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Debra Metzker Meehl: Joyful Transformation: It’s not Hard Sunday
Joyful Transformation:  It’s not Hard

As spiritual beings having a human experience, how do we reconcile our spiritual essence with human existence? How do we cope with the everyday in light of our divine heritage.

Many of us spend our entire lives running from feeling, believing that we cannot bear the pain or shame or suffering. But the immortal diamond at your core is only refined through the heat and pressure of both pain and pleasure.

There is always a way to step into divine flow based upon the emotion you are feeling at any given moment. But you must be able to tolerate and modulate that emotional response in order to fully stabilize your divine connection. This is where distress tolerance becomes invaluably essential.

Harmonizing your spiritual essence with your human being-ness is the truest form of authenticity, and is key to living in consistent alignment with your divinely inspired purpose. Once we raise our threshold to tolerate distress and learn the skills to quiet our minds, then we can truly connect to all that is and live – each and every moment – within the divine flow of life.

You will learn all of this and more in Joyful Transformation, as Debra Meehl guides through practical and easy-to-master skills that help you transform your life and relationships.

Debra will also be presenting a workshop Shamanic Transformation-How to Heal and Stay Healed

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Angel Empowerment & Hands on Healing Practitioner : Own Your Health in All Areas of Life Sunday
12:00 PM
Own Your Health in All Areas of Life

We invite you to join Pat, Carrie, and Harriet (Certified AEP/Hands on Healing Practitioners) to learn about and experience the amazing energy and benefits of AEP Hands on Healing.

The creators of this modality, Dr. Carl Le Roux and Cindy Smith, AEP, truly believe that by working with the three minds (conscious, unconscious, higher conscious) as well as the physical body, this program will be life changing.

The premise is that as the Practitioner flows through the healing energy of Archangel Raphael to a cellular level for your body to receive; the practitioner states words for you to repeat aloud.

This allows the three minds to work together - including your free will and ego - and encourages congruency within to truly receive the powerful healing of Archangel Raphael and the Divine.

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Jodie Rolllins: Messages from Spirit Sunday
12:30 PM
Messages from Spirit

Join Jodie Rollins for an interactive and entertaining lecture on mediumship and messages. 

Jodie will begin with an explanation of mediumship connections and the spirit world as well as the difference between your guides and angels, or your team as she calls them, and your departed loved ones. She will also share how she discovered she was a medium and how it has shaped her life.

She will then bring messages from those who have passed on, and / or  Spirit Guides  to a variety of people in attendance. 


Join me, International Psychic Medium Jodie Rollins for a super fun 2-hour workshop! Learn to develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities as well as how to better communicate with your guides and angels. Everyone is welcome!

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Della Reside: Cellular Consciousness Healing Sunday
1:00 PM
Cellular Consciousness Healing

Della inspires her audience by sharing her groundbreaking work in cellular consciousness that has made a significant impact on many lives. Experience her authentic wisdom as she draws from her personal experience and professional education to deliver the messages of empowered self-care.

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Crystal McRae: Infinite Potential Center Presents: You Are A Person, Not A Disease Sunday
1:30 PM
Infinite Potential Center Presents: You Are A Person, Not A Disease

The moment we take responsibility for our current state of health, well-being and results, is the moment we become 100% responsible for improving them and ourselves, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It can be overwhelming and confusing when you begin to integrate a holistic natural approach to your health and lifestyle or perhaps you want to discover more options. That's where our team at the Center is of service to you.

Happiness, health, well-being, energy and abundance is your birthright. Join us as we empower the audience to discover more about you and your infinite potential on all planes of existence emphasizing the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Stress. Anxiety. Weight Management. Sleep. Inflammation. Gut Health.

Discover the root cause of the most common ailments and receive a checklist of what you can be doing today to improve your health, wellness and results.

Infinite Potential Center is opening in Regina this July and it is the largest, premier holistic health center to offer 9 practitioner rooms, 2 classrooms, health conscious eatery and a one stop shop for products, services and support.

