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Angel Empowerment : & Hands on Healing Practitioner Booth: 213, 214
& Hands on Healing Practitioner

Our practitioners assist to EMPOWER YOU you to take charge of your wellness! Connect with the angels! Follow your inner guidance and listen to the information you are guided towards through angel oracle card readings. Enhance wellness at a cellular level through Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing, working with the three minds and energy of Archangel Raphael flowed through practitioners. Transform your being with unique crystal & gemstone jewelry-created with light & love by Davail's Healing. Take a step to a lighter you and release tension with Myofascial Release therapy.

Contact: Patricia Guillemin
Company: Angel Empowerment
Phone: 306-537-6093

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Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging: Aura Imaging Booth: 215
Aura Imaging

An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting colours that denote your state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. Every colour has a polarity and unique representation relating to the individual.

Contact: Gloria Bieber
Company: Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging
Phone: 403-703-0656

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Healthy Energy Works : ... Booth: 216

Biopoulsar Reading As awareness deepens, bodily sensations provide feedback and guidance about every aspect of your life—from nurturing relationships to enhancing effectiveness at work. By acting on this information you can reduce stress, balance your life, and maximize your innate potential for health, creativity, and spiritual growth”

Contact: Karina Tomzczyk
Company: Healthy Energy Works
Phone: 403-813-3162

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Pruvit: Weight Loss Supplements Booth: 300
Weight Loss Supplements

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Contact: Aisha Vadell
Company: Pruvit
Phone: 701-240-3780

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Metal Majesty : Handmade Jewelry and Gifts Booth: 301
Handmade Jewelry  and Gifts

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Contact: Jennifer Briere
Company: Metal Majesty
Phone: 306-201-4995

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Love Unleashed : Holistic Sex, Love, Relationship Coach (SLRC) Booth: 302
Holistic Sex, Love, Relationship Coach (SLRC)

I am a holistic Sex, Love, Relationship Coach (SLRC). I work with men and women in one on one, couple, or group coaching sessions (which they can book with me outside the expo).

In my coaching sessions, I teach men and women a profound understanding of relationship dynamics & communication, with themselves and their partners. We work to get at the root & true nature of your desires, passions and sexuality. Which will also lead us to uncover the blocks and wounding that is masking or blocking your sexual wholeness.

I am here to offer a profound healing process in my coaching sessions and show you that a disruption and lack of desire is a call for greater integration with your body & mind. I am here to show you how to use that message to build even more intimacy and trust in your partnership, rather than ignoring, running away and/or shutting down.

My coaching style is a deep methodology that incorporates the latest in neuroscience and trauma release, breathwork, embodiment practices (with or without sexuality), meditation & visualization exercises, as well as talk coaching. It is a top down, bottom up, and a side to side approach.

Contact: Caralee Rast
Company: Love Unleashed
Phone: 306-262-2219

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Angel Love with Jaci Youngson: Angel Love with Jaci Youngson Booth: 303
Angel Love with Jaci Youngson

I tune into your guardian angels and listen to the advice you are needing to heal along your path in life. It could be about your love life, personal life, career, health or asking information about loved ones in your family. The energy clearings that I provide are: cord cutting, aura fluffing, soul fragment retrieval, chakra balancing, past lives record clearing. My readings are very unique and special when it comes to what I pick up for each person; but at the same time I teach how to live in this materialistic world we are living in~

Contact: Jaci Youngson
Company: Angel Love with Jaci Youngson
Phone: 306-737-8287

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Arbonne: ... Booth: 304

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Contact: Madison Frank
Company: Arbonne
Phone: 306-581-9308

Essentially You : doTerra Essential Oils Booth: 305
doTerra Essential Oils

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Contact: Avrielle Simoneau
Company: Essentially You
Phone: 406-577-6174

Norwex Enviro Products: Environmentaly friendly Cleaning Products Booth: 306
Environmentaly friendly Cleaning Products

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Contact: Lexy Kullman
Company: Norwex Enviro Products
Phone: 306-551-2243

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Valentus: Weight Loss Supplments Booth: 308
Weight Loss Supplments


Valentus products are all 100% natural with no GMO's. All products are formulated with the purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet. Valentus not only creates products that get results, but focuses on creating products that are good for the BODY.

Valentus products include PrevailMAX, Energy, Immune, Trim, SlimROAST coffees and COCOA. Breakthrough AM/PM for detoxing and fabulous Keto Creamer. Further details at Come visit and try some delicious samples at the Body, Soul & Spirit Expos in Regina.

Contact: Cindy Zimmer
Company: Valentus
Phone: 306-535-1373

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Buddha's Wingman : yoga bracelets Booth: 309
yoga bracelets

Buddha's Wingman has just launched into the first phase of its evolution!

On a mission to spread mindfulness across this planet through various tools and platforms.

Too often spirituality can be portrayed as very serious and needing one to sacrifice their joy for eventual peace. Love, joy, playfulness and laughter are at the heart of this brand.

Lighten up and enjoy the journey!

Contact: Tyler Kleppe
Company: Buddha's Wingman
Phone: 306-526-3777

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VitaJuwel: .. Booth: 310

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Contact: Jacquie Carter
Company: VitaJuwel
Phone: 306-537-7238

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Canadian Blood Services : ... Booth: 312

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Contact: Krista Bell
Company: Canadian Blood Services
Phone: 306-347-1679

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The Blue Orchid Renewal Centre: ... Booth: 313

Rev. Anita is an intuitive healer who uses a variety of techniques to support your healing and growth. Through the use of Reiki, Access Bars, card readings, and the use of sound and crystals while working along with yours and her spiritual team she creates an experience that supports you in creating the renewal of your mind, body, and spirit. Each person and each body has the ability to transform itself. Rev. Anita along with the client creates the space within the mind, body, and spirit to create Perfect Health in all areas of your life. Your openness and willingness to do the work is all that is required.

Rev. Anita is also a spiritual teacher. Her passion is in spiritual teaching. She offers classes in Usui Reiki Level 1, 2, and Masters. As a Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue Rev. Anita teaches Introduction to Angel Card Reading and Angel Tarot Card Reading. There are many more classes in the works.

During the Expo Rev. Anita will be doing card readings and is available to speak with you about the various courses that are coming up and available.

Rev. Anita Holtvogt is trained and ordained by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant from OWN’s Television series “Iyanla: Fix My Life” and the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. Rev. Anita is a ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, is trained in Spiritual Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling, a licensed Spiritual Healer, a Reiki Master, a trained Professional Drum Circle facitilator and a trained Health Rhythms facitilitator through REMO and much more. To read more about Rev. Anita and The Blue Orchid Renewal Centre check out her website, call or email

Contact: Rev Anita Hotvogt
Company: The Blue Orchid Renewal Centre
Phone: 306-231-6964

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