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Healing Hand Network Healing Hand Network 780-998-7262
Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

North America's First Native and Natural Health Product

Healing Hand Network offers 3 products that work together and promote optimal health.

NATIVE'S GIFT is based on an original healing Ojibwe formula.It has been used under the scrutinty of the medical profession in it's fight against cancer and diabetes.It has also been known to act as a immune builder and as a general wellness tonic.

DESERT PROMISE has 19 ingredients that act together as a powerful healing agent. One of the ingredients is Yucca Schidegera.

Yucca Schidegera has shown to be a beneficial relief agent for arthritis sufferers. The nutrients of this plant are also effective as a colon cleanser. It has also been shown to be an effective relief agent agent against fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and as a effective immune builder.

BIO+88 is a super food containing naturally occuring Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, live enzymes and protiens. It has been created using an Ancient Aboriginal fermentation process using beneficial microorganisms and their by-products to gently break down foods into a form more easily absorbed by the body. Bio+88 is like a natural antibiotic that increases the acidity of the intestines to inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. In fact, Bio+88 is very aggressive against molds, yeasts, fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses.These probiotics move through the stomach into the intestinal tract where they multiply and actually compete with harmful bacteria and crowd out pathogens{germs, etc.} This produces the proper enviroment in the gut for nutrient absorption and a balanced pH. Each person will experience different products in different way's, these products should not be confused with a "cure", nor in any way suggested as a cure.
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 11 March, 2005
Category: Holistic Nutrition


Think Life Coaching Think Life Coaching 416-845-9247
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 01 January, 2011
Category: Holistic Nutrition


Twin Flame Distribution Twin Flame Distribution 705-855-6964
Location: Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada
Twin Flame Distribution has been in business since 1998 beginning as an Exclusive Canadian Distributor for Harmonic Innerprizes (known for Etherium White Powder Gold).We sell a variety of products online and by phone.Organic Herbal Nutrition, Energy Field Vitamins and Superfoods,products that cleanse the aura and chakras,rose jasmine absolute in bulk quantities, organic bath salts and massage oil,holistic anti aging skin care products, organic dark chocolate for weight loss. In need of spiritual crisis counseling? Mel can offer you by phone (webcam by March 2005) his 20 yrs experience as a psychic channeler to help you with relationship and lifestyle changes.Interested in a workshop? We have channeling and healing workshops. Twin Flame/ Soulmate Workshops are scheduled in the future but can also be purchased on cassette.How can we be of service to you?
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 03 January, 2005
Category: Holistic Nutrition

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