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Manifestation of Inner Gifts
Posted by on 26 February, 2011

´Manifestation of Inner Gifts´, is a life long quest of acknowledgment, patience, perseverance, belief in oneself, and the unwavering desire to evolve towards the fulfillment of those gifts!

Much has been talked about and bantered around regarding the concept of Manifestation. It seems to me that, we as a society, as a collection or agreement of thought creation, need to take another look at what we really mean, when we use the term Manifestation. Over the last few years, there have been certain scientific documentaries stipulating that the big hush, hush secret is out of the bag, and we really have been getting it wrong, or we have not fully understood who we are here on this globe. A sort of affirming of the notion that we can change our stars, if you will, that all is well within our framework of comprehension, to alter the very way things come about in our world... through thought of course.

It must be said that scientific research continues to assist us as the Human Species, and all surrounding sub-species, in the evolution of thought towards a more Spirit based existence. Yet, I believe that much of the secrets being exposed, are just small advances in our overall understanding of Spirit having a physical experience here on earth, and that there really are no secrets at all.

To manifest that which is within the carrier of the physical body, requires one´s absolute commitment to being in the physical body, getting to know that Spirit, and fully realizing the gifts that have been bestowed upon that soul. This takes time! After-all, we are not meant to, "say the word and it shall be done", .... pouf .... I´ve manifested! If that were the case, the notion of involution and then evolution, would be out the window, nothing to really learn as we are here in the physical world, we would just be an assortment of really talented Magicians. I am not sure that is the plan!

Manifestation of one´s inner gifts requires patience! Patience enough to acknowledge the gifts given within one´s soul, and patience enough to believe in those gifts to cultivate them fully. I am always reminded of JK Rowland, and her struggles as she attempted to bring forward her volumes of a Magician, nonetheless. It is said that it took her approximately 17 years to accomplish and complete the entire series of books. I am sure it took commitment, faith, devotion, patience, tolerance, belief in what she was doing, despite being rejected numerous times in the beginning stages, and mostly, it took an immense amount of perseverance.

I am also reminded of people such as Don Bosco from the 1850´s, who believed he would open an oratory for boys, street kids that society discarded. It took many attempts over many years and many obstacles to accomplish this tremendously gracious deed. In the end it certainly was his perseverance that lead the way. I am sure his strength of faith did not hurt him either.

Manifestation is no secret, it is our right as Spirit, our right as the image of the Great Creator we refer to as God. Yet, as we do Manifest, our inner selves, our inner gifts, within the continuum of thought of this temporal, space and time existence, let us not forget that we are here for a lifetime of experience. So take it one day at time, one breath at a time, stay focused, continue to cultivate your inner being, and always know that no matter what transpires within your earthly body, you are greatly Loved!

Manifest your inner being, try not to be a magician, and remember to be within your Presents!

Thoughts by: Vincent Pace!

ALL MATERIALS ©OneLightGuidesAll/VincentPace

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