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Baron Mastery Baron Mastery 403-471-4691
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Experience The 3 Day Live Attracting Force Program and Change Your Personal Power Forever! Take your understanding of the law of resonance to a whole new practical level and start experiencing the kind of personal fulfillment and power you could only imagine before. At this 3 day event you will... * Discover what the top 3% Highest Achievers in the world know about Fulfillment... and how you can apply the same knowledge and not end up feeling poor even though you've got money * Use "The Law of Resonance" to Break Through your Success Ceiling... and finally start moving towards the financial freedom you've always dreamed of... * Connect to and Trust Your Intuition for Better Decisions... so you have an inner guidance system that's more reliable than radar * Use "The Law of Resonance" to energize your DNA and Revitalize Your Health... so you can finally take control of your physical health and live vibrantly * Become energized and motivated in Mind, Body, and Spirit, on command... so you can instantaneously take control of your mental, emotion and physical moods and tap into the kind of energy you need when you need it * Use "The Law of Resonance" to attract your Perfect Soul Mate/Partner... this is your chance to guarantee you are putting out the right energy to attract a true Soul Mate rather than just another person to fill space in your life * Conquer your 3 Biggest Fears... You can imagine what will happen in your life once you have demonstrated to yourself that 'fear is an illusion' * Fully Experience Your Connection to the Existing Force surrounding you... you will finally know without a shadow of a doubt that you are connected to a force that will make you unstoppable * Train Your Mind to Retrieve Information you require... You will be able to retrieve the information and knowledge you need from anywhere in the world without leaving your home. Think of it as a "quantum internet" you will learn to tap into on command * Altered State training to Achieve Instant Stress Reduction... You'll be able to instantaneously drop into deep medative states, and find calm in the chaos * A step-by-step process for manifesting excatly what you want... No more guessing, no hocus pocus. You'll finally have the exact formula necessary * Permanently change the way you feel about yourself and your power... so you can finally shake off the idea that someone else is running your life, you'll be powerful and empowered * Develop a personality that automatically attracts and generates money... so that those who have the wealth, be it financial or otherwise recognize you should be part of that wealth Register today at and use the code ALB-C1 to get the $1,600 weekend event down to the limited time Calgary introductory price of $399! How's that for value???
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 21 March, 2009
Category: Life Skills Seminars


LEJ Enterprises - One Source Seminars LEJ Enterprises - One Source Seminars (403) 271-6046
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seminars that follow an integrative approach to managing all of one's life areas. The programs are directly related to, or an extension of the Edgar Cayce readings, and include live presentations from speakers and authors from the A.R.E. and the Atlantic University in Virginia Beach.
Member Type: Professional Member and Member Web Page (1 year)
Member Since: 07 March, 2007
Category: Life Skills Seminars

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