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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > It´s all about numbers, but who´s counting? - Numerology

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It´s all about numbers, but who´s counting? - Numerology
Posted by on 28 January, 2006

Leah Sinclaire: Quantum Numerology - A Brief Biography

If you thought that numbers were just for addition and subtraction, guess again. If you were to run that by Leah Sinclaire, she would smirk and say, "Numbers have a quality as well as a quantity. If you don´t believe me, let´s check out your numbers".

-Body Soul & Spirit Contributing Columnist, Leah Sinclaire

Bursting with years of personal experience and inner knowledge she is just waiting to share with you what the numbers say about you, which is far more accurate than you thought possible.

When Leah enters a room, you know that something exciting is about to happen - and when she leaves, you wonder what just hit you! A licensed practicing Esthetician and Numerologist, she manages to combine the two businesses with joy and ease. However, this makes for a hectic schedule - you´ll have to catch her first!

Leah was born in Prince George, BC as Roberta Lee McClaine, however grew up in the lower mainland. She later attended the University of Calgary and graduated with a Business Management Data Processing Diploma in 1984. After that she worked for Trizec Corporation in Calgary and then later for Alberta Energy Corp.

Both positions left her feeling like there was more to life - and perhaps a little more excitement waiting for her. She enrolled again at University of Calgary and this time graduated with a diploma in Spanish with her sights set on travel. In 1988 she became the first female Destination Representative for Fiesta West Tour Company where she was able to use her new language skills in Spanish and live abroad in Mexico. There she was responsible for the smooth administration of weekly Canada 3000 arrivals and departures, handle passenger concerns and maintain hotel contracts.

She returned to Vancouver in 1991 and began work for three wealthy businessmen in a new Venture Capital project. As Office Manager, she played a key role in the organization which gave her a great insight to living the life of the "Rich and Famous", and, at that point, Leah decided that everyone should have the opportunity to live that way. Purchasing a number of stock options in the Company and then two years later selling them gave her added financial benefits that she would never normally realize. Leah then resigned from her position at Harvard International Technologies in 1993 to attend London School of Hairdressing & Esthetics.

In 1994 she opened her own 3,000 square foot Esthetics Day Spa - and used her then very capable administrative abilities to build and grow the business and ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations, employee supervision and customer relations. It was during this time that Leah noticed an unsatisfactory pattern forming in her personal and professional life, with occasional unforeseen setbacks that seemed to come out of nowhere.

A colleague introduced her to the concept of Numerology and suddenly things began to make perfect sense. Raised in a religious household and very sensitive to the world around her Leah was able to reconcile numerology with her spiritual beliefs. She began to look at the qualities in numbers of people´s names that corresponded with the qualities and patterns in people´s lives - including her own. She also became aware that when people changed their names through marriage or for other reasons, their lives also changed.

So, in 1998 Leah decided to legally change her name and watched as her life began to take on a much different turn - for the better. Continuing to work in esthetics she began to study Numerology in earnest for her own purposes. And with her new found knowledge people noticed the positive change in her life and began coming to see her and seek guidance.

Leah moved to Calgary in summer of 1999, taking her business with her and opening another Spa location. She also continued to expand her horizons and became licensed part-time as a Realtor in 2002.

As a Buyer´s Agent, she discovered a numerical system that when followed ensured ultimate success. After consulting to more than one hundred people to date using her Numerology knowledge she has recognized and honed the talent that she now has in helping others through numbers analysis.

Whether it is in analyzing someone´s name or Company and working through some of the challenges that these numbers have presented, or looking at why a pattern continues to happen, Leah has a uncanny and intuitive way of seeing through the spiritual and karmic "smoke and mirrors". She formed Quantum Numerology Inc. and works in earnest to help others see their potential and to assist them in beginning a new path, preparing and paving their way so that they have the best opportunity for balance, success and happiness in their lives.

Leah believes in accumulation through dedication and a good work ethic and enjoys assisting the entrepreneurial spirit of motivated people so that they can put forth their best efforts in order to achieve the many goals they have set for themselves in this lifetime.

Although she takes the counsel of Numerology very seriously and recognizes the responsibility that goes with suggesting life changes through numerical correction, this is a labor of love and she enjoys making a difference and improving the quality of the lives of others. Look for her workshops to learn more.

