifully printed on ivory embossed paper and presented in a gold foil-lined envelope these make a special and beautiful keepsake for any occasion chosen. Letters are individually channelled by Michel specifically for each recipient.

From time to time, Michel teaches classes and workshops in Tarot, Channelling, Prosperity, Empowerment, and Creating your New Year. Michel's classes are highlighted by deep insights, depth of knowledge and laughter. There is a spiritual aspect to all the work she does. Michel uses her connection to Spirit and her personal experiences to create powerful, effective meditations.

She has a gentle soothing voice that easily guides you into the perfect state for meditating. Her first meditation CD, "Enhancing Abundance" features her rich voiced and is backed by amazing music created especially for this meditation. A second meditation, "The Path to Personal Power" is expected to be released by May 2005.

A woman of wisdom, harmony, compassion and deep determination to walk her path by consciously choosing great delight, she offers her insights, peace-full-ness and sense of fun to bring greater ease, self-honouring and self-respect to those who share a portion of their journey with her. You are invited to contact her to see why her peers and clients "recommend this clear Channel of Love and Light so highly."

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 28 March, 2005
Category: Channels & Channeled Material


  Kid Krayon - 22/7 and the PIG 647-293-9303
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member Type:
Member Since: 23 June, 2005
Category: Channels & Channeled Material

  Work With The Angels 780-885-2517
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 22 March, 2012
Category: Channels & Channeled Material

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