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Access Consciousness (0)Acupressure (0)
Acupuncture (1)Affirmation (0)
Aromatherapy (6)Art Therapy (2)
Ayurveda (3)Bio-Feedback (0)
BodyTalk (3)Bowen Therapy (1)
Brain Gym (0)Breathwork & Re-Birthing (2)
Chakra Therapy (0)Chiropractics (9)
Corporate Wellness Programs (0)Craniosacral Therapy (1)
Crystal Healing (14)Deepak Chopra Center Instructor (0)
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (0)EMF Balancing Techiques (0)
Energy Healing (31)Energy Psychology (0)
Fasting (0)Flower Essences (0)
Folk Medicine (0)Guided Imagery (1)
Healing Touch Therapy (0)Hellerwork (0)
Holistic Health Counsellors & Practioners (9)Holistic Nursing (0)
Holistic Veterinarians & Clinics (0)Homeopathic Doctores, Practitioners & Resources (2)
Hot Stone Massage (0)Huna & Hawaiian Healing (2)
Hypnotherapy (12)Indian Head Massage (0)
Iridology (3)Jin Shin Do (0)
Jin Shin Jyutsu (1)Jyorei (Jhorei) (2)
Kinesilogy (2)Massage Therapy (5)
Medical Intuitive (2)Melchizedek Method (1)
Naturopathic Medicine (3)NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (0)
Nutritional Consellors (0)Ozone Therapy (0)
Polarity Therapy (0)Pranic Healing (2)
Psychosomatic Therapy (2)Qi Gong (0)
Reflexology (5)Reiki (17)
Rolfing & Structural Integration (0)Shamanic Healing (4)
Shiatsu (0)Sho Tai (1)
Spiritual Healing (21)Tantric Healing (0)
Taoist Healing (0)Thai Yoga Massage (2)
Therpeutic Touch (0)Tibetan Medicine (1)
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbology (3)Tragerwork (0)
Vibrational Medicine (1)Yuen Method (1)
Zero Balancing (0) 

Shiatsu by Sher Shiatsu by Sher 416-345-0000
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shiatsu by Sher is a licensed holistic health centre offering Shiatsu Therapy, Hot Stone Shiatsu™, AcuFirm Facials ™ (cosmetic acupuncture), Hypnotherapy, Meditation Seminars, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Ear candling and much more. The centre also cares a number of products including bean pillows, health and spiritual books, massage oils, deodorants, soaps and facial products that are all natural and free of chemical ingredients. Sher, the primary therapist utilized a synergetic combination of Four Techniques, offering an incredible session that is sure to relax and rejuvenate, and provides her client with a deeper healing session. These include… - Hot Stone Therapy, - Aromatherapy - Anma Massage - Shiatsu Therapy Shiatsu by Sher also host a number local and international experts offering workshops, networking and events throughout the year, be sure to check the online event calendar for the latest.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 22 October, 2004
Category: Healing Arts

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Silverseven Spiritual Gifts, Silverseven Spiritual Gifts, 011-61-249324851
Location: Telarah , Australia
Australian Shamanic Healer and Soul Animal Messenger Suerose joins us for Down Under! She will have on show her beautifully painted drums, dreamcatchers, shields, Ocean Drums and Crystal Drums, she will also speaking on Animal/Power Retrievals.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 06 July, 2012
Category: Healing Arts

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soma earth soma earth 416-656-4444
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Somaearth therapy, seeks to bring about conscious integration by working with the various levels of experience: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic - all in relationship to nature and the earth. A present-moment, relational approach is used as the cognitive framework. At times, other tools such as Transpersonal, Jungian dreamwork, Gestalt, psychodrama, breath work, focusing, visualization, mindfulness (Buddhist) meditation, sound therapy, flower essence therapy, movement and/or Shamanism, may be used to identify and learn how to manage, move, shift or change blocked energy in the body. Energy Psychology methods (EFT & others) are helpful for releasing repetitive dysfunctional patterns. Bioenergetic character analysis is the ‘structure’ that is used to facilitate and support the body process. Somaearth therapy can be helpful for self growth or for problems with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, abuse, grief, anger, sexuality issues, relationships, intimacy and emotional or physical trauma.
Member Type:
Member Since: 05 November, 2004
Category: Healing Arts

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SomaSoul Dynamics - Healing Arts & Psycho/Spiritual Therapy SomaSoul Dynamics - Healing Arts & Psycho/Spiritual Therapy 416-651-8981
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SomaSoul Dynamics - Tuning up the whole Self! Our mission is to to provide four directions of transformational experiences to unfold the totality of Being: East: SomaSoul Therapy - healing and integration of body, mind and soul - Includes Emotional bodywork, Shamanic Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Sandplay therapy,Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Past Life Regression and Recovery of Fragmented Self South: SomaSoul Expressive Healing - accessing joy and the creative self - Includes SomaSoul Bio-dance, Healing Sounds Circle and Creative Expressions West: SomaSoul Mystical Living - deepening your spiritual journey - Includes sweat lodges, retreats, ceremonies and mystical trips. North: SomaSoul Interdisciplinary and Complementary Education - for personal/ spiritual and professional growth. - Includes courses for personal and spiritual development and therapist training program. Methods Used Include...
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past life therapy
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Recovery of Soul Fragmentation
  • Sandplay Therapy
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Energy Psychology
  • We Also Offer..
  • Therapy for children, adults, couples
  • Groups retreats
  • Sweat-lodges
  • Courses
  • Workshops

  • Member Type:
    Member Since: 23 November, 2004
    Category: Healing Arts

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    The Lotus Center The Lotus Center 1-780-444-6000
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Whether you're interested in an informative personal iridology evaluation, a healthful relaxing reflexology session or embarking on your own intensive cleansing regime, we're here to help. We have the answers to help you reclaim your optimum health.

