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Papa Wango & Djaly African Shaman Masters

Papa Wango & Djaly African Shaman Masters

Papa Wango & Djaly African Shaman Masters


Two African shaman´s who have been travelling across Europe offering their services to raise money and awareness of the need for food, water and sanitation solutions for their village in Africa are coming to Canada! their story has already garnered international media attention.. and been featured on Television Networks across Europe!

Papa Wango

One of only a handful of true, African shaman masters in the world, Papa Wango is committed deeply to his practices and beliefs. “Nobody should use [this] magic just for fun or to experiment with….everybody has a destiny and he who spreads wind, earns storm.”

Consulted by individuals, political leaders and even some celebrities, Papa Wango first learned his skills at the knee of his grandfather, experiencing secret rituals and studying practices so ancient they are known only to very few, explicitly chosen individuals.

Committed to the practice of African magic, Papa Wango seeks to safeguard others from illness and the bad magic of one’s enemies, information he gathers through his use of the mystical “kuari” shells, of which Papa Wango is a skilled practitioner. Additionally, Papa Wango makes extensive use of music to heal those in need, binding the classic African tradition of song and spirituality together.


Nephew to Papa Wango, Djaly is also skilled in “kuari” shell reading, providing never-before-seen insights into a person’s past, present and future. Djaly takes great pride in being able to help and heal others through his music. Using the African family tradition to guide people from their past into their future sets Djaly apart as he looks to provide his gifts openly to one and all. He is the direct contact and personal organizer for all those looking to reach Papa Wango.


Contact Information:

Chantal Staerkle
African Shaman Masters
Phone: 250 575 6184
Fax: n/a


Papa Wango & Djaly African Shaman Masters
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Kelowna, British Columbia
V1V2Y3   Canada

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