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Happy Light Systems: ... Booth: 105

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Contact: Valerie Jackson
Company: Happy Light Systems
Phone: 403-861-4391

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The Sanctus Germanus Foundation: ... Booth: 106

Soul Liberation through Education and Healing" is the mission of the Great Brotherhood of Light and the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, a privately held foundation under the direction of the Master Sanctus Germanus.

Soul Liberation takes place when the physical body no longer poses an obstacle to the soul's expression. Physical personality then serves as a vehicle to carry out the impulses of the soul. Part of the soul's expression in this coming era will be the balancing of the predominant masculine energies with the feminine. This will bring about a new era of peace upon the earth.

Offering Free Telepathic healings for Lightbearers seeking to fulfil their soul missions in these difficult times and all others in need of healing.

Contact: Dr. Michael P. Mau
Company: The Sanctus Germanus Foundation
Phone: 250 416 5012

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Epicure Selections: Gluten Free, No MSG, Low Sodium Booth: 109
Gluten Free, No MSG, Low Sodium

Epicure is a great choice for those looking for high quality spices, dinner selections, and cookware. Epicure is committed to low sodium, healthy cooking. The highest quality is chosen for their spices which quickly shows in exceptional flavors. Almost all their products are gluten free, they have a list of the few items with gluten. Epicure wants to help Canadians cook great, healthy, quick meals at home for today's busy families with regular ingredients and at a great price. You have the opportunity to get free products you love and great hostess gifts by hosting a simple party where you and your friends can sample and see Epicure's products.

Contact: Lorna Behlow
Company: Epicure Selections
Phone: 306-229-8085 (Day) 306-373-6033 (Evenings)

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Alberta cancer Foundation: ... Booth: 116

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Contact: Kristin Trempner
Company: Alberta cancer Foundation
Phone: 888-624-2453

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Amethyst Bio-Mats Therapedics: ... Booth: 123

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Contact: Amoraea
Company: Amethyst Bio-Mats Therapedics
Phone: 831-345-2430

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Hunting for Health: ... Booth: 124, 125

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Contact: Alana Skoyen
Company: Hunting for Health
Phone: 403-837-3668

JillypopSilver: ... Booth: 126

I create fine silver jewellery (99.9% Pure) from precious metal clay (PMC) which is created from recycled silver. In this I can incorporate gems, which can be natural, or lab produced, or dichroic glass, to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, tie clips and pins and cufflinks. I also carry out commissions, custom and personalised pieces such as fingerprint jewellery. Additionally, I cut and fuse glass to produce stand alone dichroic pieces, for these pendants I hand make the leather and suede necklaces. Everything I create is by hand except, all findings and silver chains which are sterling silver and these are bought in

Contact: Jill Houghton
Company: JillypopSilver
Phone: 403-200-6672

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Open Source Apparel : ... Booth: 127, 128

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Contact: Victoria Kaspari
Company: Open Source Apparel
Phone: 604-521-6263

Soul Pathing / Karmic Oracle: ... Booth: 131

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Contact: Bridgett Rae-Evans
Company: Soul Pathing / Karmic Oracle
Phone: 403-681-0666

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Young Living: ... Booth: 132, 133

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Contact: Jollene Potter
Company: Young Living
Phone: 250-348-2213

It Works: .. Booth: 200

Want to look slimmer and feel better fast? It Works offers innovative natural products that yield instant results, including a body wrap formulated to tone, tighten and firm in as little as 45 minutes.

Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin

Tightens, tones, & firms
Minimizes cellulite appearance
Improves skin texture & tightness
Results in as little as 45 minutes
Progressive results over 72 hours
Made with natural ingredients

If you have $30 and 45 minutes you can see the results!

Contact: Jessie Wallace
Company: It Works
Phone: 587-225-1278

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BeautiControl: ... Booth: 204

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Contact: Marilyn Marostica
Company: BeautiControl
Phone: 204-633-2775  

Jabsheeda Herbs: ... Booth: 206

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Contact: Joher Khalad
Company: Jabsheeda Herbs
Phone: 780-655-4375

Rodan + Feilds: Anti-Aging Skincare Booth: 207
Anti-Aging Skincare


Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution, we are a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology-based skincare products backed by clinically proven results. Our company was established on the principle that living better in your skin means living better in your life. We believe everyone has the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives—and in the lives of others. Accordingly, our unique business model offers an unparalleled personal enterprise opportunity for individuals to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs connected via social networks. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to create positive change in people’s skin, in their lives and, ultimately, in the lives of others.


