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Action Chiropractic : Chiropractic Clinic Booth: 217
Chiropractic Clinic

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Contact: Grant Cummings
Company: Action Chiropractic
Phone: 403-861-9574

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My Oils - DoTERRA: Essential Oils Booth: 218
Essential Oils

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Contact: Dawn Jenkins
Company: My Oils - DoTERRA
Phone: 587-989-9297

Douglasdale Family Chiropractic : Holistic Health Care & Chiropractic Assements Booth: 219
Holistic Health Care & Chiropractic Assements

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Contact: Dr Derrick Nolan
Company: Douglasdale Family Chiropractic
Phone: 587-225-1962

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Soul Float: ... Booth: 220

Soul Float is float therapy studio. Our goal is to help make floating part of everyone's health and wellness lifestyle in our Calgary community.

Contact: Amanda Morgan
Company: Soul Float
Phone: 403-460-2705

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Spiritual Gallery by Sharon Fraiman: ... Booth: 221

Sharon's spiritual Gallery: Kabbalah readings, king Solomon readings, Kabbalah healing, Bio-Energy Healing, meditation course, Michal Negrin jewelry.

Contact: Sharon Fraiman
Company: Spiritual Gallery by Sharon Fraiman
Phone: 587-435-5808

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Buddha's Wingman : Yoga Wear, Malas and more Booth: 222
Yoga Wear, Malas and more

Buddha's Wingman has just launched into the first phase of its evolution!

On a mission to spread mindfulness across this planet through various tools and platforms.

Too often spirituality can be portrayed as very serious and needing one to sacrifice their joy for eventual peace. Love, joy, playfulness and laughter are at the heart of this brand.

Lighten up and enjoy the journey!

Contact: Tyler Kleppe
Company: Buddha's Wingman
Phone: 306-526-3777

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Positively Tea Time: Tea Leaf Reader, Medium, Psychic Booth: 223
Tea Leaf Reader, Medium, Psychic

Sandy took up the Art of Tea Leaf Reading in 1995 and has embraced the ability in order to assist others. It is a culturally acceptable tool to reach many people. She has been interviewed by Shaw Cable while doing tea leaf reading at Batoche in 2010 and recently had her book featured by Shaw Television in March, 2017. She also read Teena Monteleone’s tea leaves on CTV. She is a successful author of Tea Leaf Reading Guide: What You Already Know which is available on any online bookstore (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Her book has been featured at Indigo Book Store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She teaches tea leaf reading.

She has a varied background. She has her Human Services Degree and Social Work Certificate. She is a trained facilitator in Nobody’s Perfect Parenting, Racism in the Workplace, and High Conflict Parenting and has facilitated thousands of workshops over the past 2 decades on various self-help topics. She has done hundreds of public presentations to groups of up to 600 people. She has appeared on radio, television and newspaper multiple times. She was a member of Toastmasters International for 11 years (2004-2015) and has superior speaking and leadership abilities.

Sandy’s life work has been helping people and this is why she loves to do readings for people. She has no greater sense of connection then when she is telling someone of a loved one that has passed, verifies what you already know, gives hope, or sees an Angel in the tea cup! Join her at booth 306 to get a reading done.

Contact: Sandy Pitzel
Company: Positively Tea Time
Phone: 306-940-8728

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Enchanting Mystic Moments: ... Booth: 224

Enchanting Mystical Moments - Newsletter & Reference Website for the spiritually interested. Free listings for practitioners, classes, courses, events, centres, meetups, etc. Monthly articles on hot topics from local authors.

Membership Has Its Privileges! - Store & practitioner discounts; monthly gift draws; classes, events & practitioners; sweet swap; monthly horoscope, portion of monthly fee to charities and lots more!

Contact: Leslie Vivvian
Company: Enchanting Mystic Moments
Phone: 403-969-9274

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truMedic: ... Booth: 226

Instant Stress Relief, Anywhere You Go
Enjoy a deep-kneading shiatsu massage anytime anyplace. It’s like owning your own personal masseuse at the push of a button! Cordless and rechargeable it’s ready at a moment’s notice to massage any area that needs just the right touch. Turn on the heat for additional comfort and relaxation.

Contact: Krystle De Sousa
Company: truMedic
Phone: 647-886-1326

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Oceane Body Mind Soul : Personal Skin Care Anti Ageing Products Booth: 227
Personal Skin Care Anti Ageing Products

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Contact: Oshri Chai
Company: Oceane Body Mind Soul
Phone: 587-336-5444

Crafts Of Tibet: Finest Tibetan Made Crafts Booth: 229
Finest Tibetan Made Crafts

Crafts of Tibet offers the finest Tibetan Meditation Tools, Prayer Flags, Bows, Malas, Bell & Dorji, Incense, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Tinshas, Prayer Wheels, and other great Tibetan Imports!

All items are created by Nepalese and Tibetan master craftsmen

Contact: Richo Yuthok
Company: Crafts Of Tibet
Phone: 778-788-6276

EforcePlus : Energy Bracelets and Pendants Booth: 230
Energy Bracelets and Pendants

What if you could feel instantly energized, emotionally and physically balanced, and focused simply by wearing a gemstone pendant or bracelet that has been infused with eForcePlus® energy technology?

