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CALGARY EXPO SPRING 2018 Lecture Schedule
Kimberley Buckler : Spirit & Soul Healing Saturday
5:30 PM
Spirit & Soul Healing

In 2002 Kimberley Buckler became a certified Usui Reiki Master and is a strong intuitive.

Along with the Reiki treatments she works with the Akashic Records, intuitive readings, reflexology, crystal healing, Business / Home Energy & Entity Clearing, Past Life Regression and facilitates workshops.

Kimberley practices energy work in all the treatments that she does along with sharing empowering message that can be a catalyst for change.

Her book called the ďEssence Of Who We AreĒ was published in November 2015. Her 2nd book ďThe Essentials of Natural HealingĒ was published in October 2017.
Kimberley's talk will be about both books and the importance of healing on all levels.

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Love Unleashed Caralee Rast: Womenís Sexuality Saturday
6:00 PM
Womenís Sexuality

Join Love, Sex, Relationship Coach Cara Rast for a holistic, and neuroscience packed talk, discussing womenís Sexuality, and why owning your feminine fire, pleasure and primal nature is probably the missing key to all lack luster areas of your life; Not to mention the greatest tool we were never taught how to use. Your relationship with your Sexuality affects Work, Relationships, and Creative pursuits. Trust me ladies you donít want to miss this! (PG13)

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Kathy Briant: Kathy Briant Psychic Medium Sunday
11:00 AM
Kathy Briant Psychic Medium

Kathy Briant is a psychic medium and has experience both as a platform reader and one on one with clients. She has been a reader for over two decades, beginning with Tarot, then Reiki, then gaining knowledge about Crystals and their uses and properties and finally, Mediumship. A medium, clairvoyant and healer, she gently reveals present issues as well as the past and future for your consideration. Kathy has worked in healing environments as a Reiki Master, one on one with clients for many years and has a deep connection with others at the soul level yet still demonstrates a grounded practicality and a good sense of humor.

Trained by local spiritualists as well as by well-known mediums from the famous Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship in Stansted, England, Kathy is able to contact the spirit world and bring forth your loved ones, providing evidence of contact and bringing messages from beyond.

As well she can help with healing as a Reiki Master, correcting energy imbalances in Chakras and providing relief from medical issues. She also offers: Tarot cards, ribbon readings and stone castings to assist in understanding your past, present and future.

Readings are $20 for 15 minutes.

For sale are a limited variety of crystals, Tarot cards, jewelry and art cards.

Come see her at Booth 201, near the entrance.

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Victoria Johnson: Your Psychology around Money and More! Sunday
11:30 AM
Your Psychology around Money and More!

Many of us have heard the expression 'change your thoughts, change your life.' While this is a great first step, what about changing belief systems that we might not even be aware that we have? In this entertaining and belief barrier crushing presentation Victoria will help you recognize what has been holding you back offer solutions for overcoming those obstacles.

Imagine a life where you can easily recognize what is holding you back or stopping you from going forward.

Then imagine knowing just what to do when you spot these patterns in your life. The world becomes yours. You can achieve your financial goals (and more) while living a passion-filled life. Practical take-home tools and resources make this a must-attend event.

Victoria has been introducing these tools to lecture participants around the world since 2013. She is the national trainer for Heal Your Lifeģ Workshops and Coaches and is a certified Personality Dimensionsģ facilitator.

In addition, she is an internationally trained business coach, and holds multiple certifications making her a sought-after coach, trainer and presenter.

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Maureen Edwardson: Command Your Own Personal Universe! Sunday
Command Your Own Personal Universe!

Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), developed by Maureen Edwardson, is a practical application of the Unified Field Theory Physics of Nassim Haramein taught to lay people through The Resonance Academy online and global presentations by Jamie Janover, who we are privileged to have at this Expo.

Come and experience IRTís effortless protocol that empowers you to clear the way to the central co-creative force of your own Personal Universe, in balance and harmony with All That Is!

You will leave with a practical tool for every day clearing, realigning, and creating the life you choose.

Find Maureen in Booth 131

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Julie Robinson: Angelic Interventions Sunday
12:30 PM
Angelic Interventions

Angelic Interventions are channeled messages dedicating to healing through Angel readings and communications that are designed to initiate realizations, forgiveness, peace, clarity and more. The aim of Julie Robinson and the angelís Angelic Interventions are to aid people in crisis such as depression, severed life purpose alignment, health issues, relationship challenges, family struggles, etc, and to shift their consciousness, to recover and to acknowledge the Angels presence in their so that they feel more validated and elevated.

