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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > An Interactive Panel on Manifestation, The Secret and The Law of Attractions

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An Interactive Panel on Manifestation, The Secret and The Law of Attractions
Posted by on 16 August, 2007

As a special feature event at this year´s Body Soul & Spirit Expo we´ve put together a great panel of experts and authors who will be facilitating an interactive questions and answer sessions on Manifestions, the Secret and the Law of attraction. Show Up Early on the Friday of Each of our Events (2:45pm) to take part in this exciting event feature.

Come Learn What Our Experts Have to say about the Secret and the Law of Attractions.

Opening Presentation at this Falls Events in Calgary, Grande Prairie and (tentatively) in Regina!

Since the tremendous success of movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do we Know?", we´ve seen a massive response from people that have found that the ideas and principle that have been re-popularized by these and other publications such as "The Law of Attraction", have become part of the everyday vocabulary of many of the people we interact with, both at our events, as well as in our daily life.

With all the great stories of how these principles have had such an impact in so many people´s lives, we not only took notice, but also took time to delve into the subject, and start applying it in our personal lives, as well as to our events - with almost miraculous results!

In just the past few months everything has miraculously come together, not only for us, but many people that we have spoken to!

As many of those who have attended the Body Soul & Spirit Expos have noted, many of the exhibitors, presenters and participants have been teaching these principles for years, and many also come from the various schools and societies that are traced as part of the linage of "The Secret" in both the book, as well as the Movie! Some of these include the Hermetic Traditions, Western Mystical Traditions, The Course in Miracles and many more could be added.

After much talk, requests and suggestions, we´ve put together a special panel and invited several of our past exhibits and presenters to share with those who attend the event this year their insight into "The Secret", as well as provide a dynamic and interactive question and answer session with the audience!

This is your chance to learn and ask questions about what many believe is one of the greatest out-pouring of public interest in learning how we can take control of our lives and manifest our own destiny! Does It Really Work? and if so, does it work for everyone? How Can You start using these principles to improve Your Life Now!


Margot Mckinnon - Author

Margot McKinnon´s fresh theory on body, mind, spirit, soul dominance explains why Body Dominant and Mind Dominant people have the skill set to embrace the power of The Secret. Many of us, however, are Spirit Dominant. We still feel alien to the human experience, invisible and powerless. We value a peaceful, conflict-free existence, which is near impossible to find on a daily basis. We absorb information like a sponge, using our vision, insight, and mental telepathy, but at the end of the day we are exhausted and overwhelmed. Our survival skill is to live in our peaceful secret world, and we glide through life, like ghosts, living in two or more worlds at once. Spirit Dominant people must learn how to build more resilience to the human world by engaging with people more and appreciating the power of the five senses, rather than relying primarily on the sixth. We must learn to discover the exquisiteness of being human first, and then we will be able to pull our visions out of our secret world, and use our Body and Mind aspects to make dreams a physical reality. However, when we do begin to achieve our dream, we will likely sabotage ourselves so that we can become invisible once again. To realize the full potential of The Secret, Spirit Dominant people must embrace the best of our traits and transcend the weaknesses.

Margot McKinnon (BA, BEd, MA) Calgary author of The Exquisiteness of Being Human: The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul Dominance Theory has invented a brand new theory on personality types. She focuses primarily on Spirit Dominant people because they are the ones who have the most difficulty making their dreams a reality and fulfilling the potential of The Secret.

Dolly Mae - Author

In 1991 I went bankrupt at $25 million dollars. I had to know why. I was introduced to Abraham´s Law of Attraction and how I had used it both advantageously to build wealth and then destructively. I learned what it really means and how to consciously apply it in my everyday world. I learned the key to creating what I prefer.

I realized the key to creating my reality was in focusing of thoughts combined with feelings. This secret alone revolutionized my world and I use this method constantly. The process begins with just 17 seconds of focus. This changes your energy so you shift what and how you attract. You must establish inspirational feelings in order to create success. The 10 Secrets to Choosing Joy are easy steps we can take to create those feelings.

These secrets about how we create our reality using focus and intention are ones that successful people have used for millennia. External success results from an internal change that The Secret touches upon. Your daily experiences will be the result of your shifts in perspective and new awareness´s about life and your role in it. This is the result of successful programming of your internal values that creates repeated success in your external life. With this step by step process you never have to be a victim again.

