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Crystal Healing Vibrations

Crystal Healing Vibrations

All seven chakras together create a total body aura - full of vibrant colour.

Our seven chakras are contantly spinning at different frequencies which correlate to the seven colour frequencies. All seven chakras together create a total body aura - full of vibrant colour. When we have discomfort, dis-ease, or disturbances on any of these levels, a chakra´s vitality will show an imbalance of over-activity or under-activity. These imbalances can be healed with colour therapy and/or light therapy.

Victoria is a trained AuraMed Counsellor andcan easily identify disturbances in the flow of the body´s aura/chakra energy which may result in imbalances of the body, emotions, mind, or spirit. The AuraMed computer program can visually confirm the results of any applied healing therapy, service, or product. Victoria will show you how you are using your energy, and help you become aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your well-being.

Auramed Biopulsar Reflexography

Have a personal colour consultation in Calgary or The Valley of Healing in The Okanagan with Victoria using the world´s most advanced biofeedback system and understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your total health. Receive your FULL BODY SCAN with Chakra Analysis, pinpoint imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Auramed Scan (Biopulsar-Reflexograph) can identify:

-organ vitality and the stage of stress in an organ
-cellular energy levels
-adrenal exhaustrian
-immune system activity
-thyroid and hormonal problems
-kidney and liver stress
-blood sugar imbalances
-heredity patterns
-dietary issues
-trends for hundreds of health conditions and physical conditions
-colour patterns that reflect mental, emotional, and physical conditions>

Or Book a Colour Event or Party and receive a Hostess Gift of in-depth personal assessment on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state book a full Body Mind & Spirit Consultation session and receive a colourful photo of your aura, an analysis of the 7 chakra energy centres, and an overview of the vitality of 49 different organs and glands of your body!

Colour Therapy ~ Biopulsar Analysis

Counselling Hypnotherapy

Channelled Healing with Ascended Masters,

Archangels, Elohim

Soul Psychology ~ Spiritual Counselling

Energy Balance ~ Crystal Bowl Vibrations

Meditation Circles ~ Workshops ~ Seminars


Contact Information:

Victoria Coward
Phone: (403) 830-8054
Fax: None


Crystal Healing Vibrations
3347 Breton Close NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 1X3   Canada

Member Since: 06/12/08

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