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Karen McBride: Christ Light Energy Healing Sunday
1:00 PM
Christ Light Energy Healing

Karen McBride is a Mystic Healer and channels the Christ Consciousness energy. She will be talking about energy and healing and who is actually doing the healing, as well as doing a demonstration during her lectures to show how she does her sessions. At her booth she will be offering Dragon Eye Pendants for sale (she hand made herself)and some wire wrapped crystals. She will also be offering healing sessions at a special rate during the show and booking at a later date.

phone: 416-567-7867

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Share International Network: The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom Sunday
1:30 PM
The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom

For more than 40 years, international journalists have charted this "story of the millennium" Ė the immanent emergence into our everyday physical world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Expected by the various religions as their 'Awaited One', Maitreya will inaugurate the new Aquarian Age of peace, justice and sharing. As the Avatar of the present Aquarian Age, He has come for all humanity to demonstrate for each of us the FACT of our divinity and to show us the way through our current challenging economic, political and environmental problems. This event is the biggest story in 2000 years and you won't want to miss hearing about the incredible "Day of Declaration" happening right around the corner!

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Anthony Stephan: Achieving optimal brain health - Rising to your potential! Sunday
2:00 PM
Achieving optimal brain health - Rising to your potential!

Join Anthony Stephan and learn how our moods and outlooks on life naturally improve as we feed our brain and body proper nutrition, allowing for us to become more energetic, positive and vibrant beings. He will be sharing his personal story of trauma and loss that led to a leading edge discovery in the field of mental health, that is now backed by ground breaking research and 34 medical journal publications. Come listen to Anthony as he provides information on how you can simply improve your mental health and advance your journey to becoming your best self through powerful nutrient supplementation.


After losing his wife, the mother of his 10 children, to suicide and then watching his children go down the same dark path when psychiatric medications didnít help, Anthony Stephan desperately sought for an answer to heal his family. Through unusual circumstances, his prayers were answered, and for the past 22 years Anthony has made it his mission to bless others in eliminating mental illness the way that he and his family have been blessed. Today, Anthony runs Truehope Nutritional Support, an organization that has persisted in the face of great opposition to continue the progress of research and scientific discoveries in the field of mental health. Discoveries that ultimately have served to transform tens of thousands of lives by identifying and addressing the root causes of mental illness.

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Jodie Rollins: Messages from Spirit Sunday
3:00 PM
Messages from Spirit

Join Jodie Rollins for an interactive and entertaining lecture on mediumship and messages.  

 Jodie will begin with an explanation of mediumship connections and the spirit world as well as the difference between your guides and angels, or your team as she calls them, and your departed loved ones. She will also share how she discovered she was a medium and how it has shaped her life. 

She will then bring messages from those who have passed on, and / or  Spirit Guides  to a variety of people in attendance.


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Hillary Hanson: Universal Embodiment Sunday
3:30 PM
Universal Embodiment

Hillory of Universal Embodiment will be sharing a new line of channeled elixirs that everyone needs to know about! These elixirs offer "vibrational assistance for energetic challenges". Do you experience anxiety, depression, worry, empathic fatigue or insomnia? Tired of being broke? Come enjoy some mini readings and hear about an exciting new option for energetic and emotional support!

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Dr. Margot McKinnon: Are You Yearning to Find an Undiscovered Part of Yourself? Sunday
4:00 PM
Are You Yearning to Find an Undiscovered Part of Yourself?

Nothing is missing in you. There are only undiscovered parts yearning to be seen. The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory will show you how your personality type can thrive in a Body/Mind world and how your stress behaviour can sabotage your pathway to a fulfilling career, financial prosperity, and deep and meaningful relationships, without you even knowing it.

Love Unleashed Caralee Rast: Menís Sexuality Sunday
4:30 PM
Menís Sexuality

Join Love, Sex, Relationship Coach Cara Rast for a holistic discussion of Menís Sexuality, and the shifting landscape of what it means to be a man in popular culture. We discuss the male model of sexuality and how it differs so greatly from a womanís, uncovering some key, incentivising, components to your partner and her sex-drive. Whether you are long time married, freshly coupled up, or single and looking for a love, there is information to enhance your connection and create deeper intimacy with woman. Who doesnít want more connection and intimacy, right? Then I suggest you check out this Talk! (PG13)

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