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Lightarian Rays
Posted by on 13 February, 2006

Who isn´t in need of healing. The Lightarian Ray Attunements work on specific areas where healing and acceleration is inevitable. If you are so drawn, check this out for yourself, you will be glad you did...

The Lightarian Rays

The first five Lightarian Rays are a series of guided-meditation attunements...each creating a powerful and permanent connection for you with one of the Masters. Each Ray is an "attunement event" that launches extraordinary "energetic processing" within your chakras, subtle bodies and physical body...creating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation in your life. Once this connection is made, the particular Master works with you energetically "in your etheric background" to support an essential aspect of your spiritual self-development. After receiving the Ray attunements, you will accelerate along your spiritual path perhaps more quickly and effectively...and with more grace and joy... than you would naturally be experiencing!

1. Empowerment Ray

Inspired by Ascension Master Maitreya, the Empowerment Ray is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process and serves as prerequisite for receiving the other Rays. The Empowerment Ray stimulates a dramatic "spiritual wake-up call" of the highest order...triggering waves of energetic acceleration and vibrational change.

2. Clearing Ray

Created by Ascended Master El Morya, the Clearing Ray launches a gentle, yet effective "etheric deep cleaning"... stripping away all of your adverse soul programming, inappropriate belief structures and undesired mental and emotional patterns.

3. Healing Ray

Sourced by Ascended Master Buddha, the Healing Ray initiates a powerful process of holistic self-healing... returning you to a state of balance and alignment.

4. Activation Ray

Inspired by Ascended Master Sananda, the Activation Ray energetically activates your latent etheric coding and triggers powerful, ongoing spiritual initiations...allowing more of your Higher Self energies to flow into your day-to-day life.

5. Manifestation Ray

Sourced by Ascended Master St. Germain, the Manifestation Ray expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels...opening you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance... all to serve your highest purpose!

6. Lightarian Source Ray

Beyond the first five Lightarian Rays, the Institute offers an advanced, ascension-focused attunement called the Source Ray...a connection with the energies of our Universal Source. The first five Rays (with their focus on stimulating spiritual processing) serve as an "energetic platform" and prerequisite for the Source Ray, which creates a dramatic leap to a new vibrational connection with even higher levels of divine energies.

Regarding the progression of spiritual development stimulated by the Rays, here is our Lightarian perspective...

Self-empowerment is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process,

Then, the clearer you become, the more effectively you can heal,

The more you clear and heal, then the greater can be your rate of personal energetic activations,

All leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of Light in your day-to-day life!
Over time, the background energy work set in motion by these five Ray attunements cumulatively creates an ongoing, long-term program for dramatic change in your life...with the five Masters serving as your spiritual guides...all in complete collaboration with your Higher Self energies.

How does the Lightarian Ray Program fit into the overall process of global, human transformation that is taking place at this time?

As individuals move along their spiritual paths, the five essential aspects of personal energetic development (as described above) will be taking place. With varying intensity and varying pace, these areas of personal growth are unfolding within all of us. As we experience our learning and growth lessons in life, movement in these fundamental areas occurs quite naturally!

However, given that a divine plan for human, global transformation is dramatically impacting on our personal processes, many of us feel that our preparation work must be stimulated and enhanced beyond the natural unfolding that may be taking place. For some of us, there is even a growing sense of urgency to accelerate this process, in order to more quickly and properly prepare for spiritual service during the coming times. For those who find themselves on a "fast track" for spiritual development, their progression of self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation can be enhanced by support from the five Masters via the Lightarian Ray attunements.

For More information or to book an attunement contact:Corinne @ Ethereal Splendor Healing (780) 940-0832 or email

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Moving Through The Definition Of The Illusion Of Fear
Posted by on 09 March, 2005

The Wonders explain how fear is viewed as that which creates uncomfortableness within the self, an inability to respond to the self, and the extent to which fear can affect your life on all levels.

First realize dear friends, that fear often times is defined by the mind, defined on the basis of control, on the basis of lack of control, on the basis of that which in effect, affects the physicality, to the degree that the physicality is unable to respond to it.

