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Mavis: A Light Within Booth: 211
A Light Within

With almost 50 years as a full time professional psychic, few have more experience when it comes to intuitive and spiritual guidance than Mavis Glew! Her services include, psychic readings, psychometry, tarot, photo readings, celtic runes and much more. MAVIS 'A Light Within' has been a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce since 1999.

Contact: Mavis
Company: Mavis
Phone: 780-455-4546

Greener Cleaners: ... Booth: 301

Greener Cleaners is an eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning company. At Greener Cleaners we take pride in using products and practices that are healthy and safe for people, pets and the planet.
We will have cleaning packages that will be specially priced for those who are at the show, we will have product that people can view and purchase, and we will have draws and prizes available at our booth.

Contact: Heather Hanrahan
Company: Greener Cleaners
Phone: 780-660-4221

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MacWhirter Chiroprtactic: Chiropractic Clinic Booth: 302
Chiropractic Clinic

At MacWhirter Chiropractic we have a unique approach to health.

Our focus is not entirely on pain, but improving your overall health through regular corrective and reconstructive care. We run a family based office and help people of all ages.

We believe that everyone has an ability to heal,
We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy spine,
We believe that you were born to live an awesome life!

We are committed to helping everyone that walks through our doors.
If you have something holding you back we will find a way to work around it.

Contact: Dr Michelle MacWhirter
Company: MacWhirter Chiroprtactic
Phone: 780-443-0012

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Tibetan Healing Centre : Healing Starts with the Mind Booth: 303
Healing Starts with the Mind

The Centre’s activities will have dedicated to making available to the public the leaning practices of meditation and healing by natural herbs and sound. On this website you will be able to find out details of the varied activities of the Centre. Including its programme’s and will provide following services.

Spiritual and Sound Healing
Meditation Class, Retreat, Consecration, Space Clearing
Divination, Astrology, Palm and Face Reading
Health Consultation and Tibetan Herbal Medicine
Tibetan Handicrafts and Buddhist Artifacts.

Contact: Richo Yuthok
Company: Tibetan Healing Centre
Phone: 778-788-6276

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Naughty Witch: Naughty Witch Booth: 304
Naughty Witch

Rebecca is a certified professional Holistic Practitioner/Reiki Master & Teacher trained in and from Vancouver, BC. Working for over 10 years in the Holistic/Professional Industry Rebecca treats her clients with her own unique style, attuning her healing to your own comfort levels and needs. Rebecca also offers and sells her own line of homemade All Natural Healing body products. You can find Rebecca Vending her Naughty Witch Healing Potions at various markets. Therapeutic Massage / Reiki / Products / Intuitive Card Readings

Contact: Rebecca Godin
Company: Naughty Witch
Phone: 780-340-2731

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Xocai Healthy Chocolate: ... Booth: 305

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Contact: Lara Tinkler
Company: Xocai Healthy Chocolate

The Golden Keys: ... Booth: 308

#1- The Alpha / Theta brain wave training programs Learning how to slow down your brain wave to the “Alpha / Theta” frequency you tap into Quantum energy. Your “Subconscious mind” is virtually an untapped resource that is yours, always was, it’s just that you forgot. In learning how to access and understand the subconscious mind and how your beliefs play a big part in this, you expand your Options / Alternatives and Choices.
Aspects #2- How to remove the Blocks and Barriers
These aspects are all sub-personalities (little people) inside your Subconscious that have developed their own view of reality and they are most often triggered into your consciousness and then you wonder how come you respond / react in that manner. The results are usually what you’re not consciously wanting.

Why does this happen is because many have given their guiding system over to an ASPECT within their subconscious. Are you:

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your life?

Unhappy in your current relationship but feel helpless to change it?

Suffering from anxieties, anxiousness, irrational fears or panic attacks?

Struggling with problems of eating – Anorexic and Bulimic?

Unable to find relief from chronic pain or health problems like even Cancer?

Feeling depressed and tired most of the time?
Frustrated about your lack of financial success?

These are all Aspects creating these conditions in your life. You have a right to choose again, other Options / Alternatives and Choices. There is a very special process that was discovered and developed on how to go inside and remove the aspect(s) from that position or to upgrade it into

Contact: Lionel Sabourin  
Company: The Golden Keys
Phone: 780-469-8832

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Love Energetics: Love Energetics Booth: 311
Love Energetics

The Love Energetics® healing method is the result of research patiently and lovingly carried out by its founder Yvon Dubé.  An innovative healing procedure has been created through thousands of hours of practice and fine tuning. The consistently positive results never cease to amaze the founder and practicing therapists of Love Energetics® therapy.

For the recipient

In releasing the blocked energies within the physical body and stimulating its self-healing capacities, Love Energetics® therapy relieves symptoms and a variety of illnesses. There are numerous benefits of this healling modality. During the treatment, systematic work is done on the internal organs and on many energy points. The methodical process rebalances blocked energy and brings about a powerful inner liberation in the individual, which is instrumental to any healing.

