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Ego Is What You Think You Are
Posted by on 24 October, 2012

The thought OF is exactly what IT IS NOT. That includes all thoughts you have about yourself.

You may think you know what and who you are, but what and who you think you are is only ego, and therefore exactly what you are not. Thinking and knowing are two different things. Thinking is understanding relative to thinking. Knowing is understanding gained from experience.

Without knowing what you are you have no base, no foundation. Without experience you will not know. This is why thinking is not knowing, but confusion. We only think when we are trying to figure something out. The confusion does not begin in experience, or being, or silence, or doing. Confusion begins only when thinking. Confusion is the thinking.

Knowing transcends belief. If you believe something you truly do not know it. If you truly knew something you would either reject it as false or accept it as true. Belief is weak. It cannot stand as a foundation. Knowing ones self provides a foundation that cannot be shaken. Anything can be said or done to a person who truly knows herself and nothing will affect her.

Ego is that which tries to hurt and also that which is hurt. When you are hurt, be happy, for this is showing you your delusion. Seeing your ego clearly allows you to choose how to respond to the one who tired to hurt you. You will not be reacting, but acting. You will be in charge, not the delusion. Realizing others delusion and resulting suffering you will act with compassion.

And when you know yourself, you will know everyone. Because we are all the same. We operate on the same principles. Not only will you know everyone, you will know everything.

And when you experience yourself, you will experience everyone. Not only will you experience everyone, you will experience everything.

When I said that you will know everything, I meant that you will know exactly what you need to know at every moment, no more, no less. Thinking knowledge is not wisdom, it is only intelligence. Omniscience refers to wisdom, not intelligence. And wisdom is quality, not quantity.

Wisdom is no separation between knowing what to do and the doing of it. It is simply done. There is no thought process involved. Life lived in this state is always new, peaceful, and full of wonder. There is nothing else but what is in present awareness. And what is is complete, lacking nothing, perfect. Stop reading and simply be for a while. Be aware to the deepest extent. Be aware down to your cells. Be aware so that even your molecules are aware of themselves. Be awareness itself.

Come back when you come back.

Realization of the whole self is the experience of the perfection of what is, of being. And what is not being? Is the computer not being? Is the wall not being? Even the emptiness of awareness is being. So we are all the same being. The quality of being is the same. There is no less or more being. No better or worse being. No good or evil being. So when you are (aware of) your being, you are complete, lacking nothing, perfect. And this is peace, contentment, bliss. For there is no want in being. To be is what to be. Your calling is being, fulfilled. Being is fulfilled by the pure, direct experience of your life. Your life takes care of itself. There is no need to do anything with your life. Let go of trying; your life is unfolding in perfect unity and harmony with everything.

The All lacks nothing. How could it? It´s All there is.

Just experience, observe, take it all in.

Now´s a good time to do that. Always.

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