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Inner Glow Healing : Reiki Booth: 6

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Contact: Connie Prytula
Company: Inner Glow Healing
Phone: 306-233-4216

Quantum Wave: .. Booth: 15

The Scalar Laser is a remarkable anti-aging, pain management, and healing laser that works at the cellular level to donate photonic energy, while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

It gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension, and old holding patterns while clearing cellular memory to support perfect healing.

Cold Laser Therapy is the technology used in the Scalar Laser, and it is completely revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain management, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin and wound care, and systems balancing

Contact: Cindy Robin
Company: Quantum Wave
Phone: 204-694-2487

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Angel Spiritual Connections: ... Booth: 16

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Contact: Maureen Bandas
Company: Angel Spiritual Connections
Phone: 306-332-1556

The Medicine Man Gallery: ... Booth: 17, 18

Magnetic therapy items, Semi precious gemstone jewellery, Crystals and special handmade clothing and much more.

Contact: Paul Or Lorna Richard
Company: The Medicine Man Gallery
Phone: 250-494-0540

Sho Tai Regina: ... Booth: 19

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Contact: Kent Weir
Company: Sho Tai Regina
Phone: 306-527-5042

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Cindy Smith AEP: Angel Empowerment Practitioners Booth: 20, 21
Angel Empowerment Practitioners

We are all truly magnificent beings. You are here for a reason – maybe you don’t know exactly what that is yet – but I invite you to take a look around, follow your inner guidance and listen to the information you are guided towards. Be willing to explore new beginnings and above all - believe in yourself.

Learn to connect to be all that you are!

Embrace your angels. Embrace yourself.

Connect with your own inner wisdom, guidance & intuition.

My life purpose is to teach others to find their own power and trust in themselves! Find what works for you. We all connect to our guardian angels; sometimes we just miss the signs or messages. They are nondenominational and never leave us. We all have free will; therefore, we need to ask for guidance and support. Then, learn to be patient for the answers which can present themselves in many forms, just learn to trust. So many of the answers to your questions about relationships, family, career, health and life purpose are at your own fingertips and I can teach you how to listen to your angels by hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to see, feel and know your inner wisdom and guidance.

Contact: Cindy Smith
Company: Cindy Smith AEP
Phone: 403-970-3496

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Young Living: ... Booth: 22, 23

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Contact: Jollene Potter
Company: Young Living
Phone: 250-348-2213

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It Works: .. Booth: 25

Want to look slimmer and feel better fast? It Works offers innovative natural products that yield instant results, including a body wrap formulated to tone, tighten and firm in as little as 45 minutes.

Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin

Tightens, tones, & firms
Minimizes cellulite appearance
Improves skin texture & tightness
Results in as little as 45 minutes
Progressive results over 72 hours
Made with natural ingredients

If you have $30 and 45 minutes you can see the results!

Contact: Jessie Wallace
Company: It Works
Phone: 587-225-1278

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South Hill Designs: ... Booth: 26

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Contact: Patirce Altwasser
Company: South Hill Designs
Phone: 306-465-2267

Crafts Of Tibet: Finest Handmader Booth: 31
Finest Handmader

Crafts of Tibet offers the finest Tibetan Meditation Tools, Prayer Flags, Bows, Malas, Bell & Dorji, Incense, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Tinshas, Prayer Wheels, and other great Tibetan Imports!

All items are created by Nepalese and Tibetan master craftsmen

Contact: Richo Yuthok
Company: Crafts Of Tibet
Phone: 778-788-6276

The Holistic Wellness Clinic: ... Booth: 32

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Contact: Shirley Galloway
Company: The Holistic Wellness Clinic
Phone: 306-483-8722

Crossroads Consulting : ... Booth: 33

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Contact: Tena Slind
Company: Crossroads Consulting
Phone: 306-713-9651

Psychic Medium Josie Grouse : ... Booth: 34

Josie Grouse is an internationally-acclaimed spirit medium known for her unique ability to hear, see and speak to the Deceased Loved Ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides. She has helped thousands of people all over the world to find healing, love and spiritual guidance.

During readings Josie never uses cards or psychic tools, but connects straight to the Source to receive clear accurate messages from the spirit world. She will get your answers about past, present or future. Josie also channels free messages for the audience during the group mediumship session

Contact: Josie Grouse
Company: Psychic Medium Josie Grouse
Phone: 647-378-5045

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Essential Wellness : .. Booth: 35

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Contact: Shannon Hrycak
Company: Essential Wellness
Phone: 780-264-7422

A Light Within: Psychic Booth: 36

With almost 50 years as a full time professional psychic, few have more experience when it comes to intuitive and spiritual guidance than Mavis Glew! Her services include, psychic readings, psychometry, tarot, photo readings, celtic runes and much more. MAVIS 'A Light Within' has been a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce since 1999.

Contact: Mavis Glew
Company: A Light Within
Phone: 780-455-4546

Silver Feather Readings: ... Booth: 37

I am a natural psychic medium and lightworker, a gift I received through the generations before me. Growing up I thought everyone could talk to spirits. As I realized this was not true I struggled with my abilities and finally came to ignore them. This was like blowing out my candle. I stumbled around for years in the dark constantly stubbing my toes, bumping my shins and feeling sad and lost in the dark. Finally I found the courage to light my candle again and become who I was meant to be.

