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Next Issue: March 1, 2014!

Join us in our intention of creating a holistic directory for our community in Western Canadian!  Listings are organized alphabetically first geographically, then by category, with NEW categories added as new listings are placed!  Our publication is distributed via first class mail to subscribers, as well as though many highly targeted pick-up locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatoon (sees our website for a list).  In addition they are distributed at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Calgary, Edmonton, Nanaimo Regina, and Saskatoon, Vancouver (with several new cities planned for 2014 and beyond).  Share the adventure of creating something wonderful with us; list your holistic business, spa, wellness centre, practice, product or service with us today! 

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If you have any problems with this form, please call 1-877-560-6830

You can also download and fax or advertising form!



Payment Details: Directory & Event Calendar Listings are $30.00 for the first 20 words, and $1 for additional words!  Your final price will be adjusted based on the number of words submitted in the ad text. If you select the 10% for continuous placement in each issue (currently twice a year) your ad will automatically be placed and your card will be automatically billed prior

Multiple Category Discount:
If your listing fits multiple categories, you may choose up to four for $15 each plus the extra word count (or half price).  Simply hold down the CTRL key
(Ctrl+Click) and click to highlight each category you wish to be included in.  A representative WILL contact you to confirm your order before processing to assure that your order is correct.


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