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Instruction Manual for the Human Mind
Posted by on 15 October, 2008

Have you ever wondered why we humans do not come with and instruction manual?

Instruction Manual for the Human Mind
Quantum Energy and You.

Many of us ponder the meaning of why we are here on earth. We are born, we live and we die. What is the purpose of living only to die? We are born into this world with things busily going on around us. Almost like we were born too late and have been missing out on everything that has been going on.

How come these people got a head start on me? You might ask. All these big people doing things, big people always telling me what to do. I don´t know why I must do these things. I just exist and I don´t know why. I don´t know anything so I follow what the big people do. After all they must know what they are doing. They seem have been here longer than I. They can do things I cannot. I want to do the things that they can do.

I will very carefully copy the things they do. I will start with the sounds they make. I can feel what they mean by their voices and the tone of the vibration the sounds make. I can feel what they mean by the expressions their faces make. I can feel what they mean by the way their body moves. I will copy these things and do the same when I feel the same way they do. Then your training into the earth society begins.

We are all brought up into a world of authority.
Instruction after instruction, a process that never seems to end. What exactly is the nature of the instructions we are given? Who is giving us these instructions and why?
Is there an objective, end result, climax or peak to these instructions? Can you ever reach a point where you don´t need instructions anymore?

Instructions on how to live, how to raise your children, how to eat, how to make money, sleep better, diet, follow laws, etc, you get the point, I could go on forever!

If only there was an instruction manual for us humans.
Much like when you purchase a brand new dvd player or camera, all neatly packed in the bottom of the box is an instruction manual. The instruction manual will tell you where it is was made, who the product is made by, it purpose, its main functions, programming codes or modes if necessary, a trouble shooting guide if the product malfunctions, the proper storage temperature for optimal performance, proper power source, things to avoid that may damage device, a warranty, a customer service phone number, address for repairs, and perhaps even a money back guarantee!

Wow that´s quite the deal!

Imagine if new born babies had the same benefit of such instructions included?

We were never given these instructions upon birth.
We have to go about on our own on this earth/universe and figure out all these things and answers to these questions on our own.

Who are we? What am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Is there a God?

What are my capabilities? How can I achieve more happiness? Why do seemingly bad things happen to good people?

Again I could go on forever with all the questions that we face.

We all pose questions to ourselves and build conclusions and beliefs about reality based on these answers we tell ourselves or accept from others.

These beliefs are called programs.
Our bodies are essentially biological computers, and our minds are running millions of different software programs called “beliefs!”

I say this to you.
There are 4 Laws of the universe.
1.) You exist, you are eternal, and you are unlimited love.
2.) All is one and one is all.
3.) Everything you do, think and feel comes back to you.
4.) Everything changes, except the first 3 laws.

All matter is biology, all biology is physics, all physics is mathematics, all mathematics is energy, all energy is information, all information is thought, and all thought is imagination.

Based on the previous statements one can deduce that anything one sees that and interacts with is merely a thought. All matter is a thought, all feelings are a thought, all perception is a thought. Any thought or perception you have about yourself that does not include love is an illusion, because you are love itself. Therefore you must be in error if you see yourself or others in any manner other than in a lovingly way.

If you have any perception that is limited or not loving, then you must be perceiving an error, in fact the act of perceiving itself is an error. I say this because if all is one and one is all, then how can there be anything or anyone else other to perceive? There is only the self!
You exist in every conceivable shape size and color, what you perceive to be other people and things are merely different aspects of yourself. Its all You!

Are you starting to understand Karma now?
Your programs (beliefs) have tricked you into not recognizing yourself. What is really yourself you now see as other people and things. You have forgotten who you are, and have seemingly separated yourself, from yourself. That’s why we are all searching for love! We are searching for ourselves! We are love! All of this because of your thought was in error. You thought wrongly about yourself and others, and believed it. Your thought then had to manifest because that is our God Given right to Manifest whatever we want. So we tricked ourselves into manifesting a nightmare, where we are separate from Love, from God from Happiness from Joy and from Ourselves.

Much like a lawn in a football field that has 10 billion blades of grass, yes there are 10 billion blades of grass, however its all One lawn. One Living thing. Nothing separate.

Based on that.
All that exists is the self and thought.
Everything you are looking at (all of reality) is a thought in your mind.

All thought is information, all information is energy, all energy is mathematics, all mathematics is physics, all physics is biology and all biology is matter.

One can learn to control and direct ones thought and or energy to manifest any type of reality (thought or dream) one wishes to.

However that takes some deprogramming and or reprogramming of the programs (beliefs) you already have.

That is one of the reasons why I came up with the idea of the Quantum Power/Energy Patches, is to assist others in reprogramming themselves so that they may be able to reach their goals quicker.

What are Quantum Power/Energy Patches?

These small adhesive patches are less than the size of a dime have been designed and developed for a myriad of different uses and effects.

I have learned how to essentially program certain quantum energy sequences into a small patch that can be worn on the human body. These patches worn on the human body, emulate a specific series of subconscious emotional responses within the wearer of the patch, which in turn leads to an immediate positive change in increased physical energy, mood, attitude, feelings of well being, detoxification, balance, clarity, focus and much more. These patches do not send anything into the body, they merely communicate with your cells and your mind on a quantum level, via a supra nano electro transmitter technology. The effects are immediate and scientifically measurable and profound.

Other patches that I have developed are to place on and increase performance/mileage of vehicles and others that transform dangerous negative radio microwave, electromagnetic, waves that radiate outwards from ALL electronics including your cell phone, home phones, television, microwaves, computers, monitors into positive and compatible energy waves that your body responds to in a harmonious way.

Find out about this new / rediscovered technology and what is means for you and all of mankind. All matter is biology, all biology is physics, all physics is mathematics, all mathematics is energy, all energy is information, all information is thought.

Come see me at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Edmonton & Calgary.

About Rene Luther Hamilton

Rene Luther Hamilton is an Entrepreneur, Artist, Photographer, Teaches Quantum Metaphysical Psychology, is a Life Coach, and Intuitive clairvoyant Healer with a unique ability to intuitively see into other peoples mind patterns and emotional patterns that cause destructive tendencies in their lives. Born highly sensitive to energies he has been able to fine tune his clairvoyant abilities and spiritual connection with the God Mind and his higher self. Through much training, guidance and understanding, he has developed what he calls “ Quantum Power/Energy Patches ”.

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