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David Stephan: Achieving Brain & Thyroid Health - Improving Life Substantially Sunday
2:00 PM
Achieving Brain & Thyroid Health - Improving Life Substantially

Join David Stephan and learn how our moods and outlooks on life naturally change as we improve brain and thyroid function, allowing for us to become more energetic, positive and vibrant beings. He will be providing information on how you can simply improve your life and advance your journey to becoming your best self through powerful nutrient supplementation

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Ravi Rattan: Chakras & Vibrational Healing Sunday
3:00 PM
Chakras & Vibrational Healing

Dr. Ravi Rattan, - Chakras & Vibrational Healing - Our health and vibrations are affected by extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors. Extrinsic factors include our living area and surroundings, which have a major impact on our energies, besides other factors like Polarity, Numbers, and Geometry playing an important role. Intrinsic factors are the result of our values, thoughts, perceptions and our lifestyles. Each one of us processes emotions and thoughts differently, negative thoughts and emotions bring our vibrations down and when our vibrations are low they affect our immune system, health, relationships and career. All psychosomatic disorders are the result of low vibrations and their impact on our Chakras. While positive thoughts and emotions like enthusiasm help to take our vibrations up. We all have the ability of perk up our energy vibrations experience joy and healthfulness in life. Best among the vibrational healing tools are Yoga, Meditation, essential oils and Crystals, Dr. Ratan from Mumbai India explains the benefits of each of them.

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Stacey Matos: Green Fall’s Landing Sunday
3:30 PM
Green Fall’s Landing

Opening this summer, Green Falls Landing is a luxurious, environmentally friendly, campus-style retirement residence with a full continuum of care from seniors’ apartments to independent supportive living, assisted living and memory care. Set on seven acres, Green Falls Landing features unique dining experiences, convenient on-site retail stores and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Here residents can age-in-place as their needs change and live their lives to the fullest.

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Tyler Kleppe: Awaken the Alchemist Within Sunday
4:00 PM
Awaken the Alchemist Within

What if the toxic lead in your life could be transformed into gold? So many of us on this planet are suffering and feel stuck in our current reality. What if the issue you are facing isn't a curse but really a blessing in disguise? What if this world isn't out to get you but the universe is actually conspiring for your greater good? Regardless of the issue, whether it's panic attacks, unhealthy relationships or chronic illness there is hope!

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Caralee Rast: Men’s Sexuality Sunday
4:30 PM
Men’s Sexuality

Join Love, Sex, Relationship Coach Cara Rast for a holistic discussion of Men’s Sexuality, and the shifting landscape of what it means to be a man in popular culture. We discuss the male model of sexuality and how it differs so greatly from a woman’s, uncovering some key, incentivising, components to your partner and her sex-drive. Whether you are long time married, freshly coupled up, or single and looking for a love, there is information to enhance your connection and create deeper intimacy with woman. Who doesn’t want more connection and intimacy, right? Then I suggest you check out this Talk! (PG13)

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Chandler Armstrong: Reiki, Healing & Intention: An Interactive Experience Sunday
Reiki, Healing & Intention: An Interactive Experience

Discover Reiki the Universal Healing Energy and how it can bring about healing on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. Together with several Reiki Masters and Practitioners at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, you will experience a group reiki healing attunement as multiple Reiki practitioners perform the “beaming technique” and invites audience member to join us in a group healing where all participants receive a crystal that will be energized with their healing intentions and taken home with them as a healing tool. If you are a Reiki Master, you are also invited to join us as part of this session!

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Jo Lynn: The Wheel of Life Honoring Your Spirit Sunday
5:30 PM
The Wheel of Life Honoring Your Spirit

Jo-Lynn's talk is on Ancient Cultural Ways and the Medicine Wheel Directions/Elements. Step into The Wheel of Life, Journey into Your Energy Field and Centers with the Angels, messengers, creator. Understanding that everything is a Reflection is Self-Empowering and a Natural State of Being

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