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Avatar Publications Avatar Publications 1 780 419 6794
Location: ST Albert, Alberta, Canada
Avatar Publications. Publisher of high quality, high vibrational book and resources on ascension, spirituality, new age, chakra activation, and other topics.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 07 March, 2005
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

 |  Visit Webpage 604-899-0114
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Barbara Halcrow, MSW, RSW, Author of "Spiritual Intelligence, How Your Spirit Will Lead You to  Health, Happiness and Success" (  is a Social Worker and Health Care Consultant in Vancouver, BC. Barbara has worked in BC, Wpg. MB, the Yukon Territory and Seoul, Korea. 

Barbara's book is based on her communications with Divine Intelligence since she was a young child to guide her successfully through a challenging and dangerous childhood. Barbara has continued to develop her gifts and her connection to Universal energy throughout her life, and in her book she discusses the tools and healing processes she used to heal and move herself forward to greater success. 

  Barbara Halcrow has worked in a wide range of areas that include: drug and alcohol, mental health; child abuse and protection and family counselling; battered women, people with disabilities, sexual abuse survivors; sexuality and relationships as well as her own private practice. She has held several Clinical Leadership positions in her career.

Barbara continues to be guided to fully trust in her connection with Spirit as her path as an Author, Presenter and Healer continue to unfold. 

 Most recently Barbara Halcrow was awarded the "Professional of the Year in Social Services",  from the WorldWide Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013,( for which she is a member.

She was also honored by her other membership: The International Women's Leadership Association, for her contribution to family, career and community and thereby selected as "Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Childcare." 

 In addition, Barbara Halcrow is featured in the 2012 Amazon #1 Best Seller, "Change One Belief, Inspirational Stories About How Changing One Belief Can Transform Your Life" (Burnham, McCallum, Sneeringer, Bartman).


Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 22 July, 2012
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

 |  Visit Webpage

From darkness into light… Veiled oppression of Arabian women was the crucial mirror needed to see her reflection. From darkness into light… Veiled oppression of Arabian women was the crucial mirror needed to see her reflection.
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
From darkness into light--- This frank memoir of incestuous “love,” coming out, “escape” to the Middle East, and spiritual growth will inspire those struggling toward their own healing truth and finding their voice. Veiled oppression of Arabian women was the crucial mirror needed to see her reflection. The stark emptiness of the desert echoed her own emptiness--until she saw the oasis. Follow her search for what she thought was lost--her soul.
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 13 January, 2006
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


Kick Ass Dreams Kick Ass Dreams 416-705-4528
Location: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
*** Come meet the rising star getting national attention for her first book, Kick Ass Dreams: Live a Passionate Life, and her unconventional, fun, and wacky style. Tomasi has been interviewed on CTV National News Channel, has appeared in the Toronto Sun, and is a weekly columnist at, giving readers an intimate look into her life after she quit her cushy job to follow her dreams full time! Come and see Tomasi at her author booth and hear her lecture Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ***
What's the real secret to manifesting dreams?
"It doesn't sound sexy," says life coach, actor, and author, Patricia Tomasi. "But it is. And guaranteed to make all your dreams come true."
Tomasi discovered the real secret to manifesting dreams during her healing recovery from depression, anxiety, and panic.
"It's more than just wishing and thinking about a dream," says Tomasi. "It's acting on it by balancing the chakras specifically related to your dream on a downward journey from crown to root. It's about taking your dream off cloud nine and grounding into reality, right here, right now, on planet Earth. We're all here for a reason and the time is ripe for co-creating the passionate life you well deserve."
"Let's kick some ass!" 

