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South Hill Designs: ... Booth: 217

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Contact: Patrice Altwasser
Company: South Hill Designs
Phone: 306-465-2267

Pixie Glass Works: ... Booth: 219

Pixie Glassworks is an Edmonton-based glassblowing studio that is best known for their line of glass aromatherapy jewelry and their in-house blended essential oils.

Also affectionately known as Pixie Pendants, they are designed to slowly diffuse essential oils that bathe you in subtle healing aromas wherever you go.

The tiny open hole at the bottom of each one is pushed up to form an inverted funnel within the reservoir. This shape traps the oils using the same concept as a wasp trap.

Tip it, turn it upside down. The oil won't come out, but the scent will!

Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Jewelry; Jewelry that makes scents!

Contact: Breanne Byrne
Company: Pixie Glass Works
Phone: 780-436-4460

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Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic: ... Booth: 220

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Contact: Dr. Jennifer Bradshaw/ Dr Travis Cox
Company: Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic
Phone: (403) 475-6210

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Traditional Tibetan Medicine: 5000 Years of Body/Mind Healing Wisdom Booth: 221
5000 Years of Body/Mind Healing Wisdom

Traditional Tibetan medicine is founded from an eons-old traditional medical system that employs a complex approach to diagnosis, incorporating techniques such as pulse analysis and urinalysis and applies dietary and behavioural factors as well as medicines compounded from natural materials (e.g.mainly herbs and minerals) and physical therapies to treat illness.

Tibetan medicine is effective in all kinds of illness. It has proved particularly beneficial in the treatment of chronic diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, ulcers, chronic digestive problems, asthma, hepatitis, eczema, liver problems, skin diseases, sinus problems, anxiety and problems connected with the nervous system.

The basic theory of Tibetan medicine is to maintain or restore the balance the three subtle energies of the body. The long-term causative factors of these three energies are the three poisons of attachment,hatred and closed-mindedness which as foundational afflictive emotions create a common basis with Buddhist philosophy.

Amchi Kunga Chodak, experienced practitioner of traditional Tibetan medicine, comes from a long and well respected lineage of amchis originating in Kham, the Eastern region of Tibet. (Amchi: the Tibetan word for doctor)

Although born in Tibet, Amchi Kunga was compelled to flee his homeland and escape to India, where during his many years as a monk, he studied Buddhist philosophy and astrology along with Tibetan medicine.

His extensive knowledge and training passed down from generation to generation, combined with his intense studies at the monastery, has earned him recognition with the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine, in Dharamsala. He has also traveled extensively throughout Asia and after leaving the monastery, presided over many clinics in the Dharamsala, Goa and Ladakh regions of India.

Contact: Amchi Kunga
Company: Traditional Tibetan Medicine
Phone: 403-383-6019

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The Healing Touch : ... Booth: 222

The Healing Touch group of Healers provides healing assistance in the areas of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects in your life.

We offer expertise in "Energy Work" with your Chakras, Meridians and your Aura.

We also offer Massage Cupping, Reflexology, Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy and Access Consciousness classes. At this Expo we will be offering 20 min Hand Reflexology sessions for $20 and retailing a 4 piece Silicone Massage Cupping set for only $49.95

Contact: Glenn Hanson
Company: The Healing Touch
Phone: 403-863-3939

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Colour your World with Gems: Precious & Semi Precious Gem Stones Booth: 223
Precious & Semi Precious Gem Stones

We are wholesale gem dealers of natural, unheated, untreated, coloured precious and semi precious gemstones from Sri Lanka. We also have an interesting and informative display

Contact: Jeff Baron
Company: Colour your World with Gems
Phone: 403-616-6046

Passion Parties: ... Booth: 225

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Contact: Jaimie Tinling
Company: Passion Parties
Phone: 403-836-7408

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The Reflexology Experience : ... Booth: 226

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Contact: Erica Layton
Company: The Reflexology Experience
Phone: 587-892-4556

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The Goddess Healing Matrix System: ... Booth: 229

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Contact: Velva Silver-Hughes
Company: The Goddess Healing Matrix System
Phone: 403-558-0041

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Psychic Medium Josie Grouse : ... Booth: 300

Josie Grouse is an internationally-acclaimed spirit medium known for her unique ability to hear, see and speak to the Deceased Loved Ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides. She has helped thousands of people all over the world to find healing, love and spiritual guidance.

