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European Card Reader Olha Hnatyshyn: Fourth Generation Card Reader & Psychic Booth: 100
Fourth Generation Card Reader & Psychic

Olha is a fourth generation card reader and psychic, with over three decades of experience to help those that seek her.

Olha’s psychic readings have helped people understand the meaning of past events, the relevance of the presence and give them guidance to shape their future.

Over thirty years later, happily married with two daughters, Olha is passing the skills and acquired wisdom on to her own children.

Olha has developed an awareness of people’s similarities and a tolerance for their differences. As a result, she emits compassion, maturity and sensitivity in dealing with all people.

Contact: Olha Hnatyshyn
Company: European Card Reader Olha Hnatyshyn
Phone: 204-632-7696

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Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts: ... Booth: 101, 102

Silver Energies Rock and Gift Shop carries a large selection of stones, rocks and crystals from around the world. Over 200 different kinds of tumbled stones, and larger pieces.

We also offer hand crafted gemstone jewelry in sterling silver or silver plated

Contact: Donald & Darlene Nixon
Company: Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts
Phone: 306-728-3944

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Active Wellness Solutions : ... Booth: 106

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Contact: Lisa Gratton
Company: Active Wellness Solutions
Phone: 587-217-1697

Original Energy Sales: ... Booth: 107, 108

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Contact: Lisa Leo
Company: Original Energy Sales
Phone: 306-241-7233

Boryski Butcher Block Ltd., : .. Booth: 112

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Contact: Victor Boryski
Company: Boryski Butcher Block Ltd.,
Phone: 306-227-4497

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Heart And Soul Healing: ... Booth: 113

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Contact: Kevin Jackson
Company: Heart And Soul Healing
Phone: 780-872-4177

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Essential Bracelet: ... Booth: 117, 118

Essential Bracelet+ is Saskatoon's one stop shop for all things Aromatherapy. We carry a wide variety of books, bottles for making your own products, jewellery, Himalayan Salt lamps and of course essential oil diffusers. Essential Bracelet+ is located in Saskatoon at #1-501 Pakwa Place. Just off Ave C and Circle behind J and A Plumbing and Heating. Call us anytime at 1.844.834.2555

Contact: Josh Turner
Company: Essential Bracelet
Phone: 306-241-8931

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Elevated Essence Intuitive Soul Therapies: BodyTalk, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing Booth: 119
BodyTalk, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

Marilyn is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer operating as Elevated Essence - Intuitive Soul Therapies within the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre in Saskatoon.

Marilyn has been blessed with the ability to see each individual at their highest expression of self. Carrying this awareness and with an open heart she gently and joyfully assists her clients to embrace their full potential.

Every energy session is unique to each person as to what unfolds to move along any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks a person may have. Marilyn holds a space of love and compassion to gently bring awareness to the client to allow their shifts to occur.

It is with great joy and excitement that Marilyn will be offering BodyTalk with Intuitive Healing sessions at the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo. She feels not only deeply honored but also humbled to work along side her clients to unfold their personal story to bring awareness to the body, mind and soul to restore peace and balance.

Love Through All Consciousness and Time

Contact: Marilyn Byspalko
Company: Elevated Essence Intuitive Soul Therapies
Phone: 306-244-0462

Soul Song Therapies / Love and Light Emporium : EFT, Angel Card Reader, Metaphysical Gifts Booth: 120
EFT, Angel Card Reader, Metaphysical Gifts

Our guides and angels are around us at all times and are ever so happy to help us if we will only ask. Angel cards are a gentle, safe, positive way to communicate with them. Brenda will be offering-in depth Angel card readings at the Expo and answering any and all of your questions about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She will also have select merchandise for sale from the Love and Light Emporium.

Brenda is a Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Reader ™ operating as Soul Song Therapies and she also owns and operates Love and Light Emporium, a metaphysical gift shop. Both of these ventures can be found in SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre.

She is so looking forward to seeing you all at the Expo!