Rodan + Fields was founded in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields as a department store brand. Today, Rodan + Fields is changing skin and changing lives as a social commerce brand that enables Independent Consultants to pursue their dream of running their own business.

Contact: Anne Marie Lane
Company: Rodan + Feilds
Phone: 204-222-7169

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Hemptopia Ltd.: Hemptopia Ltd. Booth: 209
Hemptopia Ltd.

We're here to help you can acquaint yourself with the many nutritional benefits and other uses of hemp. Our herbacious hemp food products are 100% Canadian grown, and the centerpieces of our offerings are hemp seed oil and hulled hemp seeds. We believe in promoting the use of renewable resources and in bringing hemp into everyday household use

Our products are available across Canada and in the US.

Contact: MarieAnn Coules
Company: Hemptopia Ltd.

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Our Inner Power: ... Booth: 215

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Contact: Maria Bochsler
Company: Our Inner Power
Phone: 403-455-4945

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Tantricpath : Seminars & Coaching Booth: 216
Seminars & Coaching

Do you want to feel more alive? Vibrant? Juicy? Would you like to live a richer, fuller & more sensual/sexual life with your partner? Or attract someone into your life to be that loving partner?

Tantra is the quickest, easiest path to enhanced sensuality, sexuality & fulfilment in all aspects of life.

Tantra is the art of connecting with your sexual energy in everyday life & using it to fuel your body, mind & spirit.

Sexual Energy is the energy of life! Of Creation! Of Creativity! Sexual energy creates everything, exists in all things & yet has been the energy that has been most denied or suppressed in cultures all over the world.

Lost intimacy, connection & sexual passion has become a way of life for many people in our busy culture. When you learn the Tantric Secrets & practices, you will be amazed at the shift in your experience of yourself & your relationship.

Simple, safe & fun: Tantra is for Everyone!

Contact: Francesca Blackstock
Company: Tantricpath
Phone: 403-918-6783

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Regenerate Mind and Body Inc: ... Booth: 218

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Contact: Naomi Parker
Company: Regenerate Mind and Body Inc
Phone: 403-969-8252

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Crafts Of Tibet: ... Booth: 220

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Contact: Richo Yuthok
Company: Crafts Of Tibet
Phone: 778-788-6276

Asea: ... Booth: 221

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Contact: Rumy Rendina
Company: Asea
Phone: 403-998-0153

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Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc: Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc Booth: 222
Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc

Evelyn Mulders helping you to keep your High Vibes Alive with Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies for your Body, Mind and Soul!

At booth #17 you’ll experience how the vibration of “sound in a bottle” accelerates the manifestation of your new desires, dreams and fabulous lives by creating that resonant frequency to match your wishes.

Participants will be encouraged to think about something they want and notice how this causes stress. We all have vibration and everything that we have is in frequency with our vibration. It’s what we don’t have that is a different frequency.

The art of manifesting dreams is to create a frequency match between you and your dreams. Sound Essence shifts the frequency in your meridians, chakras and the auric field band for full body, mind and soul rapture.

Keep your High Vibes Alive!

Experience it for yourself ...only if you have 3 minutes ...and it’s free!

Contact: Evelyn Mulders
Company: Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc
Phone: 250 766 2005

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Paulita Treasures: ... Booth: 223

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Contact: Jose Fieseas
Company: Paulita Treasures
Phone: 403-919-0159

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Forest Spirit Healing: ... Booth: 224

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Contact: Christy Lowrance
Company: Forest Spirit Healing
Phone: 587 888 9788

Access Consciousness: ... Booth: 225

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Contact: Lisa Benitz
Company: Access Consciousness
Phone: 403-589-4525

MacKenzie Jones Design: Premium Artisan Jewellery Booth: 227
Premium Artisan Jewellery

Breathe is a premium artisan jewellery collection handcrafted by Canadian silversmith Mackenzie Jones. Each piece is one-of-a-kind right from her jeweller’s bench. Using the inspiration from travels, interactions with people and the world around her, Mackenzie translates these experiences into the objects she creates.

Breathe utilizes invigorating precious and semi-precious stones, heirloom-quality sterling silver and enlightened symbols to help ease the stresses of everyday life. Each symbol and stone has deeper meaning to Breathe life into the wearer. This collection was created to inspire and empower others through ornamentation.

Contact: Megan MacKenzie
Company: MacKenzie Jones Design
Phone: 403-819-7395

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