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Ana-La-Rai: Shifting Your Energy Upwards! Saturday
November 12, 2016
Shifting Your Energy Upwards!

Join Universal Channel Ana-La-Rai as she assists you in "Shifting Your Energy Upwards"! This experiential 2-part workshop will allow you to release limiting beliefs and blockages, while feeling the vibrations of love which Ana-La-Rai brings through.

Part #1 will begin with creation of a group heart with all attendees to increase the power, grace and ease of the session and individual work. Next, each will experience a healing vortex created by Dr. Lorphan (Head of Galactic Healers), Archangel Raphael and St. Germain. Each attendee will have additional time to work on one issue of your own before or after entering the healing vortex.

Part #2 will be a group clearing of financial blocks and old beliefs around abundance.

If time permits, there will be an open forum for Q&A at the end.

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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Teza: How to Manifest your Abundant Self? Sunday
November 13, 2016
How to Manifest your Abundant Self?

How to manifest your abundant Self! The true essence of who you are! I am inspired to teach this to you as I shifted my life from my nursing job full time to being what I want to be.

I have watched and witnessed so many lives had been transformed once they connect to their soul level of existence. I am aligning you to your blueprint the Akashic Records. Your are here to truly open your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul to your true essence!

If I can do it, you surely can with clear guidance and authentic heart common sense that I have I am offering to be your soul tour guide:)

Benefits that you will receive:

1. Clarity in your blueprint.
2. Focus attention to your creative expression.
3. Shift in your perception of lack.
4. Inner peace and joy!
5. Following your heart's desires.
6. Manifesting your soul's purpose.
7. Knowing your Sacred Contracts.
8. Clear and clean Chakras Energy Centers.
9. Collaborating with like minded souls.
10. How to be a money magnet!!

You will also be receiving a copy of my new book IONS OF MANIFESTATION!

Looking forward to being with you beautiful souls. Please register asap as this will be filled fast!

Thank you so much for all your love and support co- creators! Eventbrite

Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

James Kirouac: Past Life Regression - A Spiritual Journey: Answers from within... Sunday
November 13, 2016
Past Life Regression - A Spiritual Journey: Answers from within...

A Spiritual Journey: Answers from within...

Release Karma, Free Yourself, Receive Healing and Love

In this 2 hour group Past Life Regression Workshop,
participants will experience three separate regressions.

1) Past Life Regression
2) Meeting your Spirit Guides or Angels
3) Progression which allows participants to view a Future Life.

Workshop in a Separate Location than The Expo. We will meet next the Ticket kiosk just outside the entrance to The Body Soul and Spirit Expo and escort all the attendees to the Workshop Room.
Please arrive 20 to 25 minutes early. We will go to the Room at 10:55 am

(The Body Soul and Spirit Expo Tickets Sold Separately.)

$50 Early Bird
$70 At The Door
Seating is Limited, Grab Your Tickets Today!

*No need to print your tickets, you will be added to our
Attendees list automatically.*

Please, arrive early to get registered.

For more information go to...

What are people saying about this Workshop?

One of the most amazing experiences of my life!! I recommend it to EVERYONE!! Love and Light xoxxoxo ~ Gina

Absolutely enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it! Thanks again James ~ Nicole

You really did give an amazing fun filled evening, the future life we went into surprised me in many ways. Thank you. ~ Linda

I have attended one of James Kirouac's spiritual journey seminars. With his guidance, I was able to accept a transition that I was soon to face. Check him out! ~ MarieAnn


Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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