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Natural Organi Products: ... Booth: 133

naturalOrgani is a family-owned and operated company based in British Columbia. naturalOrgani was established in the hopes of delivering quality products that are both safe for the environment and are budget-friendly. All our products are chemical-free and last for a long time. naturalOrgani’s wool dryer balls reduce total drying time of your clothes and last for at least 1000 loads. The wool dryer balls are naturally scent-free but if you prefer adding some fragrance to your laundry, you can sprinkle a few drops of your favourite naturalOrgani pure therapeutic grade essential oil on each dryer ball. Of course, you are welcome to use a few drops of your favourite essential oil in one of our personal diffusers! We also offer detergent-free laundry balls that clean clothes with the help of biodegradable ceramic pellets. Imagine the good they do to your skin and to your wallet - no detergent for 400 wash loads! Another section of our company deals with products crafted by master artisans in Nepal and India. Examples of such meditation-related products are prayer beads, handmade incense, singing bowls, tinghsa cymbals etc.

Contact: Bishal Ghale
Company: Natural Organi Products
Phone: 778-300-7957

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Nu Skin : ... Booth: 134

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Contact: Jacalyn Bjorge Black
Company: Nu Skin
Phone: 604-381-2520

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Gabrielle Steinberg - Harmony Wellness Centre: ... Booth: 135

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Contact: Gabrielle Steinberg
Company: Gabrielle Steinberg - Harmony Wellness Centre
Phone: 604-737-7721

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Investors Group : Financial & Investment Services Booth: 136
Financial & Investment Services

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Contact: Laney Johnston
Company: Investors Group
Phone: 778-772-8778

In Touch Chiropractic: Vancouver Chiropractor Focuses on Optimal Health Booth: 137
Vancouver Chiropractor Focuses on Optimal Health

Chiropractic patients who want more than simple pain relief have learned that In-Touch Chiropractic offers the best in chiropractic care to help individuals and families achieve their optimal state of health and well-being. This is just part of what sets us apart from other Vancouver chiropractors

Inspiration and Empowerment

As Dr. Ahren Roy explains, “Our mission is to inspire and empower people to live their healthiest lives possible. Our bodies are designed with an innate ability to function, heal and re-create themselves. Our primary objective at is to detect and correct interferences to this innate ability so that natural healing can occur.”

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Vancouver who will help you achieve your optimal health, In-Touch Chiropractic is the answer. In addition to chiropractic, we offer exercise and nutritional counseling to help you obtain the lifestyle that will keep you healthy for the long haul. Give our office call today to get started!

Contact: Dr. Ahren Roy
Company: In Touch Chiropractic
Phone: (604) 879-5566

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Divine East : ... Booth: 138

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Contact: Sam Girard
Company: Divine East
Phone: 604-671-7941

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VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts: VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts Booth: 139
VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

VASA - Vedic Academy of Science and Arts is an on-line educational institute that offers a large curriculum of ancient wisdom for modern times. Founded by Jeffrey Armstrong, a yoga practitioner for more than 45 years, Ayurvedic Astrologer, poet & award winning author and Vedic Scholar.

Contact: Sandi Graham
Company: VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts
Phone: 604-771-1030

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Sewanti Ayurvedic Series : Padmashri Naturals Inc. Booth: 140
Padmashri Naturals Inc.

Visit Sewanti Ayurvedic Series booth to receive Dosha Analysis with Ayurvedic doctor- trained Vaidya and enhance your health with traditional Ayurvedic remedies.

Purchase all Sewanti Capsules, Organic herbs and Padmashri Massage oils at 25% discount ! A great opportunity to try our massage oils and pick up one that is most suited to your dosha

Contact: Neelam Noprani
Company: Sewanti Ayurvedic Series
Phone: 604-628-2003

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HK Vancouver: Holographic Kinetics Booth: 141
Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics (HK) is the most advanced and unique modality available today and transcends all other therapies. It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of LORE and the understanding that all things in nature are alive. We help you clear trauma locked in events, thoughts and emotions. Unless these traumas are cleared they eventually become sickness.

Contact: Jessie Trotic
Company: HK Vancouver
Phone: 778-386-5321

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Monat : Hair Products Booth: 142
Hair Products

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Contact: Julia Greene
Company: Monat
Phone: 604-219-1745

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Clearmind International Institute: ... Booth: 143

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Contact: Sofia Dias Coroa
Company: Clearmind International Institute
Phone: 604-513-9001

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Solos Massage : Neck, Shoulder & Body Massager Booth: 144
Neck, Shoulder & Body Massager

Improve sleep quality. Promote blood circulation. Relieve pain caused by trigger points. Relax tense muscles. Welcome to the world of SOLOS.

Contact: Jason Blue
Company: Solos Massage
Phone: 778-886-3330

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My Personal Muse: Astrologer Numerologist & Maji Cards Booth: 145
Astrologer Numerologist & Maji Cards


Sandra Alexcae Moren - Intuitive Astrologer, Numerologist,(“born with the veil”) & Michael Hellyer - Cardiologist, Intuitive Healer, former Iron Man - MYSTICS/ELDERS, SPIRITUAL COACHES.

Are YOU Ready? 2018 is# 11 UNIVERSAL YEAR. We welcome YOU to identify YOUR purpose and passion. Discovering YOUR personal energy blueprint, and understanding YOUR cycles will assist in career, financial, love and relationship choices. Timely and practical information relevant to YOU; pertaining to the events and experiences YOU are currently going through and future events. Find out what the Cosmos weather report for YOU in 2018 and beyond

Contact: Sandra Moren
Company: My Personal Muse
Phone: 403-702-1664

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Mind Soul Body Centre: Master and Dr. Sha Soul Healing Booth: 146
Master and Dr. Sha Soul Healing

We invite you to visit us at Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre Vancouver booth at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo. "I have the the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all my life. You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life. Together, we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity and all souls in Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

We warmly invite you to share your Soul healing Miracle stories and experiences so that others may greatly benefit from your sharing. With Love and Blessings, Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre Vancouver Team

Contact: Sara Baker
Company: Mind Soul Body Centre
Phone: 778-379-9920

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Lozman Canada I: Energy Magnetic Jewelry Booth: 147, 148
Energy Magnetic Jewelry

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Company: Lozman Canada I
Phone: 204-230-7943

Original Energy Sales : ... Booth: 149

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Contact: Oren Sadeh
Company: Original Energy Sales
Phone: 639-571-0303

Neuromotivations : ... Booth: 151

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Contact: Lourens Badenhorst
Company: Neuromotivations
Phone: 778-714-1843

Intuitive Suzy: Intuitive Arts Booth: 152
Intuitive Arts

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Contact: Suzy Sakaluk
Company: Intuitive Suzy
Phone: 778-988-4366

YOGJYOTI : Yoga Jyotshi Booth: 153
Yoga Jyotshi

Yoga Jyotshi was founded by Acharya Aman, a talented international author, yogi and Jyotish (Traditional Indian Vedic Astrology) counselor. When Yoga entered the west, people had no idea that it had a direct connection with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic health and wellness. Similarly, Yoga has a deep connection with Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) also.

Even though Ayurveda has become more well known in North America, Jyotish and its connection with Yoga has remained almost a mystery for most people, even for many Yoga teachers of the west. Acharya Aman worked to reveal and establish this lost connection between the ancient wisdom of Yoga with Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and brought it forth in an easily understandable language for international audience by his book ( You can get PDF from Aman or read free book in Canadian public library ).



Contact: Acharya Aman
Phone: 604-728-3510

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