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Exhibiting: Effective Marketing for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Holistic Busines
Posted by on 12 March, 2011

Chandler Armstrong

Our objective is to provide the VERY BEST in PROMOTION that reaches the RIGHT TARGET AUDIENCE as well as provide incredible Value per exhibitor!

What we have consistently achieved each year is EXCEPTIONAL providing over THREE in some cites FOUR times the promotion than the average booth cost per exhibitor.

That´s Three to Four times more promotion than you would get purchasing your own newspaper, television, billboard Radio promotions!

As a result we can say with confidence that we provide that best possible promotional value for our community of conscious entrepreneurs, holistic business, and health and wellness products and services looking to promote their offerings.

Are you looking for the best possible promotional value? If so this article will provide you the how and why of what we provide and how it might be the right promotional and marketing solution for your business or organization!

Our Commitment in Promoting our events!

WE SEE OUR EXHIBITORS and PRESENTERS that support us by investing in our events as partners in our ventures! As such, we take the this investment seriously and do our best to negotiant and achieve the best value in promotion for you and our events!

There is no better testament to this than the FACT that we have ALWAYS not only put 100% of the capital raised from exhibitor fees into the production and promotion of our event – but almost EVERY YEAR have gone OVER BUDGET by adding more promotion than what is covered by exhibitors, and allotting a percentage of the door venue to promotions as well!

This type of promotion is NOT typical in our industry, in fact we have learned from talking with other promoters and their staff over the years that the standard seem to be to invest about 50% of revenue from the sales of exhibit space into the shows promotion and production!

As past exhibitors ourselves, we see things a bit differently, and any financial benefit we receive is based on the revenue generated through admission – so for us to make a profit, we need to see a great turnout at our events - just like you do.

The Right Promotion Results in the Right People!

Some recent trend we’ve been seeing in our industry have been the use of flooding cities with FREE Tickets instead of doing the actual promotion through TV, Radio, Newspapers , Bill Boards and other means of informing the public that have a hard cost. 

While I must admit that I admire the creativity and frugality of promoters that use these types of methods, it’s NOTHING NEW! We ourselves experimented with some of these same techniques many years ago when our event were new (and much smaller)! Does this attract the Right People?

We have found (as many of our exhibitors also have attested), this it only resulted in an audience that saw our event as a cheap (or free) excursion, and rarely were interested in investing much in to products, organizations and companies that exhibited, or were already invested in the products and services of those who invited them. 

We personal still encourage our exhibitors to help us promote our events trough 2 for 1 admission coupons, downloadable posters and other grassroots efforts - but aggressively promote our events outside these channels!

As qualified marketing research has demonstrated, long term success and true growth involved reaching the right people for you offer!  Our intention is to do exactly that for those we work with.

Providing A Complete Promotional Solutions! 

WE THINK BIG! Our Vision is to provide those we work with than more than just an annual, or bi-annual event! We see the our direction as moving forward in our development of more tools, and resources not only provide more value but also continue to provide exposure throughout the year!

This includes the expansion of our the Body Soul & Spirit Magazine, and the further development of our Online offerings including our Professional Network, Online Directories and Social Media offerings.

As many of our clients who have used these extra tools can attest - the result is far more exposure than the expo provides on it´s own.

Good Promotion Results in both a Qualitative and Quantitative Audience!

Empty number of attendence are like empty calories - sure the room is full, but you don´t get much out of it! We feel that it is much more important promote the event in such a way as to assure than not only do we get a lot of bodies through the door - but that we reach the right people! As exhaustive marketing research as proven over and over again in the long run its more important to reach the right people than it is to reach lots of people. Our intention is to do exactly that for those we work with.
After extensive consultations, market research and planning, we’ve put together the BEST PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN for our event Based on the latest trends in what has been proven to get the audience YOU want to reach out to our event.

After over a decade and a half (15 years) of hosting holistic events in Canada, we have establish relationships with many key media representatives that support us through sponsorship and added value promotions. With many of our sponsors matching our promotional spending, and offer multiple city discounts, we offer up to three times the promotional value for many of our events.

This has allowed us to make your dollar investment in our events work even harder. The Body Soul & Spirit Expos have increasingly been recognized as one of Western Canada’s most popular and unique events, resulting in a large loyal following and more coverage and support each year!

In promoting our events we use Television, Radio. Bill Boards, Major Newspapers, and Magazines including over 200 Television Commercials, LIVE COVERAGE from the Top Radio Stations inviting the public in each city to come down and visit you at the events, HUGH advertisement campaigns in each cities major papers, Highway and High Exposure Bill Boards on Major Traffic Routes, and a month of Subway Transit Stations + Platforms !

Is this TYPICAL for a show of our size? NO! Most show that provide this level of promotion are larger events with double or more exhibits, and on average about double the price to exhibit!

Finding the Right Promotional Mix for Your Goals

Our passion is help our clients succeed... and we realize that not all our our offering are appropriate for all our our clients! Our goal is to find the right solutions that will best suite your marketing goals - be it our Expo, Magazine, or Online Promotions, or a combination of two or more of these! We invite you to explore which of these options might work with you by calling one of our representative.

For more information call us at
1-877-560-6830 to set up an appointment today!

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By Anonymous on 31 December, 1969:
Thank you so much for all your suggestions on this site. Your shares are very interesting and very rewarding. Congratulations to you.

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By Anonymous on 31 December, 1969:
Thank you for the good times in your blog. I am often in position to watch (again and again) these wonderful items you shared. Very interesting. All the best !

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