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Body, Soul & Spirit Member Directory

To be listed in this directory, you must be a professional member, directory member or an exhibitor at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo. Visit our membership page for full details.

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Directory Members: 833

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Main Categories

Alternative Health Services (42)

Aura Imaging Technologies, Bio Energetic Medicine, Healling, Bio Feedback Devices, Electro Dermal Screening, Electroacupuncture, EMF & Geopathic Stress Protection Devices, Environmental Health, Kirilian Photography, Live & Dried Blood Analysis, Negative Ion Generators, Negative Ion Generators & Air Purifiers, Quantum Healing Devices, Radionic Equipment, RIFE Beam Ray Devices, Sound & Light Therapy Equipment & Services, Subliminal Learning Technology, Water Energizers

 Anti-Aging, (5)

Laser therapy, laser hair removal, laser skin rejuventation, natural comsmetic, Beauty Suppliements, Natural Personal Care Products, Skin Problem Remedies

Conferences, Expos & Festivals (15)

Celebrate, Learn, Grow, awaken at one of the may conferences, expos or conference throughout Canada, the United States and Beyond.

 Diet & Nutrition (30)

Nutrition, Diet, Fitness, Yoga, Macrobiotics, Vegetarianism, Raw food, Atkins Diet, Low-Carb diets, Diet Supplements, Diet Products, Vegan Diets, Yogic & Ayurveda Diet...

Education, Schools & Colleges (8)

Aromatherapy Courses, Herbology Courses...

 Exercise & Fitness (3)

Aerobics,Belly Dancing, Chi Gong, Exercise & Fitness Products & Equipment, Fitness Centers & Classes, Martial Arts, Outdoor Fitness Resources, Personal Trainers, Pilates Classes & Resources, Tai Chi Yamunatm, Yoga Studios & Resources...

Government Programs, Agencies and Services (0)

 Green Living (6)

Recycled Products, Environmentally Safe Household Items, Energy Conservation...

Healing Arts (50)

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Bio Feedback...

 Holistic Business Services (3)

Holistic Media (4)

Radio shows, Television Shows, Magazines, Publications...

 Holistic Pet Care (1)

Holsitic products and services for pets, vetrinarian

Holistic Therapies (3)

 Inspirational & Visionary Arts (6)

Angel Art, Sacred Art, Spiritual Art, Inspirational Art...

Intuitive Arts (27)

Astrology, Channeling, Dowsing...

 Miscellaneous (11)

Miscellaneous spiritual and holistic listings and resources that do not fit in any other category...

Natural Health Solutions (17)

Natural Alternatives for health, wellbeing , non-toxic, better health choices etc.

 New Age, Holistic & Spiritual Stores (13)

Health food Stores, New Ages Stores, Bookstores...

Organizations & Associations (6)

Practitioners Associations, Spiritual Organizations, Holistic Societies...

 Personal Development (34)

Personal coaching, peak performance, self-improvement...

Retreats & Travel (6)

Wellness & Holistic Retreats, Holistic & Spiritual Destinations...

 Spas & Wellness Centers (5)

Day Spas, Wellness Centers, Oxygen Bars...

Spiritual Growth, Organizations, Traditions (22)

Meditation, Mantras, Chanting, Buddhism, Vedic Lifestyles...

 Wellness Products (40)

Aromatherapy Products, Nutritional Supplements, Products for Wellness...

Wholesalers (12)

Products and resources for retailers...

 Women's Health (1)

Yoga Directory (1)

A Directory of Yoga Studios, Classes, Products, Yoga mats, etc.

 Yoga Products (1)