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Body Soul & Spirit Expo


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Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts: ... Booth: 101, 102

Silver Energies Rock and Gift Shop carries a large selection of stones, rocks and crystals from around the world. Over 200 different kinds of tumbled stones, and larger pieces.

We also offer hand crafted gemstone jewelry in sterling silver or silver plated

Contact: Donald & Darlene Nixon
Company: Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts
Phone: 306-728-3944

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Norwex Enviro Products: Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies Booth: 102
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies

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Contact: Cheri Wright
Company: Norwex Enviro Products
Phone: 403-619-6774

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Rex Readings That Matter: ... Booth: 103, 104

Rex, readings that matter.

An intuitive empath, experienced tarot reader and student to Canada's Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae. Rex has a no BS approach to helping you overcome your life's roadblocks, hurdles and lessons.


Reiki Infused Artisanal Bath & Body Goods, Natural Stone Reiki Aromatherapy Jewelry & Raw Crystal Goddess Crowns. Pinkology infuse all of their gorgeous handcrafted things with Good Energy because they believe Energy is Everything!

Janice Mahon

Janice has been working and training in the intuitive arts since she was young. Training with Canada’s Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae for the last 6 years. Janice is a psychic medium who provides intuitive guidance as well as messages from loved ones.

Contact: Rex Zibell
Company: Rex Readings That Matter
Phone: 403-801-8110

Summit Lighthouse : ... Booth: 105, 106

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Contact: Larry Hein
Company: Summit Lighthouse
Phone: 403-390-9843

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Gathering of Natural Ways: Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life Booth: 107, 108
Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life



Development of your relationship with The All – The Source.

Enhance your abilities to make choices for the greater good of yourself and all concerned. Realize the Power of Choice and the Power of Intention.

You are guided to clear and balance energetic patterns and beliefs

To integrate universal truths

Increase your awareness, your intuition, your extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience) and increase connection to your spirit guides/messengers – all those of the light; and only those that work with the Creator. Within all ancient cultural ways is the knowledge of the wheel of life, seven directions, and the elements of nature. Learn these ways to actualize qualities of wholeness.

Contact: Jo Lynn Spenceley
Company: Gathering of Natural Ways
Phone: 403-307-4226

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Bella Bella by Daniela : ... Booth: 111

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Contact: Daniela Nagy
Company: Bella Bella by Daniela
Phone: 403-400-3114

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Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts: Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts Booth: 112
Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts

Come and visit Candice, Danard and other practitioners to get some relaxation & down time or get some guidance & healing directly from your Angelic team. We will be offering Reiki, Angel readings & healing, Ortho Bionomy (gentle body work) and more. Come say "Hi" to us at booth #112.

Contact: Candice Creelman & Danard Willisko
Company: Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts
Phone: 403-828-7395

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Earthbound & Intuitive: Alternative & Holistic Wellness Service Booth: 116
Alternative & Holistic Wellness Service

As an Advanced Akashic Records practitioner, I am passionate about assisting others in becoming empowered, through remembering the Truth of who they are (and are not) so they can feel free to move forward towards their dreams and aspirations, from a more authentic and centered place.

Akashic readings will be offered.

Leanne is a Registered Massage Therapist who also offers Advanced Pranic Healing, Oracle Card readings (certified by Lucy Cavendish) and Unicorn Healing™.

Contact: Leanne Thompson
Company: Earthbound & Intuitive
Phone: 403-617-1794

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Foothills Echo Tech, : ... Booth: 120

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Contact: Sam Bryant
Company: Foothills Echo Tech,
Phone: 403-827-9593

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Marlene Christian : Intuitive Adviser Booth: 122
Intuitive Adviser

Author Marlene Christian draws upon her background in modeling and the media to bring to life the character of Angelique Laird, effectively painting a vividly believable portrait of the most inspirational heroine in modern fiction.

Marlene is a professional writer and educator, with over fifteen years of experience. Her works include her first book Everyday Angels, and meditation and music CDs, several with composer Paul Armitage entitled Under the Archangel Sky, parts one and two. Marlene is also a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker featuring such topics as Manifesting The Life You Truly Desire and Calling Your Angels

Contact: Marlene Christian
Company: Marlene Christian
Phone: 780-489-8512

Style in Motion: ... Booth: 125

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Contact: Nancy Woods
Company: Style in Motion
Phone: 403-932-4563

Cindy Smith AEP: Angel Empowerment Practitioners Booth: 126, 128
Angel Empowerment Practitioners

We are all truly magnificent beings. You are here for a reason – maybe you don’t know exactly what that is yet – but I invite you to take a look around, follow your inner guidance and listen to the information you are guided towards. Be willing to explore new beginnings and above all - believe in yourself.

Learn to connect to be all that you are!

Embrace your angels. Embrace yourself.

Connect with your own inner wisdom, guidance & intuition.

My life purpose is to teach others to find their own power and trust in themselves! Find what works for you. We all connect to our guardian angels; sometimes we just miss the signs or messages. They are nondenominational and never leave us. We all have free will; therefore, we need to ask for guidance and support. Then, learn to be patient for the answers which can present themselves in many forms, just learn to trust. So many of the answers to your questions about relationships, family, career, health and life purpose are at your own fingertips and I can teach you how to listen to your angels by hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to see, feel and know your inner wisdom and guidance.

Contact: Cindy Smith
Company: Cindy Smith AEP
Phone: 403-970-3496

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Northern Light News: ... Booth: 133

Dr. Jelusich is a strongly gifted intuitive, author, professor, spiritual healer, international speaker and ordained minister.

