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The Transformation of Humanity During the Shift
Posted by on 28 September, 2008

How Homo Sapiens can become Homo Luminous? Dr Alberto Villoldo brings the Q’ero rites that were a closely guarded secret only given to the most high Shamans to North America!


The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of initiation of the medicine way. The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. The Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human. They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions.

The first three rites will be given in this class. These Rites are FREE, a small donation is optional.

To learn more about these Sacred rites go to:

I am so excited about this one. These are Q’ero rites that were a closely guarded secret only given to the most high Shamans. They fled to the mountains before the arrival of the Conquistadors to keep these rites safe.

The Shaman Dr Alberto Villoldo was told to bring the Rites to North America. Alberto works very closely with the Q’ero elders.

The Giving of the Rites to others at this time is part of an ancient Prophecy that can be referred to as the “Eagle and Condor” prophecy. The student of contemporary Shamanism who does this at Cherry Valley went many times to Peru to learn from these Shamans, and is invited back next year to learn more. (Julia has a workshop up on site)

Now with the way the planet and people are going, they have decided to spread these rites to all humanity to try and reverse what we´ve been doing. That´s why the rites are free, and being given to all who can be reached. If time permits, she will also offer the fourth rite since the lower chakra energies are in the same vibrational range.

It won´t be instant transformation, the chakras are cleared and seeds planted- takes up to 8 months months before you are ready to request the next rites (don´t worry- also free).

Interestingly enough Julia- did a sacred space creating ceremony and except for the type of animals of the four winds called in, it was identical to the ceremony Peter Bernard ( did to clear a sacred space at the farm last fall for the Honouring the Earth´s Spirits Ceremony. Her animals were South American and his were North.

Julia also channels and was able to channel the Angels and spirit lightworkers who are at Cherry Valley. There is a lot more to that story and apparently more to come. So many exciting discoveries!! It also explains why some see Angel light there.

Please pass this mail along to your lists. I don´t think anyone minds getting such a gift free, and if they are called to spread this it would be wonderful. When you have received all 9 rites, you are enabled to give them to others. As mentioned there is no charge for this. We need to change the world now. I feel so honoured to be able to offer this.

About Nancy Fletcher-Huber

Nancy left the world of Corporate Finacne to follow her passion for new consciousness, healing and spiritual growth! Her journy has lead her to create a peaces and serence retreat. In fulfilling this dream she as turned her family´s idyllic farm (which has been in the Fletcher family for seven generations since 1844) into a unique retreat for workshop just north of Toronto, Ontario. For more information see

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What is Object Meditation?
Posted by on 13 September, 2005

Object meditation is meditation on a thing, concrete or abstract. Read about its goals and benefits, and discover why the experience of object meditation is both humbling and inspiring at the same time. Also, learn how you can discover which meditation methods have YOUR name on them.

Object meditation is simply meditation on a thing, concrete, like a flower; or abstract, like a concept. Object meditation offers numerous benefits, one of which is that it teaches us to concentrate and to sustain focus. This is why, in some formal meditation practices, object meditation is the first thing a student learns.

When the novice begins to meditate on an object, something interesting happens. She or he quickly realizes that: (1) the mind wanders incessantly; (2) taming the mind is going to be no small task; (3) disciplining the mind is necessary to achieve self-mastery; and (4) meditation offers a solution. Early attempts at object meditation thus tend to be simultaneously inspiring and humbling.

In most cases, object meditation is not meant to elicit a particular type of experience. Rather, the idea is to work with whatever presents itself. Anything can happen during object meditation: one may encounter personal demons, become bored, experience some profound realization or enter worlds of light. Or a guide may appear and give some instruction. The meditator learns to let whatever comes up teach, heal or reveal, as the case may be -- all the while going ever deeper into the meditation.

The challenge of object meditation is to hold the focus without trying too hard or letting the mind wander. When this happens, the focus is gently redirected to the object. When through sustained effort the meditator is finally able to hold the mind steadily on the object, real progress can be made, and magnificent breakthroughs in consciousness can occur.

Reprinted from the author´s website, this article originally appeared in The Isis Scrolls. Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones is the voice behind "Mental Yentl, the Meditation Matchmaker." Pairing her psychic instrumentality with her writing and researching experience, Sue matches the client with 8-12 of the more than 100 types of meditation out there, based on spiritual vibration and other esoteric factors. Sue also does Life Purpose Readings, which include a free Oracle Reading, like the new Hawaiian Huna Kai Reading. She is the author of two jokes books, Chuckle Chowder and Chuckle Chowder II: Second Helping. Visit her website at>.

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