Contact: Brenda Dutertre
Company: Soul Song Therapies / Love and Light Emporium
Phone: 306-491-6314

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Horizons Energy Healing : Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Access Bars and Integrated Energy Therapy Booth: 122
 Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Access Bars and Integrated Energy Therapy

Patty Dale is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, and is a Practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy and Access Bars. Patty also provides sessions in Angel Card Reading and Intuitive Reading & Counselling. Horizons Energy Healing is located within SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre in Saskatoon.

Guiding you along your own path to healing and enlightenment, Patty uses intuitive healing modalities to facilitate breakthroughs of any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that you are facing. Her care, wisdom and insight lead you to begin your healing journey with an open heart, assisting your progress forward with ease, and an open mind to discover the joy and light of your soul-self along the way!

You are welcome to try Intuitive Healing, Reiki or an Intuitive Reading Session with Patty at the Expo to find the new possibilities waiting for you on the Horizon!!

Contact: Patricia Dale
Company: Horizons Energy Healing
Phone: 306-292-8936

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Amythyst Therapies: Intuitive Healer Booth: 123
Intuitive Healer

Katherine Dempsey of Amythyst Therapies is a Sacred Sound and Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master and Spring Forest Qi Gong Practitioner. Katherine offers over 20 years’ experience in the field of energy work.

Reiki is Katherine’s grassroots practice that has provided care and comfort in raising her family and assisting those around her. Her personal energy work practice evolved to a much deeper Intuitive level in 2001 working with Spirit Guides as she journeyed through the treatments of Breast Cancer. During her cancer treatments Katherine also embraced Qigong for its simplicity and power. This practise easily provides one with meditative calm and renewal. Spring Forest qigong intuitive healing releases blockages and root cause of discomfort. The energy meridian system of the body is replenished and rejuvenated to nourish all of you.

As Katherine has healed and grown so has her healing practise. She now utilizes the power of Healing Sound in the voice of Spirit Song and the Crystal Singing Bowls. The channeled transmission of light energy in sound is gentle and deeply transformational.

Using the knowledge of these and other ancient healing arts, Katherine intuitively is guided in her treatment sessions to assist you to find the wisdom and the healer within you to bring about balance, release and renewal on all levels of mind, body, spirit…Helping you find the Healer Within.

Contact: Katherine Dempsey
Company: Amythyst Therapies
Phone: 306-371-2889

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Natural Connections : .. Booth: 124

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Contact: Linda Janzen
Company: Natural Connections
Phone: 306-222-4167

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Orgonites by Dianne and Joseph Healer: .. Booth: 125

Orgonite pendants and pyramids, and healing sessions with Joseph the Healer

Contact: Dianne Ecklund
Company: Orgonites by Dianne and Joseph Healer
Phone: 306-621-5411

Original Energy Sales Lisa Leo: ... Booth: 127, 128

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Contact: Lisa Leo
Company: Original Energy Sales Lisa Leo
Phone: 306-241-7233

Orange Theory Fitness : ... Booth: 130

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Contact: Chris Shaw
Company: Orange Theory Fitness
Phone: 306-244-6764

Soul Foods : Conscious Grocer Booth: 131
Conscious Grocer

Soul Foods Conscious Grocer (specializes in organically sourced superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, healing herbs and educational classes)

Three Treasures Herbal Emporium
(Saskatoon's first tonic herb and elixir bar) & Intuitive Path Superfoods (Saskatoon and Saskatchewans Superfood distributor since 2009)

Are excited to team up and bring you a custom retail experience, kombucha on tap, a mini-elixir experience and three amazing educational talks at this years Body Soul Spirit Expo!

Contact: Mallory Gunther
Company: Soul Foods
Phone: 306-380-2339

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Airdrie Aura & The Spirit Within: The Spirit Within Presents Airdrie Aura Imaging Booth: 200
The Spirit Within Presents Airdrie Aura Imaging

The new place to be in Airdrie! The Spirit Within combines an eclectic array of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific principles. A place to have an intuitive reading done that is confirmed and backed with the science of biofeedback with the help of the Aura Video Station Pro 7. Add an amazing Canadian crystal to that and watch your chakras/energies actually come more into balance while you watch it working! We believe in your natural ability to create your own realities. Let us show you how! We will have plenty of this amazing crystal on hand and pieces can be custom wrapped in wire or hemp for later pick up. 15 minute intuitive aura session for show only $50. Includes Aura Photo and as much intuitive information that we can pack into that time frame. 20% discount for any full half hour($80 reg) or hour($140 reg) sessions at our shop in Airdrie that are booked and paid for at the show. Gift certificates also available!

