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Akashic Soul Healing Akashic Soul Healing 778-238-8884
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The Purple Oasis
 I believe my multi-dimensional self, brought me back to my near death experience when I was 2 yr old and was declared clinically dead by the doctor.

I had an out of body experience and saw my body being carried by my mother. It was amazing that my consciousness has this cellular memory and recognized that my awareness is bigger than this body.

As I was growing up I have this knowing that I’m connected to the Source or God. I was aligned with the universal intelligence mind of God. I felt that I can manifest and create what I want to be in this lifetime. But my teenage years became tumultuous and I blamed God and family for things that didn’t work out for my highest good.

As I went through my adult life, I was continually searching for knowledge. How to heal myself from being a sexual victim? Until I connected to the studies of Akashic Records; that is how I’ve remembered where I came from. My existence became expanded and align to my highest potential.


Universal Conscious Self ~ Simple Steps to Connect to YourTrue Essence  Teza Zialcita book cover

Universal Conscious Self reestablishes your connection to your Source and divine self. The intention is to help you move beyond your egoic mind and pay attention to your own divinity by living through your heart and reconnecting to your divine essence. You are a multi-dimensional being of light and love in an expansive and infinitesimal universe.

More importantly, author Teza Zialcita discusses the importance of cultivating your relationship to Source and your oneness to others through inner awareness and unconditional love. By doing so, you are able to achieve a different way of being and thus live through your expansive self through the heart and allow for universal guidance to flow and enrich your life. You are able to achieve happiness and peace within that is deeply rooted to Source, while remembering the importance of the role you have chosen to play in this universe and how you can impact it by focusing on your inner beauty and self.

Contact Teza: Facebook

*Twitter ~@tezamysticangel  * Skype~ tezazialcita

*Website  * Youtube   * Meetup



Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 17 September, 2013
Category: Energy Healing

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Dreamhealer Dreamhealer
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 02 February, 2011
Category: Energy Healing


Health Angels Health Angels 587-215-77-88
Location: Calgary, British Columbia, Canada
Health Angels focuses on longevity with Optimal Health & Balance.

Bringing you a beneficial alternative for everything from Anxiety to Ulcers,  Sleep Disorders, Cardiac Symptoms, Blood Imbalance to Shortness of Breath.

Experience the benefits of Oxygen Therapy, Far-Infrared, Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer, E-Power (negative ionizer).  Feel your lungs expand with fresh Oxygen and the feeling of youth coming back to you as you look and feel younger.
We have 75 trillion cells and they all require two things to produce energy, NUTRIENTS & OXYGEN.
We specialize in both.

"my research has convinced me that lack of oxygen is the root of most or perhaps even all disease." Dr. Inoue.

* Products registered as class 2 medical devices with Health Canada.

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 19 March, 2012
Category: Energy Healing


Intuitive Inspirations Intuitive Inspirations 778-227-1369
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
During times of transition our lives can become entangled in the busyness of it all. Through inspired readings and healing sessions allow yourself to move forward on your path instilled with confidence in your own abilities and gratitude for life just as it is.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 15 August, 2013
Category: Energy Healing


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