During readings Josie never uses cards or psychic tools, but connects straight to the Source to receive clear accurate messages from the spirit world. She will get your answers about past, present or future. Josie also channels free messages for the audience during the group mediumship session

Contact: Josie Grouse
Company: Psychic Medium Josie Grouse
Phone: 647-378-5045

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Fulfilling Soul: Fulfilling Soul Booth: 303
Fulfilling Soul

Sonia is a gifted psychic and intuitive reader, healer and hypnotherapist.
With compassion and warmth, Sonia teaches people to access the divine joy that is within each of us. She lets her clients know what she sees ahead for them, guiding them to make better choices in their present and future lives. Her clients appreciate her gentle yet straightforward style and report a very high level of accuracy in her readings. Because of her guidance, especially during challenges or turning points, Sonia's clients find a fresh awareness of their own potential and are better equipped to make positive decisions for the future.

"I consider it an honor to be a conduit for spiritual guidance and change," says Sonia. "It brings me great joy to be able to help people recognize how they are holding themselves back and then find positive ways to change."

Contact: Sonia Bakalchuk
Company: Fulfilling Soul
Phone: 888-392-9791

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Skintelligence: ... Booth: 304

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Contact: David Parker
Company: Skintelligence
Phone: 403.229.9474

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Monat Global: ... Booth: 306

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Contact: Zoya Khomyak
Company: Monat Global
Phone: 403-474-9968

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Cindy Marie Evans Psychic Medium (CME2C): Psychic Medium Booth: 308
Psychic Medium

Cindy is a gifted and compassionate psychic medium who has touched lives all over the world with her clairvoyant readings. Her main focus is connecting people with their loved ones who have crossed over. For Cindy, that brings her peace - and she wants to bring that same peace to her clients.

Cindy is also a powerful healer. Through her own spirituality and intuitive nature, she has been able to bring balance and harmony into her clients' lives.

Contact: Cindy Marie Evans
Company: Cindy Marie Evans Psychic Medium (CME2C)
Phone: 403-710-2340

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Munay Holistics: A Taste of Bali Booth: 309, b
A Taste of Bali

Munay Holistics and Clear Retreats welcomes you to a taste of Bali. Treat yourself to the transformational power of this spiritual culture, the clear water & warm sun, and compassionate self-care will help you reconnect with your divine self.

Come sample some of the transformational coaching techniques Liza will be guiding people through on this powerful retreat in Bali January 2016.

Sample Family Constellation work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and many more with Liza

Contact: Liza Hindmarch
Company: Munay Holistics
Phone: 250-344-5206

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Clear Retreat: a taste of Bali January 2016 Booth: 309, a
a taste of Bali January 2016

Clear Retreats welcomes you to a taste of Bali January 2016. Treat yourself to the transformational power of this spiritual culture. The clear water, warm sun and compassionate self care will help you reconnect with your best self. Come sample some of the transformational coaching techniques Liza will be guiding people through on this powerful retreat in Bali January 2016.Find us at booth 309 and experience:emotional freedom technique
and many more with Liza

Contact: Liza Hindmarch
Company: Clear Retreat
Phone: 250-344-5206

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Cosmic Gaia - Laura Eisenhower: US Presidents Great Granddaughter Booth: 310
US Presidents Great Granddaughter

What would the Great Grand Daughter of a U.S. President have to say about our world's current state of affairs?

Laura is a Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to reveal our true origins connected with the 'Magdalene' and 'Gaia-Sophia' energies of love and wisdom and works to liberate us from the Military Industrial Complex, the Archonic systems and false power structures.

