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Lecture Schedule
James R. Kirouac QHHT Practitioner : Spiritual Past Life Regression using Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Sunday
1:00 PM
Spiritual Past Life Regression using Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

James will be lecturing on his technique of Past Life Regression. The technique he uses has been perfected over the past 45 years by the late Dolores Cannon. She has witnessed many miracles, such as AIDS being eradicated from the body, curing cancer, and so much more.

Past Life Regression is quickly becoming a mainstream therapy. It has recently been profiled on Dr. Oz. He stated, "The idea of tapping into past lives as a form of therapy is starting to capture the attention of many Doctors and Scientists. Begging the question is there real science behind Spirit."

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy has a unique characteristic, in that it allows the practitioner to communicate with the higher self. Connecting and communicating with the higher self has numerous benefits.

James is also offering a workshop "Past LIVES, Spirit Guides, Angels Plus Progression to Future Lives". Click button below to Register

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Rosanna Ienco Barned: Vision Quest Sunday
1:30 PM
Vision Quest

If your soul had a message for you, what would it be? Have you ever heard and listened to the whispers of your soul? Rosanna will guide you into a vision quest so that you can meet with your soul messenger. Discover how to use vision questing to receive messages from spirit guides, power animals, angels, archangels and departed loved ones from the other side. She will show you how to track Synchronicity in your life and how to use it as your treasure map. She will also offer random readings to the audience with messages from spirit guides. Come and see what messages are waiting for you. Visit booth # 306 to be entered into a draw for a free reading.

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Todd Lorentz: Humanity at the Crossroads Sunday
2:00 PM
Humanity at the Crossroads

Few can deny the incredible transformation that is now sweeping throughout our planet. Fewer, still, understand the purpose of these changes or the tremendous event now unfolding behind the scenes. Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has benefited from Enlightened Guides and Teachers who show the way forward in times of great difficulty. Today, as the world grapples with deepening crisis on every front, an entire group of such Teachers stand ready to offer their wise counsel and inspiration. Soon the head of this group, Maitreya—the World Teacher for the Aquarian Age—will emerge into full public awareness. Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom, will offer practical solutions to our most pressing global problems and point the way forward into a Golden Age of Justice, Sharing and Brotherhood. Come and hear this extraordinary story of hope and renewal

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Cindy Smith: Vibrational Connection with Land and Angels Sunday
2:30 PM
Vibrational Connection with Land and Angels

Have you visited a location and felt something different when you were there?

My last Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland solidified for me how different areas on Mother Earth hold a different vibration.
My ability to feel the vibrational shift within my physical became much stronger.
Yes, we can all visit somewhere new and the beauty of the place will shift our vibration; perhaps in the simple fact we feel the joy and awe or wonder.

However, I now enter an Energy Vortex or location and pay attention to what I feel; a change in heart rate or breathing, a lightness or heaviness within physical, how my emotions respond, my skin tingles so I get what I call, “Angel Bumps”.
I am in awe with how much awareness has become apparent for me when I enter certain locations. Join us to learn more about vibration connection with land and Angels & look at some amazing pictures from our Ireland Tour.

Free Draw at the Lecture! Visit our booth #121 & #122

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Francesca Blackstock RSW: TantricPath Seminars & Coaching: Tantra is a Path to Joy, Passion & Connection for Everyone! Sunday
3:30 PM
Tantra is a Path to Joy, Passion & Connection for Everyone!

The word ‘Tantra’ comes from the Sanskrit language; it means ‘to weave’ together all the different & sometimes contradictory parts in each of us, and to increase our sexual energy & weave it throughout our body & our lives.

Join Francesca for this fun, informative & experiential talk about love, life & how Tantra will open the door to deeper passion; no matter your age, gender, relationship status or sexual preference!

Tantra is an everyday experience, for ordinary people. People with ‘flaws’; who may or may not identify themselves as spiritual people. People raising kids or taking care of elderly parents or trying to find time to be alone together without distractions, or hoping to find a partner for a fulfilling relationship.

Lost intimacy, connection & sexual passion have become a way of life for many people in our busy culture. Francesca will show you how you can heal the past & become more loving, vibrant & passionate whether you are in a relationship or hoping to find that perfect someone.

People attending the lecture will be eligible for a $50 reduction on a one hour private session if purchased at the show. (Regular fees are $150 per hour. Session fees are covered by many Insurance Plans)

Visit Booth # 216 to learn more about Tantra Workshops, Private Sessions & Relationship Coaching

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Joseph-Mark Cohen: Sacred Sites on the Earth Grid Sunday
5:00 PM
Sacred Sites on the Earth Grid

This talking and multimedia presentation (slide show) will take you to Sedona, Egypt, Turkey, Malta Israel, the British Isles, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil & Manitoulin Island, via photography, story-telling & suggested ceremonials that your inner child will love! Joseph-Mark has been roving the Earth & guiding Earth Mysteries Travel tours for over 40 years. His home base is the Crystal Dome Retreat near Kootenay Lake, British Columbia See for more information.

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