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Inuitive Path SuperFoods Dis. Inuitive Path SuperFoods Dis. 306-612-2011
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kai Hicks is Western Canada's cutting edge Superfoods and holistic therapies specialist. Over the past 20 years Kai has been working tirelessly with nutrition, exercise and top level practitioners in multiple fields to develop a program that embodies elite health. Intuitive Path Superfoods is the by product of years of this research.

Intuitive Path SuperFoods’ mission is to create a healthier way of life.  Not through expensive supplementation or harmful dieting, but through whole foods that behave more like medicines; nourishing our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and unique medicinal properties.  Intuitive Path constantly strives to have access to the most up-to-date knowledge, health tools and products.  Educating and raising awareness on cutting edge foods, herbs and technologies; allowing for personalized integration into day-to-day activities.

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 07 September, 2011
Category: Diet & Nutrition

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Triple H Beef Triple H Beef 1-306-432-4583
Location: Dysart, Saskatchewan, Canada
The result, in our option is some of the healthiest, freshest and superior tasting beef products available.

Our beef, well being free of many of vaccines, toxins and drugs, also has a number of other benefits, including lower amounts of harmful fats, and greater quantities of beneficial ones such as CLAs and omega-3 fatty acid. As these healthy fats help to lower cholesterol and speed up the metabolism – that natural grazed organic beef – in addition to being a healthier choices – also is beneficial in restoring the bodies metabolism – unlike many grain feed non-organic products that are now thought by many to contribute to obesity in North America.

Contact us for more information or to place an order so you and your family can start enjoying our families natural beef products.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 29 September, 2005
Category: Diet & Nutrition

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Tupperware Tupperware (306)581-4946
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lifetime Warranty
Kitchen Storage 
Containers for leftovers 
Lunch containers
Eco Water bottles
Kids toys

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 27 February, 2013
Category: Diet & Nutrition


U Weight Loss Clinic U Weight Loss Clinic 306-931-4122
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
U Weight Loss® is a health and wellness company that offers clinically designed, customized nutrition plans to reduce weight, improve health and decrease your health risks of chronic disease. U Weight Loss® focuses on teaching and implementing the 3 simple secrets to not only achieving and maintaining your healthy weight, but increasing longevity and quality of life. The U Weight Loss® doctor-formulated nutrition program has been researched and developed by a team of health practitioners including a medical doctor, naturopath and registered nutritional consultant, ensuring that your health is of utmost importance. U Weight Loss® is one of the first programs to cater to families as well as individuals. 1 in 3 children in Canada are overweight and they are expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. The causes of this include poor nutrition habits and lack of physical activity among children. Our individualized programs are designed with your family in mind. U Weight Loss® has developed a healthy weight loss program for all to become "The Ultimate U". U Weight Loss® is not simply about looking better; it's about enjoying a lifetime of good health
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 21 July, 2009
Category: Diet & Nutrition


  Visalus - Body by Vi 1-306-978-0219
Location: Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 03 April, 2012
Category: Diet & Nutrition

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