Laura will be a Featured Lecture from 3:00pm - 4:00PM on Saturday.

Laura will also be presenting a workshop at this year's expo "Gaia-Sophia, Timelines & Global Alchemy" Navigating through the matrix!" on Sunday 12pm-2pm register click the link below.

Contact: Laura Eisenhower
Company: Cosmic Gaia - Laura Eisenhower
Phone: Gaia-Sophia, Timelines & Global Alchemy

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Clear Perspectives : Paths to Clarity Booth: 311
Paths to Clarity

Clear Perspectives' mission is to facilitate a path to clarity for clients through individual or group sessions, programs, and retreats. We are proud to be launching both the Self-Marriage and Divine Parenting programs here at the Body Soul Spirit Expo. These two unique programs are a result of over 10 years of personal growth and development work by individuals who donít just teach it Ė they LIVE it! The Intro to Self-Marriage workshop is being presented on Friday evening by the founders Ė Steven E. Cooley and Susan Le Clair. To find out more about these programs, please visit their respective websites at: and

Inlightin Energy provides Intuitive Numerology readings as its' main service. Tina De Luca, Founder, utilizes her gifts of clairvoyance and in-depth knowledge of Numerology to counsel clients towards clarity, comfort and confirmation. With over 25 years of experience, Tina has read for people around the globe, many of whom have become her regular clients. Tina is also a regularly-scheduled guest on the Virtual Vision FM web radio show. To find out more about Tina and Inlightin Energy, please visit:

Come and chat with Steven/Susan/Justin and Tina to find out more about what Clear Perspectives and Inlightin Energy can offer you!

Contact: Susan Le Clair
Company: Clear Perspectives
Phone: 403-970-7972

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Soul Sound Consciousness: And Channeling Mystic Insights Booth: 316
And Channeling Mystic Insights

Shera began working as a professional intuitive clairvoyant in 1983. She has done intuitive consulting sessions throughout Canada, the United States, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and England, Bermuda. Shera has participated in radio and television open line talk shows reading voice energy and answering listenerís questions. These shows have been in the US and Canada. She appeared as a regular...on Charles Adlerís Hot Talk show.

Her experience is diverse - ranging from clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, numerology, psychometry, auric fields, mediumship, palmistry, chakras, channelling healing energies, to dream interpretations and hypnosis. She has studied gestalt, dream analogy, energies through colour, sound and vibration, intuitive awareness with Patricia Hayes (who was mentored by medium Arthur Ford), goal setting, time management, and the Law of Attraction with Bob Proctor.

Shera works from the auric energy field which is the energy emanating from the person or surrounding the individual. The aura enables her to intuit spouse, family and agendas surrounding the person. This aids her in coaching in relationship interactions. She shares about relationships to come about, existing and former relationships.

Contact: Shera Farrell
Company: Soul Sound Consciousness
Phone: 403-238-2200

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Makami College : Massage Therapy Diploma Booth: 320, 324
Massage Therapy Diploma

MaKami College is a provincially accredited Private Vocational College offering a 3,000 Hour diploma program in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy.

Founded in 2001, MaKami College is the largest massage therapy school in Alberta offering the highest level of instructional training available with its 3,000 Hour massage therapy program. With campuses in both Edmonton and Calgary, MaKami offers professional and highly trained massage therapy instructors, hands on training, work experience opportunities and plenty of one-on-one attention.

MaKami also strives to help people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their educational dreams with various Student Services to assist in areas such as financial support, free tutoring and ESL.

Contact: Shannon Snider
Company: Makami College
Phone: 780-468-3454

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The Medicine Man Gallery: ... Booth: 323, 327

Magnetic therapy items, Semi precious gemstone jewellery, Crystals and special handmade clothing and much more.

Contact: Paul Or Lorna Richard
Company: The Medicine Man Gallery
Phone: 250-494-0540

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