He blends his experience of the esoteric meaning of the chakras with academic and scientific knowledge. To date he has taught over 500 individuals in Canada, the USA, and around the world.

Contact: Richard Jelusich
Company: Northern Light News
Phone: 877-242-5721

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Ascension Aromatics Inc. : ... Booth: 134

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Contact: Gary Belleau
Company: Ascension Aromatics Inc.
Phone: 403-277-8304

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Custom orthotics designed and made for specifically to correct and balance your feet in order to help get rid of your foot, leg, knee, hip, low-back and neck pain. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact: John Chin
Phone: 306-291-2717

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Spirit & Soul Healing: ... Booth: 139, b

Kimberley Buckler started “Spirit & Soul Healing” in 2003. She became a Reiki Master in 2002 and began teaching and practicing Reiki. She now provides sessions with reiki, reflexology, spirit detachments, Akashic Record readings and healing, intuitive readings, house clearings and more. She teaches several workshops to help others go forward in life.

Kimberley will be providing Energy sessions that include: cord cutting, spirit & entity releases, emotional and physical energy block releases, chakra balancing, DNA adjustments, light body integrations and updates. This all started by practicing the Usui Reiki System of Healing. Kimberley will also have her 1st book “The Essence of Who We Are” and hopefully her 2nd one “The Essentials of Natural Healing.

Contact: Kimberley Buckler
Company: Spirit & Soul Healing
Phone: 403-796-2502

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Airdrie Aura & The Spirit Within: The Spirit Within Presents Airdrie Aura Imaging Booth: 200
The Spirit Within Presents Airdrie Aura Imaging

The new place to be in Airdrie! The Spirit Within combines an eclectic array of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific principles. A place to have an intuitive reading done that is confirmed and backed with the science of biofeedback with the help of the Aura Video Station Pro 7. Add an amazing Canadian crystal to that and watch your chakras/energies actually come more into balance while you watch it working! We believe in your natural ability to create your own realities. Let us show you how! We will have plenty of this amazing crystal on hand and pieces can be custom wrapped in wire or hemp for later pick up. 15 minute intuitive aura session for show only $50. Includes Aura Photo and as much intuitive information that we can pack into that time frame. 20% discount for any full half hour($80 reg) or hour($140 reg) sessions at our shop in Airdrie that are booked and paid for at the show. Gift certificates also available!

Contact: Liane Pinel
Company: Airdrie Aura & The Spirit Within
Phone: 587-892-8811

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Universal Pathways: Irene McNabb Psychic Medium Booth: 202
Irene McNabb Psychic Medium

Throughout the ages and in all lands, there have always existed those rare few who possess the ability to see that which is not seen and foresee events of the future and predict their happenings.

These individuals are generally regarded with awe and held in quiet esteem by those who have contact with them.

Irene McNabb is one of these rare individuals. This friendly, optimistic and affable lady is an honest, practical, down-to-earth gifted psychic medium who speaks in a straight-forward manner, without circumlocution. She makes no attempts to tell people what she thinks they might like to hear, but instead, tells them of events in their past - to establish her veracity - and what she sees in their future.

Contact: Irene McNabb
Company: Universal Pathways
Phone: 780-454-5274

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Original Energy Sales Lisa Leo: ... Booth: 203, 204

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Contact: Lisa Leo
Company: Original Energy Sales Lisa Leo
Phone: 306-241-7233

Chi Spa Airdrie: A TRUE EXPERIENCE OF EXOTIC LUXURY !!! Booth: 205


THE SOQI BED with its 3 FAR Infrared Hot House Domes provides a feeling of deep Relaxation and offers the same Benefits as an Infrared Sauna plus Benefits similar to Massage with the Chi Machine. It is Beneficial to One's Body, Mind and Soul. It can lead to better Night-Time Sleep, better Mobility and more Energy. It is also used for: Pain Relieve, Healing, Blood Circulation, Metabolism and more.

THE CHI MACHINE can be used for : Optimized Oxygenation, Stress Reduction, Reduced Muscle Aches, Reduced Pain, Relaxing the Spine, Massaging the Internal Organs, Increased Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Detoxification, Deeper Meditative State and much more. THE E-POWER reduces Inflammation, improves Blood Circulation and warms the Skin, helps to relieve Muscular Pain, Cramps, Spasms and Tension, it may help to relieve Symptoms of Arthritis, Insomnia, PAIN, Skin Conditions (Acne) and more. ALL DEVICES ARE LICENSED MEDICAL DEVICES IN CANADA !!!

Contact: Gabriela Bache
Company: Chi Spa Airdrie
Phone: 403-887-3123

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Crystal EnGenz: ... Booth: 206

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Contact: Margit Wagner
Company: Crystal EnGenz
Phone: 778-895-7798

Scentsy: Wickless Candles Booth: 207
Wickless Candles

Scentsy offers scented fragrance wax for electric wickless candles and layers body perfume products.

Contact: Kristal Brown - Gilroy
Company: Scentsy
Phone: 403-981-0519

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Always From The Heart: Tarot Booth: 208

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Contact: Dione Wright
Company: Always From The Heart
Phone: 403-714-1948

The Whispering song School Of Energy Medicine: ... Booth: 209

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Contact: Gaisheda Kheawok
Company: The Whispering song School Of Energy Medicine
Phone: 416-588-4503

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The Power Of Touch: ... Booth: 210

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Contact: Cheryl Bryk
Company: The Power Of Touch
Phone: 403-401-7309

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