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Aura Perception & Interpretation
Posted by on 28 May, 2006

Where there is life there is the "aura". Simply, the aura sustains our life. It forms a protective shield around our body, a sort of energetic immune system that defends us and guards us from all negative energy (thoughts, deeds or words) and dis-ease.

This energy field keeps our material bodies alive, or awakened. Without it we go into temporary repose or sleep (note I did not use the word ´death´ because, according to the Tantra, (the Oriental Philosophical Volumes) we are a continuous cycle of experiences even when we are separated from our physical body. When we learn to control our aura we can communicate with it, understand it, keep it purified and amplified and we will be capable of self-healing.

Self-healing and realization through the aura is the main thrust and objective of all natural medicine. That is, to transform our energetic body in such a fashion that we enhance and stimulate the antibodies in our material body. Since our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are interrelated, we can use the aura to prevent and heal physical and mental pathologies. Reading your aura can also encourage you to discover spiritual causes, effects and cures as well as establish your mission or purpose in life and discover your true talents.

For many years, scientists have referred to this body as the energetic force of man. In fact, it is currently being accepted (or at least the vibration measurability aspect in megahertz of this phenomenon by Hospitals, Scientist.

This research is being done with mechanical measuring devices or with actual mystical shaman such as has been the case of the experiments conducted on Patricia Pellicciotti during distant healing monitoring, most recently performed by a team of psychiatrists in a Milan Italy Hospital.

Many other Universities and Teaching Hospitals are measuring the megahertz of the chakra and aura as diagnostic tool for all sorts of diseases. Some even doing it in collaboration with a network team organized by a Russian researcher and Scientist using his upgrade of the Kirlean photographic machine.

I believe whole-heartedly the best way to learn aura perception is by sensing the frequency, and gradually associating it with a particular pathology and illness. My experience indicates it is the most accurate way of energetic diagnostics. Point in case, there are over hundred thousand layers within our human aura. If we rely on color, which in itself is a vibration, we will eventually limit the possibilities of our seventh sense development. Being stuck on color perception gives rise to a greater tendency in inaccurate interpretation. For my more gifted students I try to leap frog them from sense perception to vibration sensing, skipping when possible the in between stage of color perception. Associating the feel or oscillation of the vibration (megahertz) helps to achieve a quicker diagnosis and then easier to associate them with a particular pathology.

Aura comprehension offers other practical advantages. It can help us to make a business decision. It helps us to improve interaction with others by preventing a negative or stressful encounter with someone after having anticipated their mental state. For example, a few years back a client from England telephoned me, hysterical. She was distraught because she was convinced that her husband was having a relationship with another woman. She felt certain because he refused her sexual advances for more than a week. If she had read his aura and noted that it was purple, she would have seen that for that week his only interest was in intellectual pursuits. He was preparing for a speech he had to deliver at an upcoming Medical Conference. Consequently, not even Cleopatra could have enticed him. Had she known this, she could have avoided her anxiety.

Good health, a successful business career and romantic success can all be aided just by reading the aura!

Of all the branches of metaphysical and natural medical science, the aura, a subtle emanation generated by the enteric forces of the being or substance (organic and inorganic) with which it is related, is one of the most interesting, fascinating and important to study. It is perceived not only with the ´third eye´ but scientists have also verified its existence some 4700 years after the ancient folklore and somatic medicine practitioners´ used the aura to treat illness.

Contrary to popular misconception, it is not mystical or magic or voodoo. You don´t need to study for years as Buddhist monk or Native American shaman to visualize it. Anyone can learn. It is just a question of reawakening that atrophied sixth sense or third eye.

It is my conviction that the aura was the first means of communication among living creatures. All ancient cultures and religions have terms and make reference to this universal energy thing, or the aura, in one-way or another, for example Ancient Hindu Indian refers to ´prana´, Tibetan talks about the ´lha´ (external) and ´dan´ (internal) and Chinese use ´chi´ for energy (the first reader that sends me a full list of ancient names and historical texts referencing the aura, I will donate a complimentary aura reading). There are records of 97 different cultures that refer to the auric phenomena with 97 different names.

Since about the 1800s, modern scientific training and mechanical measurement have been able to add observations on a concrete, physical level thereby rendering credibility to the existence and importance of this phenomenon. To mention just a couple, Steiner and Messmer refer to the ferro magnetic field and Osusley talks about the electric fluid of Jussieu - all describe and measure the Human Energy Field in detail.

