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Lecture Schedule
Dianne Szlabey: Heal Your Life Sunday
2:00 PM
 Heal Your Life

If you a fan of the book by Louise Hay, you love this lecture! Join Certified Louise Hay Heal your life practitioner to learn how to heal your life thought changing your thoughts, as well as learn how to use affirmations and other tools to improve your health, emotional well-being, life situation, personal growth and spiritual evolution and much more. Dianne will also be answering questions and working with audience members suggesting affirmations to help them with their specific needs.

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Jacqueline Nuesch: Curious What Your Chakras Say About You? Sunday
2:30 PM
Curious What Your Chakras Say About You?

Join Jacqueline Nuesch from Vibe H2O to explore your bodies energetic Chakra system. Take her Chakra test to determine what areas may be out of alignment in your life. Learn how to adjust these areas and bring them back into balance. Experience first hand how the different Chakras interact to influence your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing as you sample her line of Gemstone Essences and Sprays in an interactive group setting.

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Paula Hopwood: Messages We Receive: Divine Is Calling…Connect Now Sunday
3:00 PM
Messages We Receive: Divine Is Calling…Connect Now

Join gifted intuitive, coach, author, and inspirational speaker Paula Hopwood, in this discussion on ways that Divine speaks with us daily.

Hear her story how the messages she heard led her from a life of abuse and adversity into a life of abundance and love.

Learn how to interact with Divine in more ways and with more clarity.

Come away enlightened with a closer connection to Divine and the many ways to receive Divine’s messages.

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Chandler Armstrong: Reiki, Healing & Intention: An Interactive Experience Sunday
4:30 PM
Reiki, Healing & Intention: An Interactive Experience

Discover Reiki the Universal Healing Energy and how it can bring about healing on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. Together with other invited Reiki Masters and Practitioners at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, you will experience a group reiki healing attunement as multiple Reiki practitioners perform the “beaming technique” and invites audience member to join us in a group healing where all participants receive a crystal that will be energized with their healing intentions and taken home with them as a healing tool. If you are a Reiki Master, you are also invited to join us as part of this session!

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Tammy and the Council: Live Q&A with the Angels of “The Council” and Tammy The Angel Medium Sunday
5:00 PM
 Live Q&A with the Angels of “The Council” and Tammy The Angel Medium

Speak directly with the angels of The Council and hear their message for you! Tammy, The Angel Medium and the Channeler for the angelic group The Council, will host a live channeled Q&A with audience members. Tammy and The Council have advised and coached clients and organizations from throughout North America and Europe for over 20 years. In addition to channeling The Council, Tammy teaches people how to indirectly channel messages (Mediumship) from their own loved ones who have passed away, empowering people to talk directly with loved ones whenever they choose without assistance.

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