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Forward Sharing Ltd. Forward Sharing Ltd. 403 938-7440
Location: Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
With so many gifts given at a birthday party how can anyone truly appreciate them or the kind thoughts behind them? Unfortunately, many of the gifts end up in the closet to collect dust or get broken and thrown away. Teaching our children to help others inspires them to feel good about themselves and instills pride and genuine happiness. Our "Forward Sharing" Birthday Kit provides the means to inspire our children. Our products can either be reused and/or are made using either recycled, bio-degradable or post consumer materials to the best of our ability. Your children will enjoy reading the inspirational story of giving; "Shelby's Special Birthday!" and can add their own special effects by colouring various illustrations in the book. Contact: Carol Perkins and Trish Pujos-Michel Okotoks, Alberta Telephone: (403) 938-7440 email: website: Testimonials "It's really fun to have Pay it Forward birthdays because you are helping other people and animals to survive. Because they don't have food, it would be very helpful to all the people and animals that you donate to." Taylor, 9 years old "It's nice to give to people things that are helpful for them." Rhegan, 7 years old "I like helping families and kids because I am happy, I know I can make a big difference. I am glad and excited that I do this. It makes me feel good all in my body and on the inside. Doing this is fun, to help other people. I love meeting other people and knowing about them and knowing what is the matter. I started Pay It Forward birthdays and Christmases when I was turning seven years old. I will keep on doing them for as long as I can." Cayley, 9 years old "What a wonderful thing "Pay It Forward Parties" are, to teach our children the value of thinking of others and help them understand that to donate all of their gifts from their own parties makes such a difference to someone else's life (possibly another child or family who is less fortunate). Parents and children that host these parties are helping to make the world a much better place!" Lynn Attree, Calgary, Alberta - Attended a Pay It Forward Party. "It is so refreshing to attend a "Pay It Forward" birthday. I think it is a wonderful way for my children to see that it is just as much fun to give as it is to recieve and parties are not all about presents, it's about having fun with friends and loved ones. I find that my children put so much more thought into a gift, knowing that it will truly make a difference for someone special. Because of one of the "Pay It Forward" birthdays we attended, my daughter on her own account wanted to do the same as her friend and raise money for children in Africa. Childern DO learn by example....." Gillian, Mother of 3. Helping others, our environment and our community is my passion. I have 3 girls and I am passing on the love to help others, to them. Children are our future. It is our obligation in life to teach them caring, sharing and a love for our world and mankind. In our family, we have shared 7 pay it forward birthdays. What an amazing experience it has been for my daughters to give for their birthdays instead of receive! Many of our family and friends have been so supportive and saw the value in helping others. I have such a wonderful life and so does my family. We need to be able to share our love for people and mother earth. Everyone can make a difference in this world one smile at a time. Make it a habit not just a thought. Carol and Trish are ready to change the world "one birthday at a time". What a thoughtful, kind way they have come up with to share with others. I will tell everyone and anyone I know about their business! Let's all support each other and the world will be a better place. Health and Happiness to you all, Colleen Willoughby - mother of 3 girls, wife, business owner and passionate about giving!
Member Type: Professional Member and Member Web Page (1 year)
Member Since: 28 February, 2010
Category: Inspirational & Visionary Arts


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