About Leah Sinclaire - Quantum Numerology

Leah Sinclaire offers private consultations, reports and phone consultation covering several aspects of lifes including Business, Career, relationships and life in general. She also specializes in Name Selections (personal and business), addresses and much more utilizing numerology! You may contact leah regarding a consulation at 1-403-819-2312 Or see her website

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Emotional Abuse
Posted by on 27 February, 2005

Sarcasm, irony, cynicism… Is it really meant as a “joke” or is there a hidden truth to the comment? It’s easy to know when you are in physical pain, but we are obviously not just bodies? There is a spiritual side to us, as well as a mental and emotional side. All these sides need to be taken into consideration when you want to heal. We all get hurt during our life time. Emotional abuse for instance, how many of us realize we are a victim of that? It is one of the most subtle forms of abuse. You might just feel like you are a bad person and accept the abuse from others. But you are not a bad person. No-one is all bad. There is always work to do, but no-one is all bad. Néver let anybody tell you you’re no good!

Are there people in your life telling you things that make you feel worthless, unlovable and/or terrible? Do you feel completely drained after you see certain people? Are you scared to bring up certain subjects with your partner, because you know he’ll disapprove of them? Are you feeling depressed, and your partner doesn’t seem to care much? Perhaps you drink, more than you should, to numb the pain.

Look back at when you were young. How many of us have parents that (mostly unconsciously, because they have their own limits) killed -part of- our true spirit? Write down the things you can remember that hurt you. Write down the people that drain you. People that humiliate you, make fun of you, or people that isolate you from certain people you like to be with, the ones that make you feel good, happy and safe. See how well you can eliminate those draining “friends” out of your life. The good news is you don’t have to put up with it! Relatives are usually the worst, because they are so comfortable with you. Be alarmed when you feel that crossing the road while a big truck drives by, sounds really good. There is something wrong! If you can’t figure it out for yourself or know a way out, find a way to talk to someone you trust. This could be through alternative -holistic- health care or a psychologist (a combination would be perfect!).

You have the right to be on this planet like everybody else, because you are here for a reason! The world could not live without you! Everybody has the right to happiness. EVERYBODY! Be who you want to be. Be compassionate about yourself; you don’t have to be perfect.

After my separation in July 2000, I went to a psychologist for a while to get some support. I really needed to bounce off my thoughts, before I got wrapped up in them too much and feel even worse. She’s a wonderful person and told me to get rid of all the negative thoughts that I had been slowly fed since I was a toddler. I truly believed that I wasn’t lovable, even though I wasn’t sure why, because I was always there to help people if they needed me. Turned out I was creating my own world and not questioning it. I took their word as truth over my own, which is self-destructive; emotional self-abuse!

The 2 years after, I spend my time simplifying my life and just trying to be happy, without many difficulties. I got rid of as much financial stress possible, I started going out with great supportive and positive friends, bought and read all the self-help books I could afford on a part-time income and did a lot of internal work. After a while people told me I was so “outgoing”, something that had never been applicable until then. I still focus on not falling back into the old patterns of negative thinking, which is hard, but at least I am aware of it. It’s extremely tough to be patient with yourself, because you get tested over and over again to see how strong you’ve become. You cannot expect 20-, 30- or 40-something years of emotional abuse to be gone in 4 years. It takes time. Pat yourself on the back for the progress you’ve made, even though you know you still have a ways to go.

Make sure that there is always enough balance in your life and when you feel down, do something you really enjoy; buy yourself some flowers, or get a facial or take a bath with candlelight. Treat yourself! Make a list of things that give your mood a lift and do one of those things every day, just for you, because you deserve it. When you love yourself and you feel happy, it’ll shine through to others and they will start to fall in love with you. Never ever say anything bad about yourself, since people will believe it. They’ll take your word for it. Trust me, I tested it.

Now step away from the computer and go do something FUN, just because! And above all, have a great day!

Love and Light for you!

About Noortije

Noortje Vanderelst is located close to Calgary Alberta. Her passion is helping people feel good/at peace in this world and helping them reach their optimal health goals, through deeply relaxing Reiki treatments and by giving the body the raw materials it needs to recover from the growing toxins we are exposed to, every single day! We live in stress full times. The key is to get the body, mind, emotions and spirit in balance. You will find more information in our healing arts directory under "Reiki"

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