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Canadian College of Metaphysics

Canadian College of Metaphysics

Canadian College of Metaphysics

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Canadian College of Metaphysics offers a four year Doctors Diploma in Metaphysics aimed to providing students with the highest

Canadian College of Metaphysics offers a four year Doctors Diploma in Metaphysics aimed to providing students with the highest level of professionalism they can achieve. Our school includes 175 courses on various topics in Intuition, Divination, Healing, Coaching, Theory and Business. Spirit Your Guides, Strength Your Heart. Enroll Today!

The Canadian College of Metaphysics was formed in July of 2008 by Dr. Violet Paille, Msc. D, Heather Atkinson, BA / B. Ed, and Silvia Garvin Reiki M/T. Prior to the formation of the Canadian College of Metaphysics, Dr. Paille owned Vision in the Stars Reiki Academy and Psychic Center, Mrs. Atkinson taught Tarot at and Ms. Garvin operated and still operates Synchronistic Connections. Together they have opened the Canadian College of Metaphysics with the intention of inspiring, guiding and teaching students the art of Metaphysics.


Our college is similar but different from other colleges out there. We believe that the Canadian College of Metaphysics is a safe haven for all to come, share their ideas and opinions, and to learn from a variety of topics available in the realm of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is a broad term that covers many topics both in Philosophy and Parapsychology and therefore, our courses range from topics in Intuition, to topics in Ancient Civilizations, Mysteries of the world, and even basic Business strategies that help us be seen as professionals in the real world. Our main goal is to bring people a professional school that fully prepares them for a career in Metaphysics.


We each have different teaching styles, for instance, Ms. Garvin prefers in person workshops as opposed to online courses, Mrs. Atkinson prefers lesson plans and regular assignments while Dr. Paille prefers online courses with fewer assignments. Together though our teaching style is tailored to help the student gain the highest amount of fundamentals in the business. We want our students not only to read and do assignments but to practice, embrace and explore the topics in a way they never have before. We´re not here to simply present materials and see work completed. We´re here to guide, to challenge, to question and most of all to inspire students to be the best they can be.


We believe that all higher education should be professionally taught in a manner that is comparable to University and College standards. Therefore, we chose to include six different departments, Intuition, Divination, Healing, Coaching, Theory and Business, to allow students to feel as though they are in a traditional University setting. One of the main reasons we chose this format is because in today´s world Metaphysics is taught very loosely, it is taught as general interest courses, it is taught as religious studies, and it is sometimes taught informally by inexperienced individuals. Many of the Metaphysical Schools out there are working hard to change this fact, to allow students a more rounded education that covers not only the main topics, but the topics that students should know in order to competently work in the field. It´s our goal to produce graduates with a high level of ethical and moral standings, with amazing intuitive abilitities and with a vast knowledge in Metaphysics.


Unlike many schools out there that offer Metaphysics, we strive to offer our courses with a 100% non religious bias clause. This means that if a course infringes upon your own personal beliefs, we are willing to hear alternative opinions, in fact, we welcome them! We attempt to teach what we have learned, and what we have experienced in a way that is universal to all people. We attempt not to teach from a specific religious stand point when at all possible. In reference to a few courses which directly include a particular religion, we do not consider or hold ourselves responsible for teaching from a religious bias if that particular topic is religious in nature. We look to help the students gain understanding while still being able to cultivate their own beliefs. We consider ourselves spiritual, not religious, and we believe that everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe.


We believe that every student deserves the chance to reach their potential. Our main goal is to help students gain a better sense of themselves, their intuition, their community, their creativity, their practicality and their soul. Our goal is to help students become the people they want to become, create and achieve their goals and live their destinies.


Contact Information:

Violet Paille
Phone: 204-837-8128
Fax: None


Canadian College of Metaphysics
465 Ferry Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3J 1W5   Canada

Member Since: 07/30/08

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