Even modern idiomatic expressions indicate the sense of energy existence, such as "I sense her presence" or "he has a magnetic personality" and so on. Energy from the aura is usually not static. It is constantly flowing, flashing, vibrating, expanding or decreasing. Sometimes, this flow might give the sensation of rocking, for example two years ago, while teaching meditation aura reading in a
middle school, many children told me they were rocking. When in fact, they only thought they were. It was their aura oscillating back and forth from their physical body that only gave them that sensation.

We better perceive or sense the aura or human energy field not through our physical eyes but via a ´third eye´ or sixth sense. We have developed a pair of novelty eyewear just for this perceptual enhancement. We call them, Jeepers Peepers.

Modern neurology and psychology explains it as all one (the brain and mind), while natural medicine (in particular Tibetan) describes ´two´ brains - the spiritual and physical. According to natural medicines, illness emanates first from psychological disharmony. A purified aura is one imbued with wisdom and free of the three principle types of mental toxins: hatred, ignorance and attachment (desire).

Similar to the human cerebellum, the aura stores, receives, memorizes, learns and conveys information, and retrieves it all for subsequent use. How these activities develop can be examined in terms of what people remember. Our conscience registers and stores the imprints of all past occurrences and experiences, both negative and positive.
The aura is somewhat similar to the functions of the two hemispheres of our physical brain that control and influence different parts of our natures. They are responsible for and correlated to the various vital organs. Similarly, the physical and spirit bodies are divided and respond to chakras and channels which in turn, correspond to specific megahertz.


The chakras represent the aura and are the points in which all channels come together. Advanced aura readers can perceive more than 72 000 channels. However, for the average self healing person, working with the three channels - left, right and central - which create the five principal chakras according to Tibetan medicine (there are seven according to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians) are sufficient to do the job.

The chakra is produced as a natural result of the transformation of food essence, giving a glow or light (energy) to our skin. Tibetan medicine identifies the crown, throat, heart, umbilical/ navel and secret chakra. For example, when I identify an imbalance in the navel chakra, I know immediately that the remote spiritual cause of this is too much pride, ambition or greed, which will eventually bring on physical
difficulties to the vital organs which lie within that chakra, such as, the stomach. Imbalances in the heart chakra emanates from too much anger or a great delusion and could create coronary difficulties, an imbalance in the secret chakra emanates from too much desire, rendering weaknesses in the reproductive system.

The Tibetan chakra table herein indicates psychological difficulties and the primary color charts assist you in understanding emotional and physical problems. And differs from those of the other antique cultures in that is refers to five chakras instead of seven. You can use whatever you feel comfortable with, they both work.


This is a more commonly known strategy for those who have been sorely influenced by previous writings on the aura that give false or incomplete information about aura reading.

Within the aura, vibrations of energy create colors. For a first time reader, they are usually detected as a whitish grey glow immediately surrounding the crown like a halo. Later, with practice, you will perceive colors and various layers that overlap each other. A trained eye will learn to discern these with time, a time period that varies from person to person. You will move on from envisioning either clear and pure colors or various tones of that color.

All colors are present in the human aura. The various colors detected usually indicate emotions. All systems of natural medicine agree that the different tones and colors reflect different attitudes, moods and energy patterns. For example, the crown chakra (seat of our sense of identity) ordinarily projects white but if it is impure or diseased it might be black.

Colors are not the only indications of a state of mind. For example, forms and shapes within the aura also help you to understand the thought patterns of a person. Whereby, gaps in the aura indicate diseased areas. The important thing is to remember that as a person´s general attitude and health changes, so does the primary energy field around the physical body.

There are a variety of images that will appear within the aura to give you clues. For example, a basic color of red could indicate ´life´ as in strength and vitality while another particular shade of red could indicate ´selfishness´, while a cloudy red could indicate cruelty and greed. There are several color tables, each developed by a different stream of ancient/natural medicine, though through the years I have come to realize that even when different observers envisioned diverse colors in the same subject, we all arrived at the same interpretation. Just as our physical human eye often needs to review and practice in order to permanently record a visual perception, our third eye also needs time do develop.


