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Lecture Schedule
Craig Nicolson: The Divine Mother Saturday
6:30 PM
The Divine Mother

Who is the Divine Mother? What is the purpose of having a new rosary? How does it help us realize our self as one with the risen of the universe? The Divine Mother is a fountain of life that tis deep inside, and it is awakened in our earthly life.

Hillory Hanson: Multi-Dimensional Readings with Hillory Hansonil Sunday
11:30 am
 Multi-Dimensional Readings with Hillory Hansonil

Come experience readings done with a multi-dimensional worker. A mystic, psychic, experienced medium and energy healer that works with multiple realms in one sitting! Come and feel Hillory for yourself!

Della Reside: Cellular Consciousness Healing Sunday
12:00 PM
Cellular Consciousness Healing

Della inspires her audience by sharing her groundbreaking work in cellular consciousness that has made a significant impact on many lives. 

Experience her authentic wisdom as she draws from her personal experience and professional education to deliver the messages of empowered self-care. 

Her talks are informative thought provoking and inspirational as she shares true stories of healing, change and transformation. These stories help others understand how emotions, experiences and trauma can get stuck in there energetic field and affect everything they do. 

Della is also hosting a Workshop Finding Wisdom Within

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Share International: The Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom Sunday
12:30 PM
The Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom

For more than 40 years, international journalists have charted this "story of the millennium" – the immanent emergence into our everyday physical world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Expected by the various religions as their 'Awaited One', Maitreya will inaugurate the new Aquarian Age of peace, justice and sharing. As the Avatar of the present Aquarian Age, He has come for all humanity to demonstrate for each of us the FACT of our divinity and to show us the way through our current challenging economic, political and environmental problems. This event is the biggest story in 2000 years and you won't want to miss hearing about the incredible "Day of Declaration" happening right around the corner.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich,: Cycles of Consciousness - Now is the time of Awakening Sunday
1:00 PM
Cycles of Consciousness - Now is the time of Awakening

We are living in an age predicted by ancient, advanced civilizations who were YOU and ME in the past. Now, the age of Inner Awakening is at hand. Listen to a fascinating lecture with Dr. Richard Jelusich as he discusses: Cycles and Rhythms of Time – why we are awakening so quickly; The Yugas – Ancient Indian 26,000 cycles of consciousness
The Mayan Calendar – the only calendar that predicts when a certain consciousness would appear; Tools we can use to further understand and empower ourselves. The time for us to understand more clearly who we really are is NOW!

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Cindy Smith, AEP: Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth Sunday
2:00 PM
Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth

Have you visited a location and felt something different when you were there? Yes, we can all visit somewhere new and the beauty of the place will shift our vibration; perhaps in the simple fact we feel the joy and awe or wonder. I also work with Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth and pay attention to what I feel; a change in heart rate or breathing, a lightness or heaviness within physi¬cal, how my emotions respond, my skin tingles so I get what I call, “An¬gel Bumps”. I would love to share my experiences in Ireland and our Celtic Angels Tours and The Divine Vortex Retreat in our Rocky Mountains. Learn how to work with our Mother Earth and Divine Vibration for Healing Peace and a lift of your Spirit the healing power of Archangel Raphael. Attend and enjoy. Free Draw at the Lecture.

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2:30 PM

Our lymphatic system regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. A healthy Lymphatic system is a sign of healthy body and balanced Chakras also.

According to Chakra system, the energy associated with Sacral Chakra is responsible for fluids circulation besides emotional balance and sexuality.

Emotional blockages disturb Sacral and Heart Chakras affecting lymphatic flow, which affects the health of the organs associated with these Chakras. Common symptoms are menstrual imbalances, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast conditions, besides painful lower/ upper back, neck shoulders etc.

Dr. Ratan explains how manual lymph drainage can clear the emotional blockages and Chakra balancing besides relieving symptoms.

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Julie Robinson: Angelic Interventions Sunday
3:00 PM
Angelic Interventions

Join renowned Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher Julie Robinson as she gives Angelic Interventions.

Angelic Interventions are channeled Angel messages dedicating to healing through readings and communications that are designed to initiate realizations, forgiveness, peace, clarity and more.

The aim is to aid people in crisis such as depression, severed life purpose alignment, health issues, relationship challenges, family struggles, etc, and to shift their consciousness, to recover and to acknowledge the Angels presence in their so that they feel more validated and elevated.

This event will be groundbreaking and life changing and you might be chosen for a transformative message!

Visit my booth #138.

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Kjarlune Rae: Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams & Live Psychic Audience Sessions Sunday
3:30 PM
Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams & Live Psychic Audience Sessions

Kjarlune Rae is currently celebrating her 8th year as a M.C at the BSSE and her 11th year doing live shows with us. Come and enjoy some fun while Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae shares some secrets to attracting your dreams while answering your questions using her psychic gifts. As Canada's Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune works with police solving cases, T.V and has radio shows in Calgary and Montreal as well as live shows all over Canada. In her office, she does Clairvoyant sessions, life coaching, relationship coaching, hypnotherapy and has been teaching Intuition development for the last 15 years. Kjarlune does not take appointments at the BSSE, but you can talk to her at the expo.

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Jodie Rollins: Messages and Mediumship Sunday
4:00 PM
Messages and Mediumship

Join, Psychic Medium Jodie Rollins for an always entertaining and interesting lecture about Mediumship  how she discovered she was a medium, and how it has shaped her life. Including some great stories from her experiences with ghosts and spirits.

Jodie will then share her gift of Mediumship and bring through some messages to members of the audience.

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Tammy & The Council: Direct Channeling Session with the Council (new) Sunday
4:30 PM
Direct Channeling Session with the Council (new)

Tammy is the Direct Channeler of the angels of The Council. Come and hear her and the angels answer your questions about the spiritual journey, death, money, relationships, healing, and much more. Tammy is in Edmonton and teaches channeling workshops each month.

Tammy is also offering a Workshop Tammy & The Council

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Jane Liu: Power Bio-Energy Healing (Part 3) Sunday
Power Bio-Energy Healing (Part 3)

Do you have back pain? Knee pain? Hands, arms, feet or heels pain? Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Or stomach, liver and intestine issues? Do you have some sort of incurable disease? In our system, we have different kinds of viruses, overgrowing bacteria, chronic inflammations, and heavy metals. A lot of us suffer from low body temperature, acidic bodies and poor circulation. Our system is like a computer. Once a while, we need to take a break and get everything checked. Use a good tool to clear those viruses, overgrowing bacteria, and heavy metals out. Bio-Energy Healing is a powerful and very effective tool. It can work on your deepest organs and detox that stagnant energy out of your system. In one sentence, it works. I deeply hope there are more and more people begin to use this safe, powerful tool to protect ourselves, our family, and friends. Please do stop by at booth #322. I will provide a free 10 min energy field scan and consultation. I am here to get your questions answered.

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Craig Nicolson: The Divine Mother Sunday
5:30 PM
The Divine Mother

Who is the Divine Mother? What is the purpose of having a new rosary? How does it help us realize our self as one with the risen of the universe? The Divine Mother is a fountain of life that tis deep inside, and it is awakened in our earthly life.

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