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HUB - Humanity Unites Brilliance

HUB - Humanity Unites Brilliance

HUB - Humanity Unites Brilliance

HUB - Where We Connect to Change Our World

HUB´s mission is to move all people of the world from survival to self-sustainability. HUB-In Aid is a "keystone" product that our Angels can gift. This movement is committed to returning dignity back to nations. "We don´t just give a man a bag of grain, we teach him how to grow the grain himself in the future."

The founders describe their vision as helping individuals and at the same time, all of humanity, move from: Survival to Self-Empowerment to Sustained Abundance

They are doing that through:

1) Empowerment Programs – HUB members receive training from some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Top business leaders, social change artists, and empowerment coaches inspire and ‘ignite’ their own brilliance weekly in three key curriculums:
- Business Development
- Personal Development
- Humanitarian Development

Members also experience HUB’s faculty live! This includes people like: Mark Victor Hansen, Charlie Gay, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Jean Houston, Barbara DeAngelis, Alex Mandossian, Chris Attwood, Janet Bray Attwood, FedEx co-founder Frank MaGuire, Elizabeth Jarosz, Marci Shimoff, Paul Scheele, Dr. Sue Morter, Marie Diamond, and others.

2) Humanitarian Aid - Programs for those most in need in Africa that allow each member, every month, to feed 3 children, provide clean water for 10 people, educate 3 children, provide sustainability training for 16 people, and provide microloans for two people. Each member automatically does this every single month.

When HUB officially launches officially, it will also allow members to see pictures of the people they are helping on the HUB web site.

3) Exponential Giving - Providing a structure which allows each member to be financially rewarded as they expand their giving by enrolling new members into the HUB vision. The more you enroll others, the more impact you make in your own life and in the world.



Contact Information:

Tracy Moen
Where We Connect to Change Our World
Phone: 403-808-8849
Fax: 403-248-8856


HUB - Humanity Unites Brilliance
Calgary, Alberta
n/a   Canada

Member Since: 08/18/08

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