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5 Basics for Search Engine Optimization:
Posted by on 23 June, 2012

5 important SEO basics below to help you prepare to ask your designer the right question or for you to use if you are considering improving an existing site. If you want to learn more feel free to search online for ‘SEO Tips’.

  1. Get quality Keywords from Google’s Keyword tool. Use these keywords in your content, titles, and as meta tags and microformats (in HTML5 it will be microdata) in the background of your site. If you use a WordPress Blog, make sure you add these as tags in every post. If you are familiar with HTML code, add these rich keywords to the ‘alt’and ‘title’ attributes;
  2. Use a compelling message describing what your website/page is about in your meta-description (again this will be replaces in HTML5 with microdata) The meta-description comes up on the search page right under the link to your site. It’s the very first impression as it is what viewers see before they click through to your site;
  3. Also use these Keywords in your ‘

    ’ and ‘

    tags on your website. Those are heading tags, and Google looks for keywords in order to match search results;

  4. Submit a XML sitemap to Google Webmaster. The benefit of a sitemap is that when you show up in the Search Results, it will show more of your pages. NOTE: You can only submit a sitemap if you have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access and sometimes with browser based free web design templates this feature is not available; and
  5. Internal links. For example, if your home page content is an overview of what you have to offer then link certain words to the page that has more detailed information about it. When you say “I have these services available” link the word “services” to your services page, so the visitor knows where to get more detailed information. This step is often forgotten but it is key!

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