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Lecture Schedule
Jodie Rollins: Messages and Mediumship Sunday
1:00 PM
Messages and Mediumship

Join, Psychic Medium Jodie Rollins for an always entertaining and interesting lecture about Mediumship  how she discovered she was a medium, and how it has shaped her life. Including some great stories from her experiences with ghosts and spirits.

Jodie will then share her gift of Mediumship and bring through some messages to members of the audience.

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Della Reside: Cellular Consciousness Healing Sunday
1:30 PM
Cellular Consciousness Healing

Della inspires her audience by sharing her groundbreaking work in cellular consciousness that has made a significant impact on many lives. Experience her authentic wisdom as she draws from her personal experience and professional education to deliver the messages of empowered self-care. Her talks are informative thought provoking and inspirational as she shares true stories of healing, change and transformation. These stories help others understand how emotions, experiences and trauma can get stuck in there energetic field and affect everything they do

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Cindy Smith, AEP: Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program Sunday
2:00 PM
Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program

Learn about this new innovative technique working with Archangel Raphael. Dr. Carl Le Roux and Cindy Smith believe by working with the 3 minds (conscious, unconscious, Higher Conscious) and the physical body this program is life changing for people who want to make change with illness and overall wellbeing. The focus of this program is to encourage the 3 minds to work together which includes your free will/ ego and promotes congruency within to truly receive and believe in the Powerful Healing of Archangel Raphael and the Divine. During this lecture you have the opportunity to experience the healing power of Archangel Raphael. Attend and enjoy. Free Draw at the Lecture

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Dawn Jenkins : Pain Management Sunday
2:30 PM
Pain Management

Aches, pain and inflammation can cause you to loss function and mobility in your body. Join Dawn Jenkins as she talks about natural ways to manager your pain effectively.

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Edmonton QHHT: What is QHHT? Sunday
3:00 PM
What is QHHT?

QHHT Edmonton, What is QHHT? Join Kara and Julie for a conversation on Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a wonderful method of hypnosis that allows the client to view Past Lives and speak with their Highest Self, home to the innate wisdom contained within us all. This is an opportunity for you to ask us questions about our method, so don't be shy!

We will also be doing a fun Group Regression Workshop on Sunday November 5th, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Advance tickets for this workshop are available here. The workshop provides you with an opportunity to experience a light state of hypnosis as well as viewing a past life, a glimpse of a future life and meeting your Spirit Guide.

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Cindy Smith, AEP,: Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth Sunday
3:30 PM
Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth

Have you visited a location and felt something different when you were there? Yes, we can all visit somewhere new and the beauty of the place will shift our vibration; perhaps in the simple fact we feel the joy and awe or wonder. I also work with Divine Vortex Vibration with Mother Earth and pay attention to what I feel; a change in heart rate or breathing, a lightness or heaviness within physical, how my emotions respond, my skin tingles so I get what I call, “Angel Bumps”. I would love to share my experiences in Ireland and our Celtic Angels Tours and The Divine Vortex Retreat in our Rocky Mountains. Learn how to work with our Mother Earth and Divine Vibration for Healing Peace and a lift of your Spirit the healing power of Archangel Raphael. Attend and enjoy. Free Draw at the Lecture.

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Chandler Armstrong: Astrology, Reincarnation and the Chakra Sunday
4:30 PM
Astrology, Reincarnation and the Chakra

5th generation mysteries school trained esoteric astrologer takes you on the journey of the soul thought incarnation and evolution through a guided meditation that will guide your thought the 7 planetary realms and how each is associated with the 7 chakras. Learn how esoteric astrology looks at the "intention of incarnation" from the perceptive of why the greater you choose to participate life. In addition to why you incarnated it also contains all the potentials of the authentic self that you brought into this life (dharma) as well as what challenges (karma). Time permitting, Chandler will do a brief esoteric astrological reading for one or two audience members.

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