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 30 January, 2013
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


namaste publishing Inc. namaste publishing Inc. 604-224-3179
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Namaste Publishing is the publisher of Eckhart Tolle's international besteller The Power of Now and other tranformational books

"Namaste" is a Sanskrit word that acknowledges the inestimable value of each individual. It is often used to greet and honor others. Translation: "As I acknowledge and honor the Spirit within myself, so do I acknowledge and honor the Spirit within you." The extended meaning of the word has been written as: "I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is love. of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one." To all our readers, I say, "Namaste".
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 24 December, 2004
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


Omnilux Publisher - A New Way to Self-Empowerment Omnilux Publisher - A New Way to Self-Empowerment 416-623-0227
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Confessions of a High Lama" by Samahria Ramsen is a saga of a father, a High Lama, who regains his lost daughter and finds that she has married a cold blooded assassin, trained by the High Lama himself. Samahria Ramsen's book is a Romantic Thriller Laced With Mysticism that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Through “Confessions...” you will enter “...the euphoric state that knows no rest, nor form, and no dimension...” You will journey together with Natasha “... from a luxury hotel to a humble cottage; from the arms of Ram to the arms of Agustya; from lifetime to lifetime along the endless path of refined memories and gratifying delights.” You will feel the yearnings of your own soul; your own passionate urge for love and romance; and your own inadequacies amidst your strengths. Author’s Note “Confessions of a High Lama” is a journey of love. We often take this journey without recognizing it; for most of us are caught up in the web of our daily mundane challenges of existence. I wrote this book to awaken the dormant volcano of yearning to love that is aching to explode in most of us. The path from the womb to the tomb is what we call life; and it must be exciting. Otherwise we have lived in vein. In today’s world of audited love, starting with a dating service and planning a family, as we would plan our business or our jobs, we have truly lost the rapture of life. Instead, many of us have left the expectation of this rapture for a later time; and that is beyond the tomb. I composed the “Confessions of a High Lama” to open the heart and to take a peak at our soul and acknowledge our soul mate in our imagination. To fall in love is a heroic act. We metamorphose and transform our individuality and become a new person in union with our soul mate. We cease to exist and experience paradise right here in our mind. There is a hero in each one of us. A hero gives up himself for a higher purpose, embraces it, and becomes transformed. You will experience your own heroic heart in your own individualized journey with the High Lama. I trust that “Confessions…” will open up your mind and let the ecstasy pour out from your soul; and lead you to a serene spot, where you will cherish love and turmoil, lust and anguish; and where desire will blossom in your heart. Samahria Ramsen "Kiss of Karma" Reviewed by Katherine Humphrys, Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher This brave and daring work is also a fun and delightful read.  But stay alert, it has many layers. It is more than a romance between lovers. It is a story you will want to read many times to inspire all aspects of life.  The characters take us on a mystical journey to Romance in Paradise. This book teaches us about love and relationships and raises the bar to a heavenly standard. The tale becomes a ladder to elevate you, step-by-step, to reach the top. You won’t want to settle for the ordinary or meaningless. You will have confidence that you are in the exact right place at the exact right time and your happiness is assured when you trust in love. Never before has a heroine been such a powerful Goddess in a designer suit!  Natasha is a rare expression of feminine strength in modern spiritual literature. She is caring and daring and answers to no one but her own soul. She is not afraid to be the owner of her beauty. She is beautiful outside because she is in touch with her truth inside. She is not another leading lady destined to play the role of martyr or missionary in order to be Divinely feminine. Natasha commands love and romance of legendary proportion. This does not diminish her strength but adds to it. This Goddess attracts nothing short of a God.   The Yogi… takes you out of the ordinary, out of the intellect, and at times, out of your comfort zone. You are dropped into a world that listens to the whisperings and longings of the heart. Like the great Yogis of the past who were poets, lovers and deeply passionate, you will feel awakened as ancient secrets are revealed. It leaves you with a deep sense of faith and appreciation of the beauty, mystery, and Divine organization of life.   I look forward to more work from this terrific author who takes spiritual philosophy and makes it the foundation of a fantastic life.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 27 June, 2005
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