I have to ability to communicate with angels, guides, departed loved ones and animals. I do this through claircognizance (knowing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling, empathy) and clairaudience (hearing). A reading may include psychometry, mediumship, Reiki, aura cleansing, dissolving etheric cords, angel card readings, advice on positive spiritual practices and affirmations, whatever Spirit guides me to give to you for your higher good.

When I do a reading I ask Spirit that you may hear what you need to know to help you move further along your path with ease and grace. You and I, along with Spirit, are working together to raise your vibration and light your candle. With that light it is much easier to see how to move forward.

Contact: Candais Bakke
Company: Silver Feather Readings
Phone: 306-642-8730

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Cynthia Beck - Health in Healing: Licensed Spiritual Health Coach Booth: 38
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach

Cynthia Beck is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach who specializes in teaching positive living techniques and skills to conquer depression. Cynthia travelled her own road to self healing and is grateful for the valuable lessons and life-saving skills she learned along the way. Cynthia believes everyone holds the power within to heal oneself, and the key to their own happiness. By communicating with one's Angels and Guides, Cynthia will help you rediscover those keys to happiness and a more positive, fulfilling life.

Contact: Cynthia Beck
Company: Cynthia Beck - Health in Healing
Phone: 306-436-7354

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Essential Bracelet: Diffuse on the Go! Booth: 40
Diffuse on the Go!

Bracelet is the newest and most stylish way to diffuse your favorite essential oils on the go.

Simply add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils to the clay diffuser tab, allow to absorb and place inside the specially designed pocket inside the bracelet. Now place it on your wrist and enjoy the subtle and beneficial scents for up to 7 days.

Essential oil bracelets allow you to carry the benefits of essential oils everywhere you go.

 Each bracelet includes 3 natural clay diffusing tablets. These tablets contain crushed gemstones to enhance the benefits of your essential oils.

Contact: Joshua Turner
Company: Essential Bracelet
Phone: 1-844-834-2555

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Olive Neil Noseworthy: Author, Psychic Medium and Healer Booth: 42
Author, Psychic Medium and Healer

Olive is blessed with extraordinary gifts, and is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairscentrist, intuitive, telepathic, psychometric, a remote viewer, a spiritual healer, a spiritual reader, a spiritual counselor, a past-life regressionist, and a motivational speaker. She also has the capabilities of a psychic medium and is able to communicate with Guardian Souls, Guardian Angels and people who have left this Earth and have crossed over to the Other Side.

Olive is the founder and Executive Director of the Olive Angel Foundation, a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to help find missing children and missing adults. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Olive Branch, an organization established to promote peace and love throughout the world. And she is also the founder and Executive Director of Olive Seminars, and has given numerous presentations on spiritual topics such as, You As A Soul, A Past- Life, A Trip to The Other Side, Soul Signs, The Power of Prayer, The Other Side, Guardian Angels, and Guardian Souls.

Olive is the author of, Secrets Of My Soul, a memoir of extraordinary true stories, of a spiritual journey, which made her know the truth about life, death and the Other Side, and she shares her innermost secrets and tells the world the answers to the mysteries of life.

Come meet Olive and have a Spiritual Reading done by her and get a personalized copy of her new book, Secrets Of My Soul!

Contact: Olive Noseworthy
Company: Olive Neil Noseworthy
Phone: 709-364-4725 or 709-693-7118

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Vibe H2O: Gem Stone Vibrational Healing Booth: 47
Gem Stone Vibrational Healing

Experience the benefits of Gemstone Essence Therapy & discover how the can add happiness to your life. Take our free Chakra test to find out how vitalized you are in every area of your life and sample remedies designed to bring your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual being back into balance.

Contact: Jacqueline Nuesch
Company: Vibe H2O
Phone: 306-343-6120

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Kyäni Canadian : The Joy Freedom Experiement Booth: 48
The Joy Freedom Experiement

Kyäni Canadian is a network of Independent Kyäni Distributors who are passionate about changing people lives. Not your typical group of distributors they see the value behind helping people experience more in their daily lives. They have taken their passion for a product and created an experiment that you will want to experience.

Do you desire more Joy? Crave more Freedom? Then make sure you visit their science lab and take the “Joy Freedom Experience”.

Contact: Doug Howorko - Donna Gatzke
Company: Kyäni Canadian
Phone: 306-570-7321

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Jyorei: Purification of the Spirit Booth: 52
Purification of the Spirit

Jyorei is a healing art that uses divine light to dissolve the spiritual impurities that are the source of all physical, emotional, and personal problems. Sometimes described as a “healing prayer,” the word “Jyorei” literally means “purification of the spirit.”

Jyorei’s blessings are not solely reserved for members of Shumei or any particular group. They are intended to help all humanity achieve happiness and wellbeing. And Jyorei is always given freely and without obligation (a donation is traditional offered but not required) by Shumei members to whomever seek its many benefits.

Contact: Masanobu Saigo
Company: Jyorei
Phone: 403-873-1815

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Avicii Day Spa : ... Booth: 56

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Contact: Chey Barter
Company: Avicii Day Spa
Phone: 306-761-2212

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Global One Imports: Reflexology Tens Machine Booth: 59
Reflexology Tens Machine

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Contact: Terry Leblanc
Company: Global One Imports
Phone: 306-292-0202

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