We have dusted off these universal truths because Now is the time and place of empowerment. There is a feeling in the air, a sensing beyond the familiar five senses and an excitement in the energy that compels us to rethink why we are here and how life´s puzzle works.

The art and game of applying these ancient truths to today´s situations is what keeps us endlessly fascinated. New technology, increased vibrations and global interests seem to present new problems but really they are just new views formed around old internal programming. We can be angry, reactive or joy filled. It´s still all choice. We are becoming aware of how we can immediately apply these principles of choice and focus to our lives right now. The Secret is our reminder of how much we can be and how amazing we are.

Unique among spiritual guides, this veteran of TV and talk radio is gifted with clairvoyance and intuition. As a Mystic Dolly Mae offers new perspectives through her visions to show you a way to have a happier and richer life.

Her book "Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis" is a best seller. Her new book "If You Have a Name You Need This Book" tells how to find your own gifts and challenges just by using your name. Dolly Mae lives in the Seattle area and may be reached at 206.992.2074 or toll free at 877.246.9569 or email

Norma Cowie - Metaphysical Consultant

Author of seven books including Secrets of Living Happily.

Norma Cowie has been studying metaphysics since 1964 and understands the law of attraction and has been teaching it continuously through different workshops since 1970´s. Seen on many TV interview programs, newspaper articles and heard on radio shows she has unveiled to many how they can create what they want in their lives. It is not always as simple as it seems. As a past-life regressionist, Norma also understands how decisions made in different lifetimes can effect today and it is the releasing of these beliefs, attitudes and judgments which are necessary to create. Also the basic thinking on a daily, on-going basis sets the tone for your life. Norma has been able to aid thousands of people over the years either in person, on the phone, email and through her many books.

Moreah Ragusa - Course in Miracles author, speaker, and teacher

Sixteen years ago, Moreah Ragusa transformed her life by consciously applying the principles from the internationally acclaimed spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Today, she helps thousands of others to do the same. As a committed student and teacher of the Course, she is recognized for her ability to illuminate and clarify its teachings.

"We are unbounded, brilliant beings cleverly disguised as mortal humans, and we can do anything our spirit inspires," says Moreah of the Course perspective on The Secret. Within our authentic selves, there is no lack of any kind. When we look outside of ourselves for the fulfillment of our soul, we are bound to be left ´hungry.´".

Moreah is a psychotherapist, registered family mediator, marriage and divorce counselor, corporate coach, and a popular speaker and seminar leader.

Deeply committed to helping others on their life path, Moreah is the founder and president of The Phoenix Coaching and Transformation Corporation in Calgary, Alberta. The company offers life mastery strategies to reveal each individual´s inherent wisdom, prosperity, freedom, and power. Moreah is also the founder of The Inspired Mentoring and Leadership Program..

She is the author of four books on spiritual transformation: The New Marriage Paradigm: Inspiring the Transformation and Evolution of Committed Relationships; The New Divorce Paradigm: Transitioning Your Relationship with Integrity; Rediscovering Your Authentic Self: Applying A Course in Miracles to Everyday Life; and Our Cosmic Dance: An Autobiography of Courage, Faith, and Spiritual Triumph, a candid autobiography offered as a teaching model for personal and relationship growth. See her website at

Hannelore - Teacher of Manifestation, Spiritual Life Coach, author, International Speaker and gifted Intuitive.

Hannelore has guided many people through her popular workshop series including “Prosperity and Miracles”, “The Power of Intuition” “Mirrors of Relationships” and her Dolphin retreats in Hawaii. She shares many of the techniques she provides to her students that will help you re-evaluate your thoughts, feelings and emotions, clearing blockages and enabling you to truly connect with abundance and prosperity in your life. To learn more about Hannelore’s seminars visit and

I have been blessed to witness the miracle of my own father bounce back to life using a simple technique, when only hours before we were told by his doctor he would not make it through the day. Sharing this powerful process with others resulted in homes selling that did not before, relationships appearing when all seemed hopeless, just the right amount of money manifesting in time to do seminars or go on retreats etc., the perfect job and many more profound examples. I am excited to offer the tools and share what I have experienced in my seminar Prosperity and Miracles and invite you to join me for my talks during the Body Soul Spirit. Hannelore

_Paul J. Meyer

Carole Friesen - Core Potential Training,

You are ‘The Secret’

When you truly start understanding yourself, your body…you will understand The Secret. It starts by becoming fully aware of what is happening inside of you. How have your past thoughts and feelings manifested your own physical body?

Your Inner World creates Your Outer World!