Contact: Liane Pinel
Company: Airdrie Aura & The Spirit Within
Phone: 587-892-8811

 |  Visit Website

Cellular Consciousness Healing: ... Booth: 201

Discover what is beneath the surface of your emotional and/or physical issues by tapping into Cellular Consciousness (information) held within your Cells.

Traumatic events, unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others can get “frozen” in your body and unable to move through your energy meridians and get released in a healthy way.

Della works with the energy, and, is able to release it along with the physiological processes that are held tight. This allows transformation both physically and emotionally in a gentle, drug free, non-invasive way without having to re-experience the events on an intellectual level.

Physically, there is release chronic of pain and tightness. Emotionally, there is clarity gained allowing you to move forward in life.

Contact: Della Reside
Company: Cellular Consciousness Healing
Phone: 306-536-7733

 |  Visit Website

Universal Pathways: Irene McNabb Psychic Medium Booth: 202
Irene McNabb Psychic Medium

Throughout the ages and in all lands, there have always existed those rare few who possess the ability to see that which is not seen and foresee events of the future and predict their happenings.

These individuals are generally regarded with awe and held in quiet esteem by those who have contact with them.

Irene McNabb is one of these rare individuals. This friendly, optimistic and affable lady is an honest, practical, down-to-earth gifted psychic medium who speaks in a straight-forward manner, without circumlocution. She makes no attempts to tell people what she thinks they might like to hear, but instead, tells them of events in their past - to establish her veracity - and what she sees in their future.

Contact: Irene McNabb
Company: Universal Pathways
Phone: 780-454-5274

 |  Visit Website

Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging: Aura Imaging Booth: 207
Aura Imaging

An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting colours that denote your state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. Every colour has a polarity and unique representation relating to the individual.

Contact: Gloria Bieber
Company: Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging
Phone: 403-703-0656

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Young Living : Essential Oils Booth: 208
Essential Oils

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Contact: Karalee Hogg
Company: Young Living
Phone: 306-260-8649

Golden Arches Orthotics and Wellness ltd : ... Booth: 210

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Contact: John Chin
Company: Golden Arches Orthotics and Wellness ltd
Phone: 306-291-2717

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Soul Full Solutions: Holistic Practitioner Booth: 212
Holistic Practitioner

Donna is an Psychic Medium, Empath, Angel Channel, Auric & Chakra reader, Soul Coach, and Reiki Master.

Having travelled & studied spiritual modalities and healing practices around the world for forty plus years, she embodies the highest of spiritual practices and is particularly attuned to energy healing, via combined Reiki, chakra and auric resonance.

By combining psychic reading with scientific aura photography she takes her clients and students to their highest levels of soul awareness. Frank is an experienced Spiritual & Business Coach. This Dynamic duo is dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet one student at a time with joy & purpose.

Contact: Donna Fairhurst
Company: Soul Full Solutions
Phone: 250-535-0746

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Natural Good Choices Ventures Wayne Fullawke: Sho Tai Testing / Herbs / Muscle & Emotional Healing Booth: 213
Sho Tai Testing / Herbs / Muscle & Emotional Healing

Wayne Fullawka is a certified Sho-Tai Practitioner.

Sho-Tai is the reading of the eyes, ears, tongue, & teeth.

Performing a muscle test which goes over 130 reflex points in the body. When He is done He will tell you what is bothering you; you won't tell him. Then he can suggest vitamins, minerals, herbs, or what food to stay away from.

Contact: Wayne Fullawke
Company: Natural Good Choices Ventures Wayne Fullawke
Phone: 306-563-6819

Modalis Centre : ... Booth: 214

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Contact: Sarah Sand
Company: Modalis Centre
Phone: 306-281-5704

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