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soma earth

soma earth

soma earth

bioenergetics, mindfulness, psychotherapy,
movement therapy, sound therapy, energy work,
creativity and including eco-architecture, canoe tripping -all in relationship with nature’s intelligence

Somaearth therapy, seeks to bring about conscious integration by working with the various levels of experience: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic - all in relationship to nature and the earth.

A present-moment, relational approach is used as the cognitive framework. At times, other tools such as Transpersonal, Jungian dreamwork, Gestalt, psychodrama, breath work, focusing, visualization, mindfulness (Buddhist) meditation, sound therapy, flower essence therapy, movement and/or Shamanism, may be used to identify and learn how to manage, move, shift or change blocked energy in the body. Energy Psychology methods (EFT & others) are helpful for releasing repetitive dysfunctional patterns. Bioenergetic character analysis is the ‘structure’ that is used to facilitate and support the body process.

Somaearth therapy can be helpful for self growth or for problems with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, abuse, grief, anger, sexuality issues, relationships, intimacy and emotional or physical trauma.


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Contact Information:

Ingrid Cryns
Phone: 416-656-4444
Fax: 416-656-6333


soma earth
248 Benson Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 2J6   Canada

Member Since: 11/05/04

Member Comments:

Ingrid Cryns, passionately believes in the need for grounding and an embodied awareness that calls for living life fully in the present as experienced through the free expression of the body. Ingrid has unique gifts that combine her analytic insights with her intuitive abilities, as well as read and sense body energies. A Certified Bioenergetic Analyist, Ingrid is the Director of the Southern Ontario of Bioenergetic Analysis, as well as a member of the Spiritual Emergence Service. Ingrid is also an Architect, sculptor, and mother of two teenage children.


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