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Are You Ready for Change?
Posted by on 10 July, 2012

When we are faced with challenges and road blocks as we continue to try to live our lives in the same way we´ve always been living them, it can be a sure sign that it´s time to change our way of living, because our old habits just are not serving us any more. Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for change?

While some people are content to stay in the place of the ďsame old, same old,Ē many others are feeling compelled to move forward and get into a new place of living. Are you feeling this way? If yes, are you ready for change?

I guess in some ways, that question is irrelevant, as change is happening around us whether we like it or not. The difference is when we are openly ready to accept and embrace change, the process is much smoother and more graceful when we follow the lead of that gut feeling, urging us in a particular direction. When we can listen to that little voice inside, we are able to tap in to a power, far greater than that of our minds and create a beautiful life, beyond our wildest dreams.

I have met a number of people who say that they are ready for change, and yet when the opportunity to change is right in front of them, circumstances arise to challenge them and make sure that they are really ready to move forward. And you know what, so many times instead of rising to the challenge, they succumb to old habits that donít serve them and wind up staying right in the same place.

This could manifest as wanting to take on a detox and just after starting, you are invited to a friendís place for dinner. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to see them you say yes, and tell yourself, I can make the exception for this one night. While there is nothing wrong with that, what would be more empowering is to accept the invitation, explain you are on a detox and bring something that meets the needs of your detox. Then you get the best of both worlds.

Other times what gets in our way is that ďotherĒ little voice in our head that tells us a million reasons why what we want to do wonít work. The best remedy to combat this self-sabotaging is positive affirmations- on two fronts. First, if you busy your mind with continuous positive affirmations, the negative thoughts donít stand a chance even coming to fruition in your mind. And when you have a moment of weakness, when your mind wanders off and it goes down a path that doesnít serve you, positive affirmations are a simple and powerful way to reign your mind in, back to a place of love and empowerment.

Fundamentally, we are designed to evolve and grow. So, it is of no surprise that when we reach a point of stagnation that we get signs that itís time to change and move on. These signs may manifest as a deep churning in our stomach when we go to a job that is unfulfilling, or even body aches or silly injuries when weíre doing something we routinely do. You may notice several different people telling you the same thing, or even get messages or answers to your questions through lyrics on the radio, or words on a billboard sign.

These signs come up so frequently, that it gets to a point that you simply cannot ignore it. Thatís when the universe is practically shouting on you that itís time to move on, and move forward.

Welcome to your future, youíre in for one heck of a ride!

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