    We offer a number of healthful modalities that can be instrumental in your journey to an optimum healthful state of living. We are advocates of the simplicity and truth of a holistic approach, allowing the body what it does best - heal, when it's resources are fully available to do so. The modalities that we offer are the same that were in use by many, thousands of years ago; by even the fathers of modern western medicine such as Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus. Cleopatra, Toaists Monks, Hindus and many others from our near and distant ancestry have enjoyed the healthful tools and benefits of colonhydrotherapy, reflexology, iridology, and energy work to name a few. Other modalities that we support in this clinic is the use of frequencies and ionic detoxification through use of the ioncleanse foot-spa.

    Member Type: Exhibitor Member
    Member Since: 02 March, 2006
    Category: Healing Arts


    Location: G.B. Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
    The Origin of Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT)
    Member Type: Exhibitor Member
    Member Since: 13 December, 2016
    Category: Healing Arts


    Violet Marxivan Violet Marxivan 587-785-1111
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Violet Spirit Healer 


    Assisting integration of authentic soul self into daily living. Clearing one’s passage to New Earth fifth dimensional living and self Love healing.


    Member Type: Exhibitor Member
    Member Since: 19 September, 2011
    Category: Healing Arts


    Yi acupuncture and massage Yi acupuncture and massage
    Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Dr. Yi Fu earned his doctor degree of TCM in 2005 from the Chengdu TCM University with a specialty in acupuncture. He is the only one studied acupucnture from bachelor degree to Ph.D. in Calgary. When Dr. Fu was in china, he was one of the members of national natural fund research programs such as different acupuncture influence to facial paralysis, post effect of acupuncture, etc.  Also Dr. Fu gave lectures to students from Europe and America,and has earned wide acclaim in his field.

    To understand the truth of TCM, when he was in China, Dr. Fu followed several famous doctors, such as the descendant of the imperial doctor of the Qing Dynasty, Chinese national diabetes expert Dr. Zhang Farong, Chinese national expert Dr. Chen ChaoZhu, also followed one of the greatest monk in Sichuan for more than 10 years of Buddhism and meditation (Dhyana).

    After years of study, Dr. Fu combined all these experiences and developed his own special acupuncture techniques—hologram acupuncture. He believes there is no disease that can not be treated, only the limit of knowledge. Dr. Fu always is trying to make patient see the difference or have great relief in 2-3 times treatment.

    After years of practice, Dr.Fu combined  experiences with chronoacupuncture, hologram acupuncture and built his own acupuncture style—YI acupuncture.

    Dr. Fu is at leading position inhand diagnosis, he has given lectures in U.S. and Canada. He aslo practices hologram acupuncture, wrist and ankle acupuncture, massage and reflexology. Dr. Fu has more than 12 years clinical experiences as a physician and acupuncturist and also is a board member of Sichuan Reflective Association. He had done clinical researches in neurological diseases in China and treatedMS, ALS, etc successfully and he is very experienced in treatingall kinds of painweight loss,acne,   rheumatism, facial paralysis, cervical and lumber problems, frozen shoulder,insomnia,disordered menstruationetc.

    Member Type: Exhibitor Member
    Member Since: 23 August, 2011
    Category: Healing Arts


    Zero Disease LLC Zero Disease LLC 801-471-2500
    Location: Orem, Utah, U.S.A.
    By Divine Design our bodies hold the power to heal themselves. Come and learn the priceless research which lays the scientific foundation of all of the healing arts and all personal development. Witness and participate in a live demonstration to see just how fast pain can be eliminated and how our bodies can heal.

    Detailed teaching on the what the Lymphatic system is; how it works; how to stimulate it thus eliminating all disease as we know it.
    Member Type:
    Member Since: 09 March, 2007
    Category: Healing Arts


      BEING - The Art of Relaxing +91 11 23841989
    Location: Delhi, India
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 06 January, 2005
    Category: Healing Arts

      Calamity Jayne's Monkey Business (306_585-2222
    Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 14 August, 2007
    Category: Healing Arts

      Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy (604) 904-4187
    Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Member Type:
    Member Since: 05 August, 2004
    Category: Healing Arts

      Divine Healing Intuition 4039739436
    Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Member Type: Free Membership
    Member Since: 28 January, 2013
    Category: Healing Arts

      Earthbound & Intuitive 4036171794
    Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 21 January, 2017
    Category: Healing Arts

      Held In Light 720-565-6187
    Location: Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.
    Member Type: Free Membership
    Member Since: 24 February, 2012
    Category: Healing Arts

      InnerVitality 416-567-5316
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Member Type:
    Member Since: 06 September, 2004
    Category: Healing Arts

      Lozen Lotus Love 416-220-8698
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Member Type: Free Membership
    Member Since: 02 February, 2012
    Category: Healing Arts

      Quantum Laser and Reiki 306-280-3822
    Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Member Type: Free Membership
    Member Since: 13 February, 2012
    Category: Healing Arts

      Rob 1-250-549-2072
    Location: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 29 November, 2004
    Category: Healing Arts

      Soulbalance 519-621-5599
    Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    Member Type: Free Membership
    Member Since: 22 March, 2012
    Category: Healing Arts

      Thai Massage Edmonton (780) 498-2305
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 15 March, 2007
    Category: Healing Arts

      The Shen 1-780-988-1230
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 24 November, 2004
    Category: Healing Arts

      The Wealthy Farmers Wife 403 851 7606
    Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
    Member Since: 06 May, 2008
    Category: Healing Arts

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