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Reiki Heals Asthma
Posted by on 10 April, 2008

Could it be possible to heal Asthma is this lifetime by removing a cannon ball from one of her past lives? Want to see how it was resolved?

I´m a Reiki energy healer. A 9 year old little girl was brought to me for a healing for asthma. I noticed that she did not have good posture. Her chest looked indented… as if she was always a little bent over-- chest cavity was concaved.
I did my Laser Reiki energy healing detective work by asking questions to her subconscious mind to determine if there was a an energetic root cause for her difficulty in breathing.
There was a major blockage.
I found out that she had been hit by a canon ball in the chest in another life time... that crushed her lungs.
I cleared that blockage at various levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels of consciousness. After about 30 minutes of laser Reiki energy healing she was breathing much better. I then cleared psychological and emotional blockages.
It healing session took almost an hour. She was able to sit up straight for the first time in her life and really take a deep breath.
Her mother was very happy. Two weeks later I received a letter from mom stating that her daughter was better and better each and every day.
To learn more about Reiki healing, and how it could help your child get over asthma go to www.ReikiRanch.blogspotcom. Taylore Vance is a Reiki Master and energy healer. She has been teaching Reiki for Abundance at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, WA, since 1994. She has figured out how to help a person to be able to receive all of Gods abundance -- It is free for the taking. Taylore is the author of "How to Attract Wealth" published in paperback and "How to Triple Your Home Business Income" – an online eBook. Her other website is
Tel. 360-748-4426

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