Select a person with whom you are comfortable and who has a high level of energy. Place this person about one foot to 18 inches away from a white wall. They must be in a standing position, with their arms at their sides and their feet firmly placed on the ground. Fix your eyes beyond and around their head and shoulders and concentrate on what you see around the person. Gazing calmly at the person note the formation of any mist, lights or rays in any region of his or her body. The skull seems to be the main field of manifestations of the aura. Those of you with above average mental power and alertness are more likely to see a broader and clearly defined auric base around the head compared to those with weak intellects.

The various systems describe and interpret the aura, in as much as colors, layers, etc. in different terms. I suggest learning all of them until you find your personal thumbprint in reading and interpreting. They all agree, however, that the Aura appears to surround the body like a malformed eggshell. It is never precisely shaped. It has no pre-established size, barrier, limits nor finite distance. In all my years of teaching and writing about the subject, I have noted that most people already perceive the aura without realizing it. I have no doubt, through years of personal experience and teaching others that learning to read and understand the aura puts you on the right track to governing your own life. With this quest conquered we hold the key To Vital Life and Vital Life Processes. Becoming an accomplished aura reader will come with time and a precise, logical routine of teaching and practice. Be patient. After all, the pyramids were not built in a day!

About Patricia Pellicciotti & AURAology..

Patricia Pellicciotti, shaman healer and mystical oracle is founder of Auraology, for fun and for real. Auraology is not only a theory or philosophy, it is a methodology to rediscover and apply life forces and the essence that lie within all individuals and the universe. Patricia was born in USA from a family of women shamans of Italian descent. Learning from her mother and grandmother, and great-grandmother, Patricia developed her healing skills; her mother recognized Patricia´s gifts since her early childhood and encouraged her to study and research in the healing field. She is best known for lightening the load of her sense of humor, her straightforward simplicity that lightens the task of reaching your infinite goals and accessing your intuitive senses.

Patricia´s scope of knowledge in the complementary alternative health field shouts through load and clear when you witness the full breadth and scope of her teachings.
From distant aura consultations to profound shaman spiritual healings, to her E-learning home study courses, to webinars, you will recognize her repetitive thread of spiritual belief system, working with the aura by sensing the megahertz frequency for self development is only part of the many secrets she reveals, sharing how the shaman do it! Patricia has appeared on television and radio in the USA, Europe and Egypt, both as a host and guest of programs, discussing the miraculous and the paranormal. She not only publishes books on these subjects but also authors several magazines articles monthly regarding all
forms and aspects of natural therapies and medicine entitled FEELING HEALTHY... with Patricia..

Patricia, can be found on her Skypecast, webcasts, regularly, entitled Feeling Healthy... with Patricia.

Write to her to sign up for access to these broadcasts or to inquire about upcoming webinars. For more information see her website http/

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Once-A-Day Prescriptions for Joy
Posted by on 12 April, 2005

There are many ways to put joy into your everyday life. Here are a few suggestions to enliven your life.

1. Act whimsically at least once a day.

Do something that is outrageous or totally out of character, out of the box, not the “usual” you. Invite spontaneity. Do something meaningless, without any purpose or value—just because you feel like it, just because it’s fun! Surprise yourself!

Don’t dress outside in. Dress inside out. Let your spirit define “who you are” rather than the outside world. Don’t rely on external image—clothing, hairstyle, status symbols—to tell people who you are. Wear your inner self proudly and let it attract what is most harmonious to you.

Expand your playground, your arena for self-expression. Practice harmless and minor outrages. Seek a larger freedom in your life. In the unexpected comes the joy of feeling truly alive.

2. Throw away one item a day.

Or give it away to Goodwill or someone who will actually use it. For every unused item you discard, you create the space for a truly useful item to come into your world.

Clear the decks! A major cause of loss of energy is lots of “stuff” that accumulates around us. Schedule time to keep the piles—physical and mental—from building up. If you don’t, the backlog will sap your energy and overwhelm you. You may think that doing Feng-Shui takes too much time, but creating open space in your world actually frees up more time and energy to attract the people and opportunities that will really satisfy your heart and soul.

3. Every day forgive one act of yours or someone you know.

By living a life of conscious self-acceptance and learning to forgive ourselves, we become able to forgive others. The gift of forgiveness is for ourselves, not the person who caused us pain. By forgiving, we are taking back the control that we have given over to those who we feel have hurt us.