Perceptions Publishing Inc Perceptions Publishing Inc 403 236-7238
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
In Renee Guenette's book, Witness the Magic, Become Like a Child Again, you learn to see through the eyes of a child once again and thus magically transform your life. By living like a child again and living in harmony with the Universal Laws, your life is filled with peace, love, abundance and joy. You experience balance in your life as you use the mind, or adult reasoning,and learn to blend it with compassion, the child's gift from the heart. You learn to consciously choose your every thought, belief, word, and action and create the life you wish to experience. You rediscover joy once again in your life, just like when you were a young innocent child. You become totally free and uninhibited, you play and have fun, you realize how perfect you are, you turn hope into reality, you live for today, you share freely,and you do what you love to do. This book will intrigue some, surprise others, shock some, move some emotionally and call others to action. One thing it will not do is leave you indifferent. Life in a Nutshell, co-authored with her husband Loren explains that by widening your perception of reality through changing your thoughts and beliefs, you make conscious decisions to change your life. This allows you to give a sense of purpose to your life, make your world a better place in which to live, release fear and guilt, replace fear with love, see with clarity and totally empower yourself. You take total responsibility for your spiritual growth, evolving towards Unconditional Love.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 24 January, 2005
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


Positive Living Inc. Positive Living Inc. 1-204-489-0897
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


AWARD-WINNING inventor writes authoritative, comprehensive book-- a brilliant approach to dietary/disease intervention. Worldwide scientific search places the book in the forefront of anti-ageing/diet/health/nutrition/medicine categories. Valuable resource for educators,health professionals and layperson. The book that changes lives ON ALL LEVELS for the better forever.

NEW ... FABULOUS FOREVER® All-natural anti-ageing, multi-purpose, effective skin lotion with immediate results. Ideal for men, women and children -- including health professionals in fitness training, spas, skin care and massage therapy. Remarkable product for relieving stresses and overall sensitivities from daily active living. Contact Inventor.
Member Type:
Member Since: 18 January, 2006
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

 |  Visit Webpage

Red Pill Press Red Pill Press 780-539-5776
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

EIRIU EOLAS: Breathe Tranquility, Breathe Knowledge, Breathe Life

Available for the first time ever in Canada, Eiriu Eolas (Irish-Gaelic for "growth of knowledge"), presented to you by Red Pill Press, is a revolutionary new program being taught worldwide. From the ordinary stresses of work and family life to the unforeseen events that afflict our lives, stress is epidemic in our lives. But most of us lack the practical knowledge to help find relief. You are welcome to learn more about this breathing and meditation program utilizing natural, ancient techniques to effectively relieve the stress of everyday life. Elegant in concept, simple to learn, and easy to add to a busy schedule, EIRIU EOLAS will not only help you relax, it will allow you to process the repressed emotions, traumas, and mental blocks that stand between you and a fulfilling life.

Certified Eiriu Eolas practitioners will be teaching the full program as well as explaining the science behind this practical, yet magical, program in selected locations in Canada and worldwide. Eiriu Eolas will help you breathe tranquility, breathe knowledge, and breathe Life!

Visit Eiriu Eolas for more information and free video demonstration.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 17 February, 2010
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


Soul Searching Soul Searching 403 801 4470
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    "Soul Searching" is a novel by A. R. Jones, a local Calgary author.
   This story is one of self-discovery as the reader journeys through the realms of spirit, with its myriad of wonders and intrigue, and cleverly balances the hardships and emotions of physical life within its words. 
   The characters take our hand and open our eyes to the exquisite dance of life and death, offering insight and peace from which to lay down our heads at night, and to step forward into a new day. 

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 29 January, 2013
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers


  Dona Anderson 250 890 1098
Location: Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Member Type: Professional Membership and Member Web Page (1 year)
Member Since: 01 April, 2012
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

  Dr. Tamsyn Freeman ND 780-402-8098
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Member Type: Free Membership
Member Since: 14 January, 2013
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

  Ivan Rados 604-944-1199
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 08 August, 2011
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

  Origami Crane 403 331 3314
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Member Type: Free Membership
Member Since: 24 April, 2012
Category: Authors, Books & Publishers

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