If you believe thoughts…become things…then your flesh is a manifestation of thought patterns which have started at a very young age. Your brain thinks… it doesn’t feel, your body feels. Your brain has Knowledge and runs around like a wild horse! Your body feels and it has all the Wisdom of Creation.

The Keys to ‘The Secret’ are hidden deep in your Body Mind, in Your Feelings!

* It’s all about loving yourself, your body and your life. Do you love your body? I mean really love your body! Love is a feeling that only you can feel within you. You can’t feel the inside of someone else’s body.
* Your body is the chalice or Holy Grail for receiving abundance in ALL areas of you life.
* When you are in love with yourself…that beautiful inner childlike spirit will show you the World of Magic.
* It’s about increasing your life force or spirit that increases your magnetic field to attract anything your heart desires. This is the Law of Attraction!
* Start by studying your Body’s Mind and you will open yourself up to the greatest Wisdom of All.
* Believing or Be and Live in yourself.

When you truly start understanding yourself,
your body…you will understand ‘The Secret’.

Carole Friesen a true Master in her field. She has a Diploma in Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy and BodyMind Analysis. She is the founder of Core Potentials Training & Therapy Centre in Calgary. She teaches a series of accredited courses called The Magic of BodyMind Communication© which includes The Art of Reading Faces. Her courses will be offered in 5 Canadian cities this fall. Some of her other workshops include The Great Goddess Mother Earth Camp, The Magic of Loving Yourself and The Power of the Inner Child. For the course schedules or FREE e-lessons, TeleClasses or newsletters… or call 403-262-2560

Tara Wade - Lightworker, Teacher of the Secrets of Manifesting

Tara Wade´s earliest memories as a child are of communicating with her Guides and Angels. By 13 she was lecturing, teaching and doing readings. Tara´s path as a spiritual teacher has led her into the US, across Canada and beyond. She has made numerous appearances on TV and radio and has been featured in selected newspapers across Canada. She provides you with effective tools to overcome your specific issues and grow spiritually. Tara has been lecturing on the laws of manifestation for over 15 years and regularly conducts weekend workshops on this topic. She is honest, direct, and will give you truth. She does not need to ask you questions during a reading because she can see the energies around you. She communicates with your Guides, Angels and sometimes your loved ones. Visit her at or call 1-866-307-2161 for more information.

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Energy Work Bascis Part 4: Imagine!
Posted by on 24 June, 2005

Your imagination is a crucial part of working with energy. What do athletes, musicians and singers all have in common? Explore how you could join them by using your imagination. And it´s fun too.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Did you know that athletes use the power of their imaginations to perfect their athletic performances? Musicians and vocalists do the same thing. In their mind’s eye, they imagine the perfect performance step by step. The athlete imagines the sequence creating a perfect throw, catch, goal, jump or ride. The musician imagines playing the perfect performance note by note and bar by bar. The singer imagines hitting the high notes with perfect pitch easily and effortlessly.

Athletes, musicians and singers also spend time perfecting their skills so the imagined performance is physically possible. Each trains until the physical part of the performance is second nature and unfolds without thinking it through.

An interesting fact is that your body does not know the difference between an imagined performance and a real performance. Your body treats both experiences the same way. Perspiration or imagination – it doesn’t matter. Both work and both are needed.

You may not be an athlete, musician or singer. The key to remember here is to imagine what you do want. Take a moment now, close your eyes and left your mind drift. What comes to you? What is it you do want? Pick something to use for practice.

For some of us, it is easier to focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. This is okay as a place to start. Use this information to help us to figure out what we do want. It is far more powerful to imagine what you do want -- and keep imagining it. When we imagine what we do want, the vibration of our energy field lifts to match the vibration of what we do want, pulling us forward.

Now that you have picked something you want, close your eyes and imagine it. What does it look like? Where are you? What are you doing? What sights do you see? What sounds do you hear? What aromas and scents do you smell? What tastes are you experiencing? What are you touching? What or who is touching you? Imagine the experience of what you do want in as much detail as possible.

The most powerful action we can take is to raise our own consciousness and -- in "physics" terms -- raise the actual physical frequency (vibration) of our own energy field. We do this by imagining it is so.

Have fun imagining what you do want. If you find yourself slipping into what you don’t want, notice and focus your attention on what you do want.

Karen Titanich and Bonnie Hutchinson of SPIRIT Connections work with the energy of people, places and situations. Discover the secrets of working with energy. Visit

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