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Synergy Rehabilitation

Synergy Rehabilitation

Synergy Rehabilitation

“Back pain is the most common type of chronic pain problem, and is the most prevalent medical disorder in industrialized societies”

(Spine Health September 2005

There is a PROVEN, SAFE, NON-INVASIVE, LOW COST, TREATMENT now AVAILABLE. Fast growing use of MyoRack Systems™ by members of the Alberta Road Builders Association, and many other large and small corporations is your assurance of how effective this system is.

This treatment can help people live, work, and play without the daily constraints of back pain. Over 5 years of clinical studies have proven MyoRack Systems™ to work, and
Nearly 100% of all patients completing this program have become PAIN FREE!

MyoRack Systems™ incorporates two distinct technologies. The first is surface electromyography (SEMG) which is used to accurately measure, document and asses the electrical out put of muscles while they are in motion. The electrical out put is measured similar to the way a patient’s heart may be monitored in a hospital. Assessments are then used by highly trained therapists to design an individualized treatment program, as well as monitor and record the progress of treatments

Q: Do X-rays or MRI scans detect what is happening with my back?

A: X-rays and MRI scans can detect serious spinal injuries, but don’t usually help in ordinary back pain. They may even be misleading. Alberta WCB awareness campaign 2005

The second technology used is the MyoRack ™, which is a linear force machine designed to assist back pain patients in the strengthening, stretching and balancing of muscles in the back, pelvis and hips. The development of this system is the result of over twenty years of work and research. “Very quickly patients regain full range of motion and have a significant reduction in pain. These new methods used have also been designed and proven to help companies reduce time loss rates, increase productivity, and assist in enhancing a pro-active OH&S programs.” Developer

Stretching of related muscles using the MyoRack™ quickly achieves what it may take months or even years for existing stretching methods to achieve

Synergy’s highly qualified therapists undergo rigorous training particular to this system. Other treatment services that may be provided by Synergy are; manual therapy, massage therapy, stretching, patient education, home programs, hot and cold therapy, muscle stimulation, TENS, and ultrasound.

Treatment costs may be covered by Health Care Plans, Motor Vehicle Accident Plans (Section C) or by Workman’s Compensation Board Plans.

For more information regarding Synergy Rehabilitation Services, MyoRack Systems™ or sales/ leasing of this system please contact Andy Baruta (see contact information below)


Contact Information:

Andy Baruta
Imagine a Life Without Back Pain!
Phone: (403) 236-5885
Fax: None


Synergy Rehabilitation
4819-40th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T3E 1E4   Canada

Member Since: 09/06/05

Member Comments:

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