If you felt less physical discomfort within seconds of placing an eForceplus energy product on your body, might you be intrigued?

eForcePlus® energy jewelry is "jewelry with a purpose". Utilizing a combination of metals, gemstones, sacred geometry (Flower of Life), sound, and vibrational light technologies, eForcePlus products are intended promote a positive flow of energy in the body as well as to bring balance to those imbalances in our energy system. As a result of this positive flow of energy, wearers report feeling a greater sense of calm and well-being...along with other positive benefits!

Contact: Gary Douglas
Company: EforcePlus
Phone: 1-800-518-0961

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Henna By Iram: Henna Booth: 231

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Contact: Iram Dadi
Company: Henna By Iram
Phone: 403-612-1495

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Hidow International, : EMS/TENS Products Booth: 232
EMS/TENS Products

HiDow USA is the national distributor of the HiDow EMS & TENS Machine Products.

Incorporated in the USA in the year 2002

TENS stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a treatment that uses electrical currents to relieve pain and provides other therapeutic benefits.

A gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are attached to the skin near the site of the pain or discomfort. The pulses send bio-electrical signals through the central nervous system, thus blocking pain receptors. The same way a strong painkiller would work.

The electric current is produced by a small battery operated device, which is portable and easy to use making it ideal to provide your own therapeutic treatment at home or work.

The brain then releases endorphins which are a ‘feel good’ chemical and act as a natural painkiller. These pulses stimulate muscles, increase blood flow to the damaged or painful area and provide therapeutic benefits ranging in relief from back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, increased circulation, relaxation and numerous other ailments.

Contact: Yuleni Garza
Company: Hidow International,
Phone: 702-891-0125

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Juice Plus Tower Garden : ... Booth: 233

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Contact: Barb Kunst
Company: Juice Plus Tower Garden
Phone: 780-385-0909

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Stuff Girls Like Inc.: ... Booth: 235

A company dedicated to assisting customers embrace their inner girlhood, regardless of age. We are an online retailer, dedicating to providing a collection of quality products that will indulging the senses and not break the bank!

Contact: Kat Kelley
Company: Stuff Girls Like Inc.
Phone: 403-690-8912

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Arbonne International : ... Booth: 300

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Contact: Christina Thomas
Company: Arbonne International
Phone: 403-863-0636

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MonatGlobal : ... Booth: 301

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Contact: Dawn Veale
Company: MonatGlobal
Phone: 306-491-2031

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FM's Aromatherapy: Natural Essential Oils, Booth: 304
Natural Essential Oils,

FM's Aromatherapy from India offers a range of Natural essential oils,Dr. Ratans blends for SKIN, HAIR & WELLNESS, CHAKRA ANOINTMENTS, Chakra Wands, rare healing Gems & Crystals, Exotic essential oils like-ROSE Otto, LOTUS- Blue, white, Pink, LOVE potion etc. Also available Dr. Ratan's books on Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing, CD's and Posters. Post Expo healing sessions and workshops also available by appointment.

Contact: Dr. Ravi Ratan
Company: FM's Aromatherapy
Phone: 646-546-6982

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Hearing Heaven with Lisa Stamper: Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Angel Therapy Practitioner® Booth: 306
Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Clairvoyant,  Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Welcome to Hearing Heaven With Lisa Stamper. Lisa is a Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant extraordinaire! She is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified through Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. An authentic and genuine truth guide, Lisa provides insights into all parts of life be it finances, relationships, career, love life, health, past life issues that are affecting your present experience, or communicating with your passed over loved ones.Lisa is happy and humbled to be your connection to the Divine. Each session is unique. Magical. Awe-inspiring! Tailored to meet your exact needs. When you are you ready to open up to the miraculous power of the Divine to reach your full potential, Lisa would love to be your trustworthy guide.

Contact: Lisa Stamper
Company: Hearing Heaven with Lisa Stamper
Phone: 519-772-4091

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Ajna Holistic Centre : Ajna Centro Holistico Booth: 309
Ajna Centro Holistico

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Contact: Sandra Isabel Ruiz Mendoza
Company: Ajna Holistic Centre
Phone: 333-114-6108

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Senegence / LipSense: Long Lasting Cosmetics / Anti Ageing Skin Care Booth: 312
Long Lasting Cosmetics / Anti Ageing Skin Care

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining colors from over 50 shades.

Contact: Sheri Jolly
Company: Senegence / LipSense
Phone: 403-837-2879

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European Psychic Lai: Intuitive Arts Psychic Medium Booth: 313
Intuitive Arts Psychic Medium

Winner of the Award for the "Best Psychic of 2005" and the "Best Pet Psychic of 2007" from the Houston Press. Member of the "American Association of Psychics"

Contact: Lai Ubberud
Company: European Psychic Lai
Phone: 832-646--3297

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Oregano Gold: ... Booth: 314

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Contact: Gail Lenko
Company: Oregano Gold
Phone: 780-706-5320

World Global Network : ... Booth: 315

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Contact: Brooks Brown
Company: World Global Network
Phone: 780-807-1041

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