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Astrological Consultations by Allan Oken

Astrological Consultations by Allan Oken

Astrological Consultations by Allan Oken

Alan has been a professional astrologer and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom for nearly forty years.

He is the author of twelve books, including Alan Oken´s Complete Astrology, Soul Centered Astrology, and Rulers of the Horoscope.

Alan was the Director of The Wisdom School in Santa Fe, NM from 2000 to 2005. He is currently teaching at the Quiron Center for Astrology and the Espirito do Sol Institute (both in Lisbon). Alan currently serves as ISAR vice-president for Portugal. Since 2006, he has worked in close association with Maggie Kerr at the Australian Institute for the Development of Consciousnes.

Astrological Consultation Services

NATAL HOROSCOPE READING : $250.00 A profound analysis of the natal chart, including a detailed examination of the current transits and progressions as well as a general survey of the coming 12 months.

SOUL CENTERED READING : $250.00 A more esoteric examination of the horoscope, focusing on the relationship between the dynamics of the personality and the Soul. 1 year transits and progressions also included.

CHART COMPARISON: $300.00 An interpretation of the charts of two individuals to judge compatibility. A reading in two parts; synastry (the actual chart comparison) and the composite horoscope (the analysis of the relationship itself

HOROSCOPE OF THE NEWLY BORN: $250.00 A detailed analysis of the horoscope of a young child (from an infant to 12 years of age). Life karma and creative potentials are given a very thorough examination.

ONE-YEAR TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS: $250.00 Fee for previous clients: $200.00

RECTIFICATION OF THE BIRTH CHART:$500.00 (minimum) A method to determine the exact moment of birth when the time is unknown. I require the exact dates (and, if known, the times) of a minimum of 15 major life events in order to do this very complex set of calculations. Please include several photos of yourself taken at various stages of life. All photos will be returned. A rectification also includes a natal horoscope reading.

ELECTIONAL CHARTS: Used to determine when the best time will be for such important events as marriage, the purchase of a home, changing locations, making major investments, etc. The fee depends on the nature of the work involved.


Written interpretations are available by request.

Consultation may be given by telephone or in person at my office and are tape recorded. The tape and any charts cast are mailed or given to you at the time of reading. Fee may be paid by check or credit card and payment is requested prior to the appointment as a great deal of preparatory work goes into each reading.

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Astrological Consultations by Allan Oken
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