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Dr. Ravi Ratan Sharma: CHAKRAS & PSYCHOSOMATIC HEALTH - Sunday
2:00 PM

Our mental emotional state impacts our health at physical and physiological level through our Chakras, since the body memory is more than the brain memory, hence we hold our issues in the tissues. Emotional blockages affect Sacral Chakra, causing lymphatic blockages leading to lower back pain, menstrual problems, depression etc. Our attachments lead to feelings of anguish & hurt causing heart chakra blockages, affecting heart, breasts, neck and shoulder. Dr. Ratan explains how our mental emotional state leads to Chakras imbalances and disease, besides guiding you to Chakra balancing techniques.

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Cindy Smith: Vibrational Connection with Land and Angels Sunday
3:00 PM
Vibrational Connection with Land and Angels

Have you visited a location and felt something different when you were there? My last Celtic Angel Sacred Tour to Ireland solidified for me how different areas on Mother Earth hold a different vibration. My ability to feel the vibrational shift within my physical became much stronger. Yes, we can all visit somewhere new and the beauty of the place will shift our vibration; perhaps in the simple fact we feel the joy and awe or wonder. However, I now enter an Energy Vortex or location and pay attention to what I feel; a change in heart rate or breathing, a lightness or heaviness within physical, how my emotions respond, my skin tingles so I get what I call, “Angel Bumps”. I am in awe with how much awareness has become apparent for me when I enter certain locations. Join us to learn more about vibration connection with land and Angels & look at some amazing pictures from our Ireland Tour.

Free Draw at the Lecture! Visit our booth #20-22

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Lauren Heistad: Angels, Miracles, and Energy Healing Sunday
3:30 PM
Angels, Miracles, and Energy Healing

Intuitive Healer, psychic medium and author, Lauren Heistad shares personal stories of angelic interventions and miraculous healings. Lauren demonstrates our inner abilities to facilitate positive change within the body, mind and soul. Through personal accounts, Lauren provides inspiration and motivation to help heal our lives and our world.

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Chandler Armstrong: Astrology, Reincarnation and the Chakra Sunday
4:00 PM
Astrology, Reincarnation and the Chakra

Chandler Armstrong, Astrology, Reincarnation and the Chakra – 5th generation mysteries school trained exoteric astrologer takes you on the journey of the soul thought incarnation and evolution through a guided meditation that will guide your thought the 7 planetary realms and how each are associate with the 7 chakras.

Learn how esoteric astrology looks at the "intention of incarnation" from the perceptive of why the greater you choose to participate life. In addition to why you incarnated it also contains all the potentials of the authentic self that you brought into this life (dharma) as well as what challenges (karma).

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Dr Tony Minervino: The Mind Is The Matter Sunday
5:30 PM
The Mind Is The Matter

Shift from the consciousness creating your present problems - mental, physical, emotional, business, relationship, lifestyle - the unexciting life - to the consciousness that creates what you now choose to experience - EXCITEMENT!!!

Dr Tony Minervino, DC: Light Body Healing and Belief System Restructuring:

Free yourself of the beliefs, belief systems, thoughts, ways of thinking and behavior patterns that are interfering with or blocking your optimum connection with the infinite - start creating what you choose to experience - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

karen-ann :macdonald - SCIO - Scalar Radionics Healing Technology Complete physical, mental, emotional and auric profile - ph, parasites, allergies, auric and energy fields - treatment recommendations - nutrition, superfoods, herbs, essential oils, crystals, etc. Hands on healing. Special for those who attend! 15 Minute Sessions - $65

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