By learning to forgive others, we give ourselves the gift of freedom from the past. Forgiveness loosens the debilitating constraints of anger, resentment, cynicism and despair—and frees our heart to swell with joy. When you feel someone has harmed you, try to understand the situation by putting yourself in his or her shoes. Stop holding others and yourself hostage. Accept our human tendency to make mistakes and move forward.

4. Meet one new person a day.

Every human being has a unique story to tell—and a special gift for you. Every personal life story you hear expands your own personal horizon of possibilities. Even a one-minute encounter with a stranger enlarges your universe.

5. Discover one new shape in Nature every day.

As you encounter shapes and forms that are new to your awareness each day, you increase the possibilities for re-shaping your world. As you expand your experience of the infinite spectrum of ways life expresses itself on the planet, you add to the range of choices and options available to you.

6. Every day ask one fresh question of life you’ve never asked before.

The quality and scope of one’s life is determined by the quality and scope of one’s questions. Questions open doors, invite change, welcome new opportunities. Question the past—liberate your future!

7. Each day eat one new food you’ve never eaten before.

Or mix foods and ingredients that you’ve never combined before. Or eat a type of cuisine you’ve never enjoyed before. As you open to fresh culinary experiences, you also open to fresh social and spiritual adventures.

8. Change one old entrenched attitude each day.

Take ownership of your attitude. You control your attitude. It’s not something that you are genetically or environmentally stuck with. You can choose your attitude.

Avoid all-or-nothing thinking. When we fall into the trap of the all-or-nothing mindset, we experience any obstacle as equaling total failure of the entire project—or of one’s entire life. Try not to overreact or blow events out of proportion. Focus on what is working in a situation, not on what’s not working at the moment. Don’t let the little things drive you crazy, weigh you down or immobilize you. Lighten up, smile more, frown less.

Remember that each step in life is just one small step—and is not necessarily a vital or crucial step. If you don’t succeed at that step, try another approach in another direction from another angle. Keep the big picture in mind. Breathe.

9. Find a fresh aspect of your life to laugh about every day.

How do angels fly? They take themselves lightly.

Certainly there are times when life presents major challenges and one needs to act clearly and directly, but behaving responsibly and efficiently does not by any means preclude humor and light-heartedness. In fact, a flexible, fluid, upbeat approach and attitude is crucial to releasing magic and miracles into the healing equation.

Inspiration and breakthrough are often born from the spirit of playfulness and exuberance. A spontaneous wink, a funny smile, a comic gesture can unlock deep fears and stress in a stern person or tense situation. Through conscious silliness the soul can emerge.

Doctors, nurses and attendants now use "clowning" in hospitals to jolt and move the healing process with patients. Scientific studies prove that when people are laughing and having fun, they experience less physical and psychological pain—and recover faster. Laugh more, mend quicker and live longer!

10. Be silent and still once a day.

Make regular time for yourself in which you can be totally alone. Just sit quietly with no expectations. Do nothing!

This may feel very uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. Do it anyway.

Give yourself time and space for the inner voice to make itself heard. Your inner voice will speak either during that quiet time, or else during the events of the rest of your day. Or a synchronistic event will occur. Or someone will tell you the message you need to hear. Or you will get a sudden flash of insight in the shower or watching a movie.

11. Tolerate one less undesirable aspect of your life each day.

Take action to change the situations in which you are settling for less than your desired dream. You can only compromise yourself—and your dream—so much before you lose sight of the vision altogether. The things you are putting up with keep you from being yourself and evolving as a human being.

Speak up. Once you know what you need, let others know. Be honest with others about your needs and boundaries. If you remain silent, you’ll disappoint yourself and others more than the truth ever could do.

12. Take on one fresh risk or challenge every day.

Fear less, dare more. Take at least one action each day that scares you. Face one truth you haven’t been able or willing to acknowledge before. Don’t let fear paralyze you. Set yourself free.

Take your aliveness up a notch. Ask for more and reach for more. Upgrade your dream. Revitalize your life. New experiences make our lives richer.

13. Tell one new person your dream everyday.

Network. Elicit feedback from a trusted friend, mentor or family member. Listen to a neighbor, co-worker or store clerk. Value your relationships. Call someone who is uplifting, or uplift someone else.

It’s your joy—to use or lose.

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader with “The Dream Workshops”. Keith helps people get the love, money, and health they want with his F-r-e-e Prosperity Ezine, F-r-e-e Abundance Tape and F-r-e-e Coaching at

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