Fear is viewed as that which creates uncomfortableness within the self. As that which creates an inability to respond to the self. And as a result therefore, if fear, created by the mind, defined by the mind, is defined in such a way that it becomes real, it becomes palpable, it becomes physical, it becomes responsive and reactive. And if you observe yourselves carefully and observe the degree to which you yourselves define fear in your existence you will realize that what you do is you take a circumstance or situation and move it through a filter, a filter of responsiveness, a filter of reactiveness, in which you yourselves then can judge the response and the reaction as to your sufficiency and say I cannot react to this or respond to this adequately.

And because you´ve defined it and judged it as an inadequacy within yourselves you then view the circumstances or situation as being something that can be feared, something that must be, term it, pushed against in order to remove yourself from it and ensure your survivability.

The key to every fear regardless of what it is, is your survivability. Regardless
of the fear, regardless of the circumstance or the situation, we assure you that what you fear, underlying everything, is the fear of survivability.

And if you view it through all of these filters, all of these words that we´ve
described to you, you´ll begin to realize that whether it be a reaction or response, whether it be a definition or an illusion, that regardless, fear in and of itself has no basis on reality. It is based on the judgment of the mind, the mind itself taking circumstance and situation and judging it on the basis of its own survivability. The mind cannot see itself surviving a particular situation, and as a result, the reaction is fear, the resultant is fear.

Now, as good as this is, and it is good, we assure you, your minds are quite
capable of making this fear so real that it will in some circumstances create
a physical response into your body.

It will create a heart attack, a stroke, it will create a physical rash over your body, it will create heat prostration, it will create cold reaction to your body. It can create ulcers, it can create cancer, it can create lupus, it can create any form of auto immune disease. It can create diabetes, it can create - virtually every disease that you can think of, is created by fear, in one shape form or another.

So fear, viewed form the mindÔs perspective is quite powerful. And the mind
of course, wants to survive but what it fails to realize is that by creating
fear, by judging the circumstance or situation as being affecting the sufficiency of itself, the survivability of itself, and finding it lacking, it creates a component called fear, and the very component that it creates of fear is that
which will destroy it, regardless. Because eventually, we assure you, fear will destroy the physicality in such a way that you will cast off feet of clay and the mind will no longer continue as it has perceived itself to continue.

So the net result is that it is a self fulfilling prophesy. Fear in and of itself will fulfill the very thing that the mind is afraid of.

So now, given all of this, to define the "moving beyond the definition" of fear
is to realize that everything that we´ve said is an illusion that the mind creates in order to gain control of that which it perceives is its environment in which it finds itself in order to ensure its survivability.

Your mind from the very moment it was created judged itself so completely,
that your mind found itself incapable of surviving unless a control was
established to ensure surviving.

The mind could not depend on the beneficial, benefactor, factor of the universe. It could not see how the universe would provide it that which it needed to ensure survivability. It could not see how the environment itself would provide everything it needed to survive.

And so the mind in and of itself, judged itself insufficient and as such therefore, created the need to control its environment.

And because of this need to control its environment, it created an illusion,
an illusion so powerful that it can actually kill the mind. And that illusion
is called fear.

Each and everyone of you has experienced fear to one degree or another in your lives. And we assure you, you will continue to experience fear to one degree or another.

About the Wonders

The Wonders are a collective energy consciousness channeled by deep-trance channel RÚnÚ Gaudette, with the assistance of his wife, Maggie McGuffin-Gaudette. They describe themselves as a group of entities numbering between 3,000 to 4,000 and residing on the 29th dimension of reality, where all reality is viewed as 32 dimensions with God/Goddess/The All That Is residing on the 32nd dimension. In ancient times, this same collective consciousness was known by many names including the Oracle of Delphi in Greece and as Ra in Egypt. The Wonders have chosen to speak to us once again, at this time, so as to guide individuals on their spiritual journey towards self-empowerment. This will help mankind achieve a new level of consciousness that will expand society and its abillity to be inclusive in nature. Their messages are clear, easy to understand, loving, expansive, powerful and profound.

Visit the Wonders Member Page

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