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Jikiden Reiki Vancouver seminar with Tadao Yaamaguchi    March 6, 2014,    Vancouver, British Columbia
Jikiden Reiki Vancouver seminar with Tadao Yaamaguchi    March 7, 2014,    Vancouver, British Columbia
Jikiden Reiki Vancouver seminar with Tadao Yaamaguchi    March 8, 2014,    Vancouver, British Columbia
Jikiden Reiki Vancouver seminar with Tadao Yaamaguchi    March 9, 2014,    Vancouver, British Columbia

Contact Information:

Mari Okazaki
Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan (teacher trainer)
Phone: 604-703-8098
Fax: 604-792-2542 (phone first)


Jikiden Reiki with Mari
9579 Menzies Street
Chilliwack, British Columbia
V2P5Z1   Canada

Member Since: 07/19/08

Member Comments:

I am continuously learning Reiki from Tadao Yamaguchi, the founder of Jikiden Reiki.

As a registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association, I am able to do Reiki treatments for my clients with Reiki Code of Ethics. I have a degree in Health and Physical Education from Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education. My friendly personality helps me build a relationship with my clients that help them to relax during Reiki treatment. With my deep interest in the human body and the mind-body connection and spirituality, I do my best to analyze the client’s problem.

As a certified Jikiden Reiki Shihan (teacher) through the Jikiden Reiki Institute, I offer my students the Shoden & Okuden course (Level 1 & 2) of Jikiden Reiki according to the standards set out by Jikiden Reiki Institute. Students receive a beautiful Traditional Japanese certificate as well as an English certificate upon completion of the course. Jikiden Reiki offers the original form of Reiki which Mr.Yamaguchi’s mother, Chiyoko, had learned from Chujiro Hayashi in 1930s.


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