For the therapist

Inspired by the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Love Energetics® therapy understands disease as the result of blockages in the natural flow of energy. However, this method differs from TCM in that Love Energetics® views emotions as the key element central to the healing process.

In connecting to the vibrational field of the heart and its natural capacity for healing (see non-energy), the therapists free the treated individuals from deep emotional blockages and gradually relieve them of symptoms.

Contact: Yvon Dube
Company: Love Energetics
Phone: 514-357-2323

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Rain Nutrition Soul Product: ... Booth: 400

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Contact: Bonnie Besman
Company: Rain Nutrition Soul Product
Phone: 780-722-8670

Atlas Evolution: One Treatment - Lasting Stability Booth: 401
One Treatment - Lasting Stability

ATLAS EVOLUTION is a profound evolutionary massage technique that can change your life in just one treatment. An overwhelming majority of people suffer from an imbalanced Atlas, (1st cervical vertebra) which can result in a myriad of problems such as depression, bad posture, migraines, TMJ and more.

A solution to all these disorders could be remedied by simply allowing the Atlas to return to its natural position, where it can help begin a self-healing process within the body.

Contact: Ranan Shahar
Company: Atlas Evolution
Phone: 310-854-4440

Visit Website

John Martin Healer: Healer Booth: 403

John Martin is an International Visionary and Intuitive Healer.

A native of France, blessed with his gifts since childhood. John has a direct connection to the Archangels and his guides.

He travels the world healing people using techniques such as DNA encoding and reprograming, modifying and repairing cells, karmic links erasure and modification, regression therapy, repairing aura leaks, and realigning auras. He has healed and transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

In addition to healing, he uses his gift as a visionary by revealing to a client their life's purpose and shows them their gifts to accomplish it.

He is an author of books and essays on Quantum Leaps, Time and Space, and 21st Century Inventions and Discoveries.

Twice a year, John makes a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France or Jerusalem, Israel and reads the prayers he has collected from people asking for help.

John does healings in person, by phone, Skype, pictures, or with a name.

Contact: John Martin
Company: John Martin Healer

Visit Website

Pharmanex NuSkin: ... Booth: 404

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Contact: Janet Ogden
Company: Pharmanex NuSkin
Phone: 780-239-9794

Young Living: Healing with Oils Booth: 405
Healing with Oils

Natural healing with Oils...does this intrigue you? Young Living Oils are 100% Therapeutic and are used in over 150 hospitals in the USA. We will feature our Everyday Oils and show you how you can replace everything in your Medicine Cabinet. Young Living Oils can deal with everything from Sleep Issues, Pain and Cancer.

Stop by our booth to try our Zyto Compass that will Bio Communicate with your body so you can stop the guess work on how to optimize your physical and emotional health. Zyto is scientifically proven to discover your deficiencies!!! GET YOUR SCAN FREE (Regular $150)

Contact: Shelley Chamzuk
Company: Young Living
Phone: 780-349-0344

Jyorei: Purification of the Spirit Booth: 406
Purification of the Spirit

Jyorei is a healing art that uses divine light to dissolve the spiritual impurities that are the source of all physical, emotional, and personal problems. Sometimes described as a “healing prayer,” the word “Jyorei” literally means “purification of the spirit.”

Jyorei’s blessings are not solely reserved for members of Shumei or any particular group. They are intended to help all humanity achieve happiness and wellbeing. And Jyorei is always given freely and without obligation (a donation is traditional offered but not required) by Shumei members to whomever seek its many benefits.

Contact: Masanobu Saigo
Company: Jyorei
Phone: 403-873-1815

 |  Visit Website

Share International: ... Booth: 407

Share International is a worldwide network of individuals and groups whose purpose is to make known the fact that Maitreya—the World Teacher for the coming Aquarian age—and his group, the Masters of Wisdom, are now among us, emerging into the public arena gradually, so as not to infringe human free will

Contact: Todd Lorentz
Company: Share International
Phone: 1-888-278-8272

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Fay Thompson: Author, Healer Fay Thompson Booth: 410
Author, Healer Fay Thompson

Fay Thompson is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach specializing in Subconscious Mind Correction and author of the book Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Help of The Beings of the Light. Fay teaches workshops and does private intuitive sessions. 

Contact: Fay Thompson
Company: Fay Thompson
Phone: 306-229-4393

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Silver Star Metaphysical: ... Booth: 501

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Contact: Anna Fasman
Company: Silver Star Metaphysical
Phone: 778-930-2602

The Herb Doctor/Health Effects: ... Booth: 502

Complete detailed body analysis to correct improper nutrient deficiencies and/or electrical pathways using:



Sub atomic level testing and

Nutritional supplements

Contact: Robb Smith
Company: The Herb Doctor/Health Effects
Phone: 403-307-5935

 |  Visit Website

Halleluyah Nails & Natural Beauty  : ... Booth: 504

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Contact: Natalia Peretz
Company: Halleluyah Nails & Natural Beauty  
Phone: 587-920-5324  

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