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Jyorei Jyorei 250-629-6283
Location: Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada
“Jyorei” means “Purification of the spirit.” Meishusama developed this healing practice as a treatment for physical infirmities during the 1930s. Jyorei’s healing technique, as practiced by Shumei members, took its final form in 1947 a few years before Meishusama’s passing.

Jyorei is a shared act, usually involving two people, one who gives and one who receives. Besides profound healing, the person receiving Jyorei may experience a sensation of tranquility and wellbeing. The nature of Jyorei is such that its blessings are even greater for the giver. Not only does the giver benefit by Jyorei but he or she also gains a larger capacity for compassion and love for others and Jyorei’s many blessings extend not only to the giver but to all whom he or she shares spiritual cords.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 02 August, 2010
Category: Jyorei (Jhorei)

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The Johrei Foundation The Johrei Foundation n/a
Location: World Wide, Canada
Spirituality and health, happiness and prosperity as a way of life.

Our goal is to spread happiness throughout the world. We provide practical ideas and steps to increase quality of life through good health, prosperity and peace.

We are a multi-cultural, multi-faith, service-oriented organization with a common vision. The Fellowship embraces the spiritual philosophies of both the eastern and western world, with the practice of truth, goodness and beauty in our daily lives.

Johrei's founder, Mokichi Okada was a Japanese man who lived from 1882-1955. Okada was a poet, artist, mystic, visionary, businessman, husband, father, and spiritual teacher.

His vision was to create a world of peace, health, and prosperity for us all - a paradise on earth.

Get involved with healthy way of living. We provide practical ideas and steps to increase quality of life and live happily and healthy. Find out about our flower arranging classes, organic / natural farming methods, spiritual healing practice from the Orient effective for stress and illness. See our site for more information.
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 14 January, 2006
Category: Jyorei (Jhorei)


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